• 44m
  • 17.00 kms
  • 23.18 KM/hr

Just got back from Saskatoon and went for a ride with FW maybe new bike...Oh man, it is pretty. Giant OCR3 retrofitted with Shimano 105s...really nice.

  • 02m
  • 0.35 kms
  • 05m 43s /KM

Quick brick around the block with FW

Daddy's home!

  • 48m
  • 8.00 kms
  • 06m /KM

Got a nice trail run along the Saskatchewan River before my evening conference session. Been a while since I've run off road. Fun!

Now it's off to work...again.

 Shuffling off to Saskatoon today...

  • 1h 12m
  • 33.50 kms
  • 27.92 KM/hr

56k winds.
Took me 44 minutes to go one way and 28 to come back. Averaged 21 one way and 44 (max 49 on the way back).
And yes I smiled all the way.

  • 24m 07s
  • 4.15 kms
  • 05m 49s /KM

Brick about 10 minutes after the ride.

Another one of those days today. Swim got cancelled. Let's see if I can get out on the bike...

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
Board Meeting night. -2 this morning...sigh.
I want to try to get a 2 hour bike ride in...somehow!

The world conspired against me today. Today became a stress day...did you ever wonder how you can make the word rest from the letters in stress?
  • 32m
  • 1400.00 meters
  • 02m 17s /100 meters

Bad idea to do speed set early in the workout. I was toast afterwards.
WU 400
MS 12 X 25 ez/med/fast
Toast set
50 kick
50 breast
50 breast
25 kick (on back)
25 glide.

  • 40m
  • 12.00 kms
  • 18.00 KM/hr

Another test ride of a potential bike with FW. She's a natural.

Lets see what trouble I can get into today.
Hopefully the rain keeps away and we'll be able to test FWs bikes some more.
She's having trouble deciding. They are essentially the same bike, Giant OCR2 and 3 - just different sizes and slightly different components.

And for those of you keeping track, I think yesterday was the first day that I had no foot pain...yeah!


Here is a picture, by Troy Fleece/LeaderPost of Doc Walker's Music video that was being filmed on Saturday while I was riding in Southey. The valley hill is in the background.


  • 1h 02m
  • 11.00 kms
  • 05m 38s /KM

FW had a date with a friend, so I decided to go for a quick midday sun.

This running in the heat is going to be a bit of a challenge. I may as well train in it.
Stopped for water twice. First time, I almost passed out the first time. Fun fun fun.

  • 1h 12m
  • 21.00 kms
  • -----

Little ride with FW trying out her two bikes. Had to change pedals, adjust seat...I think she likes the speed. She's a natural.
Took out the Pinarelo, just for kicks.

  • 15m
  • 500.00 meters
  • 03m /100 meters

Went for a swim with FW and helped her work on her push off the wall. I got a little form work done too.

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 30m

Nothing like a little yard work and lawn mowing after an 11k run!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • 3h 17m
  • 93.00 kms
  • 28.32 KM/hr

Okay, that was fast!

Rode from Southey and did the Valley twice. Heavy wind and great tail wind. hit 49k/hr on the flat and kept it there for 6k!
Great ride. Really wore me out.
Nick and Brenden were there. Their climbing abilities continue to amaze me. John hit a really good pace and caught up to me at one stretch, so he must have been really cooking against the wind and uphill!

  • 12m
  • 2.00 kms
  • 06m /KM

Quick Brick after ride. You know, this going to be really hard when I do it for real in a race.

Late night last night, but the ride must go on.
Then FW is picking up too road bikes.
Road bikes
She is test driving them.
Karma karma karma karma chameleon!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 4

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