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Second Masters' swim class. Coach was there today. Did some really easy flotation and gliding drills...I almost drowned, but drank lots of water so I'm well hydrated for Saturday. Too few laps to bother counting.

Stroke count was 22.

Decided to sleep in till 6:30 this morning. Even though my eyes rolled open at five. Some swimmy swim today, a couple of k pre-race tomorrow. Half Mary on Sunday, and then my whole new world of training opens up in front of me.

And boy is it chilly in Minsk!

And for the record, the QCM race package sucks! Or does it blow? A coupon for two4one (medium!) coffee - at a pretty good place, mind you; a dentist's business card (nice packaging though-very urbaine, but a bit jejune); some regular strength Tylenol (come on, regular strength? - this isn't croquet!); and two Goody hairband/scrunchie things...Now those I can use!

  • 22m 40s
  • 4.00 kms
  • 05m 40s /KM

Did a quick "taper" run. Again with the crazy HR. I was at 240 and way above 100% for 7 minutes. I tried to keep it in Z3, but I got distracted by the high HR at the beginning of the run. I didn't feel any more or less out of breath, couldn't feel any thumping...It must be electrical...Hey maybe it is my ipod. I'll try that next time.

That's it! No more early rising for me...I think I'll just sleep my way to IMC.

Early rising no good for the heart: study

Generations have praised the wisdom of getting up early in the morning, but a Japanese study says early-risers are actually at a higher risk of developing heart problems.

The study, conducted by researchers from several universities and hospitals in the western Japanese city of Kyoto, revealed a link between wake-up times and a person's cardiovascular condition.

"Rising early to go to work or exercise might not be beneficial to health, but rather a risk for vascular diseases," said an abstract of the study.

The study, covering 3,017 healthy adults aged between 23 through 90, found that early risers had a greater risk of heart conditions including hypertension and of having strokes.

However, the study also noted that early risers were usually older.

The study is being presented this week at the World Congress of the World Federation of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Societies, being held in Cairns, Australia.

A separate study released in June by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that chronic sleep deprivation adds stress to the heart, putting a person at greater risk of cardiovascular disease and death.




Today is the next day in the rest of my life.

I thought I would try getting up and out at crack of stupid just to get a feel for what I'm going to be doing for the next 300 plus days.

It is still dark out. It is still dark in.

I might as well just start a landslide in my ego...will I follow?

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 40m 27s
  • 1200.00 meters
  • 03m 22s /100 meters

Masters class at the lawson.

did kick drills for the first time in my life! Lost count of how many laps I did. I'm guessing about 1.2k.

Felt wet, but good wet.

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Move over Weigh2Go...My turn to throw up. The deed is done, no turning back now.

Okay, so now I begin my masters swim class. time to get my act together.




What Fassbinder film is it?

The one-armed man walks into a flower shop and says: what flower expresses days go by and they just keep going by endlessly pulling you into the future.

Days go by endlessly pulling you into the future.

And the florist says: White Lily.

This is what taper feels like to me. Thanks to Laurie Anderson for the thought.


Some Penticton pix are up!

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 00m

Cutting down the forests on my lawns.

And so begins Taper Week. Maybe with a little bit of getting back into swimming thrown in. Starcorp is making me go for coffee. More at six!

  • 1h 44m 38s
  • 16.00 kms
  • 06m 32s /KM

Rick almost killed me. He was biking home after his run so I ran beside him for about 4 k at the beginning of my run on the Devonian. I never talk or go at that fast pace, so when he went on his way I was toast. Still I dug deep - I did walk a bit more, but I was only expecting to do about 10. I actually did about 18, but that extra two was walking and I didn't count it. Felt pretty good, except near the end, when I started to fade.
Nutrition one PowerGel and one bottle of Gatorade.

Never hit my usual 240 hr, but I also had some trouble staying out of Z4.

Now I start thinking about a mini taper - other than the swimming all week.

It's a lazy Sunday, just lying in bed trying not to pay attention to Coronation Street fills the room. Birthday "party" for first born. We'll be playing pool...too bad it's not swimming laps in a pool. Oh, well, that may come.

I have to find some time this morning to run a little today and maybe cut the grass.

  • 2h 14m 12s
  • 60.00 kms
  • 26.83 KM/hr

Oh how I love the wind! Had a longish reunion with the dirty girl and rode her to Pense. Think about it!
Hot and windy. Way out averaged about 21k/hr way back averaged about 44 k/hr hitting a maximum of 56.8 k/hr (remember no hills on highway one!
focussed on keeping my heart rate just below 80% or Z4. Crossed Z4 only a couple of times when I was resting my but doing some out of saddle sprints. Almost got blown off the dirty girl a couple of times, a little windy - did I mention that? 48 k/hr wind - just checked.

One Gu gel and one clif shot. Two bottles of water and one bottle of Enervit sport.

Started to fade in the last 5 k...really, really cross-windy then, I think I just got fed up and tired of focusing on not blowing over onto the shoulder of the highway.

Great ride. But I need to ride more, lots more to get back to where I used to be.

Decided to sleep in, after getting up at 5 and walking around like the walking stupid. After my 240 episode, I also decided to take my Resting Heart Rate. When I'm watching that cute little actress in Ghost Whisperer its about 62. Lying in bed thinking about eternity is about 54bpm and this morning after trying to clear my mind and not think about world peace it was 47 bpm. So I guess it is somewhere around the high forties. I'm guess that's not too bad.

Signed up for a Masters Swim Class three days a week. Now I must be getting serious.

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