• 26m 36s
  • 5.00 kms
  • 05m 19s /KM

Turkey Trot. Ran with Ironman Starcorp. He was just givin' 'er. I kept up with him for about 3.5 k, He must have been doing a 4.5 pace...I didn't want to blow up, so I slowed down, but kept him in my sights. A couple of people passed me, but I still felt pretty good.
Personal best run for me over 5 k.
500 M. fast warm-up before helped I did running with John.

Slept in. Needed to catch up.

Turkey Trot 5 K today...not sure whether I'll race or just enjoy...It's all good.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 50m
  • -----
  • -----

Drills Drills Drills.

Lots of one "sound of one hand clapping" strokes and catch-up starting from the hip...Tired, but did very well, methinks.

  • 1h 00m

Brendan pulled out his psycho killer hat today. Made us hurdle over boxes, pick up tractor wheels, fireman carry punching bags then hold them like a lover and squat...a real thrill.

You know, I'm stronger than I thought.
Good workout. Neck is still sore, knees feel great

Sore neck this morning. And my knees hurt...I think the knees are sore from sitting on them for an hour in a tipi yesterday. That was some good Sage!

  • Health data: Soreness: 2 Hours slept: 6
  • 42m 12s
  • 7.02 kms
  • 06m 01s /KM

Still felt tired when I got out of the house. Took the first split very slowly 7:30 pace - 800 m, then I picked it up from there 5:43/2.09; 5:52/3.08 and slowed down on my way back uphill and home to 5:55/1.03.
I'm definitely getting faster. I've dropped another pound, that might be helping, but I think I've broken a mental barrier running with the Ironman.

  • 48m 23s
  • 1700.00 meters
  • 02m 51s /100 meters

Did an endurance set from one of my tri books...I still can't finish it in time, but I could have if I didn't have to go back to work.
600 easy
16 X25 @40
3 x 200 : 20s rest
finished with 50 kick and 50 easy.

I am now beat. My arms and upper body are tired.
It is a good tired though.
Bring it on!

  • Stretching
  • 15m

Stretching outdoors after run.

Beautiful morning...except for the city crews spraying for cankerworms...yikes.

Tired this Crack of Stupid. Did lots yesterday, maybe that's why. Did do my usual sleeping on the job, but actually was in at 7:30 working...hmmm, can't let that continue.

I need another nap. But if I close my eyes, they won't open for hours.

Too late, I already have all my running gear (including gloves and toque) ready.

  • Health data: Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 6.5
  • 45m
  • 15.00 kms
  • 20.00 KM/hr

Cycling with kid one to his track practice - had to show him the way 'cuz he is doing it solo on Saturday during Turkey Trot. Pretty fast pace. Smoking pace on the way back. Used Cyclocross bike on the sound on knobbies on road!

  • 30m 48s
  • 1300.00 meters
  • -----

easy and fast swimming...Despite the easy class this morning, my triceps are a little sore and tired.

Either I'm getting too fast or everyone is too slow. The "slow" lane was unbearable, and I had to breast stroke quite a few times in the medium lane...I know it isn't me, 'cuz Pat had the same issues. My stroke count is still really high, 25-28...I think I'm counting wrong.

  • 1h 00m

Started new class (Men's Class) with Matt. Only one other guy there. I felt like jumping in with the woman...mind you I always feel that way, for a variety of reasons, some of which are not fitness related, but may involve perspiration.

Anyway, the class was very easy...maybe a little to easy. I asked the other guy there where this particular class was on the scale of normal intensity and he said about half way...I'll try the class out a few more times before I decide.
I guess Brendan has spoiled me for other classes!

Busy morning today. New core class and early morning least I have an excuse to not be witty this time.

A couple of new hairclub for men pictures are up in my QCM Album.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 43m 44s
  • 7.11 kms
  • 06m 09s /KM

Crap. I've become too fast. I was trying to figure out my AT, which I'm thinking is between 149-150 bpm...higher than the 144 I thought. Every time I tried to keep an even pace, I started speeding up.

Anyway, three segments here, the one I was doing the LT for I averaged 5:50 with a relatively easy perceived effort.

Kinda chilly morning. gloves, hat and jacket.

I peaked at 215 bpm, but I'm not counting that.

Crack 'o stupid time again.

Didn't sleep so really, it was freezin'. Got up in the middle of the night to turn on the furnace.

Here we go...I love the limelight, I love to boogie.

Today will be an interesting test of my resolve. My car has the "check engine" light on and my swim lesson's been canceled and I have to deliver some paperwork stuff early in the day.

Will I check engine? I did myself, and it was still there, so it must be something more complicated.

Will I instead, go swimming at lunch.

Will I drop of the paperwork (which precludes doing one of the above...)

Stay tuned for how this saga will turn inside out.

And oh yeah, more soccer mom stuff tonight, so I need to have said vehicle back on the road.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 36m
  • 1200.00 meters
  • -----

Jason not there today, but he e-mailed some sets. Nothing too spectacular, lots of kicking and clean strokes. Tried to count. Got 25...doesn't seem right, I'm going further and faster than ever before, but my stroke count is going up...mind you I 've realized I'm not kicking when I count and I can't do two things at once (swim and breathe...kick and count...etc.

Decided to change my schedule around and build in a better rest day. I'm going to try doing a core strength/workout day on Wednesday mornings instead of Mondays.

I'll still swim on Mondays, but I figured after 5 straight days of swimming, and a pretty busy weekend, monday would be a good time to take it a little easier...just an experiment, I may change it.

I've got a bit of a sore neck. I think it is from my run yesterday. It started getting sore last night and it is stiff now. The swimming might help?

  • Health data: Soreness: 2 Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 10m 28s
  • 11.62 kms
  • 06m 04s /KM

Ran with the Crazy Man Johnno again. Everyone at RR was doing 6 k, so we went out right away. First wife was there and kept G company...things are looking up.
A nice slow pace turned into a bloody sprint at times. I think at one point, during the last 2K, we were doing a 3:40 pace! similated race situation and took brief water breaks at every 2k - or whenever I could get Ironman to slow down a bit. Nice fast, controlled sprint finish for about a block.

The 10 k part of this is a personal best for me!

Red lined on my heart rate going up a hill. I think the 213 is full of crap, It should have been in the high 160-170s

Calories: 1102

Lots of sleep. And contemplating the injustices of the universe.

I'll get over it.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

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