• 1h 07m 56s
  • 10.00 kms
  • 06m 47s /KM

What an absolutely Mila-ish day for a morning run. 8 degrees and a nice breeze. Just Beautiful!
Decided on some LSD and I mean slow! Kept my heart rate as slow as I could and slowed down my pace every time it started to creep up...I could have run for hours.
This was Z2-Z3 all the way.
No walk breaks, except at foot bridge that bounces up and down and I hate to run over.

Yikes I'm tired today. Three snoozes! I've never had a three snooze day. I've got a conference all day today and some fancy running around at the beginning of the conference.

So maybe I'll start the day off with some running.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 50m
  • 1400.00 meters
  • -----

I did end up going swimming and glad I did. Hard workout all involving speed Didn't finish it, but went nice and fast.

wu 300 (1 bs per)
8 x 100 desc, hold last 4
2 X 100 full speed (1:50 was fastest)
cd 100


Update: Car's fixed. Faulty sensor. No cost. Things are looking up!


Why is that on designated rest days I am busier than on days when I'm doing three workouts? Hmmm.

Had to take the car in today to be serviced. It has a bad case of the Bopper and it isn't even a VW! Check engine light on again...I've looked under the hood and checked the engine, but that didn't help.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 00m 09s
  • 9.92 kms
  • 06m 02s /KM

Great run with John from Running Room, did the lake then some weird turns and doglegs trying to get in exactly one hour. three "water walk breaks) every 2 k, skipped the last one. Great, bloody great, fast run. Much stronger than last week.

909 cals, Max Speed 14.1K/h

This is a Personal Best speed and time over this distance! Thanks Ironman!

Personal best (almost) 10 k at one hr.


Looks like a nice crisp day forming out there, birds are singing, trains are blowing, dumpster divers are clanging.

I love this time of day. It's just me and the sound of the aquarium - won't those goldfish die! It's been like seven years...they are like undead goldfish.

It is as if the day doens't exist and it will evolve only as I plan it and act. Very existential. Now I have a bowl of low salt cottage cheese calling my much for a great day.


  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 50m
  • 3.00 kms
  • -----

Warm up, easy run on the track, then machs A-D. Ran 4x30" quick burst strides counting out 90 foot strikes. Cool down run and walk then did stretches. Didn't time the strides well.

Z1 5 min
Z2 8:48
Z3 7:18
Z4 0:44
Z5 0:12 HR max 169
Field house indoor track. Went with John and learned from the master. I'm glad I went.

  • Stretching
  • 30m
Why am I getting up early to go do sprints with John at the track?

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 00m
  • 1300.00 meters
  • -----

Good Masters' Class. Felt strong and comfortable. A little winded, but swam through it. Some wrist pain in my carpal tunnel hand...don't like that, I tried to relax it, but it didn't help much. Gotta be careful with that, I've been doing a lot of typing lately.

WU 300 head position, strokes
MS 4X50 s/f 25
2x100 s/f 50
2x 200 s/f 100
1X400 (only finished 200)

  • 1h 00m

Good workout with Brendan. Started using the new treadmills. Man, I'm a crappy runner. My form is so poor - the treadmill just amplifies it!
Some good core work and arm work too. Perfect for getting me ready for swimming at noon - he mocks.

  • Stretching
  • 15m

Quick stretch after workout.

I like the idea of adding some variety so I will try wearing more powder blue knit sweaters and smile more when I ride my fitness bike on the lawn. I don't know about mixing things up though, last time I tried that in college I woke up wearing somebody else's clothes.

It has been a strange, long week. I'm glad it is over. I'm getting the 3 year itch at work and I'm not too happy about that. But this might be my chance to try for an exciting career in rocket surgery!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6.5
  • 40m 11s
  • 6.61 kms
  • -----

Fartlek...good thing I was outdoors. A couple of dogs on the trail sniffed the air curiously.
Garmin was acting stupid again. I was going full out and it said I was doing an 11.50m/k pace.

I couldn't find any satellites initially, so I just started running without it linked up. And it was very cloudy.
Overall pace should be in the high fives or low sixes.

??? 588m
5:50m/k 2.07k
6:08 - 1.42k
5:17 - 642m
6:49 - 536m
4:45 - 526m
6:18 - 822m

  • Stretching
  • 15m

Stretching after run.

You are now entering into a different dimension...cue are entering into the twilight crack.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 50m
  • 1300.00 meters
  • -----

Masters' class.
Speed drills felt kinda drilly, but otherwise okay. Breathing was tough first set, but settled down nicely.

  • 1h 00m

So-so workout with Matt and the all male review.
Not as strong or co-ordinated as I thought I would be, but not overly weak either. Felt good to be at it again, but not quite sure what it is...

Okay, back to my private little corner of reality.

They should make a breakfast beer. Maybe with Oatmeal. Why? Because of all times, it's now Crack o' Stupid Time!

Let's see if a little rest made my @ss look big.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

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