• 1h 25m 17s
  • 3800.00 meters
  • 02m 14s /100 meters

Personal best.
Last year was 1:31:56

  • 6h 38m 47s
  • 180.00 kms
  • 27.08 KM/hr

Personal Best.
Last year was 6:59 in better conditions.

  • 5h 46m 02s
  • 42.20 kms
  • 08m 12s /KM

Lost time. Last year was rainy, but pleasant. 5:31:18

Peanut Butter Baybeee!
Last year was 14:19:21

Here we go! Weeeeeeee!

Internet issues today...hmmmm.

Resting today.
  • 33m
  • 1600.00 meters
  • 02m 04s /100 meters

Early morning swim. Arms were tired, took a while to get into it. There was quite a chop on the water too. But got comfortable about about 15 minutes and felt great!

  • 40m
  • 16.00 kms
  • 24.00 KM/hr

Dirty Girl is back! Went for a quick ride on the highway. Holy crap, that scared the hell out of me! It was busy and loud and fast!!! got off and went up a killer side road, bike behaved nicely. then rode through town and home. Everything works!

Spent three hours in the Athlete's village...legs and feet were really tired. Still managed a bike ride after.
Bought some Newton runners and an Ironman backpack. A good day.
Ended by spending the evening with some friends. Very relaxing. Watched the kid's 5k race from their motel.

  • 32m 51s
  • 5.41 kms
  • 06m 04s /KM

Little run around the lakeshore. Everything works. Felt pretty strong. It was still cool out. The heat is coming.
Finished the last 1/2k at a 5 minute pace.

So I cleaned and lubed dirty girl, but the shifting just wasn't crisp. It has been slipping for a while, but today was even worse. I tried to fix it with the barrel adjuster, but it just kept getting worse. The chain would skip, or wouldn't skip right away.

Took her to Bike Barn. Turns out the derailler hanger was bent. I have suspected that for some time, but it has never been this bad.
Matt at Bike Barn pulled out a special tool that screws into the derailler hanger and then measures how far it is out of line. It can then be used as a gentle pry bar. I didn't even know such a tool existed! Cool.
He wouldn't take any money, but suggested a donation to a local children's charity. I donated.

Dirty Girl is good again!

I was worried about shifting on the hills, I was having problems in the lowest gears.

  • 34m 13s
  • 1645.92 meters
  • 02m 05s /100 meters

Lake Okanagen Lake. Swam along the shore. Arms were tired. Got some good speed on the return.
Saw a really big fish..actually freaked me out a bit...Wasn't expecting it.

  • 1h 37m 49s
  • 42.10 kms
  • 25.82 KM/hr

Ride to OK Falls and back. Took my time on the way back, Hilly, but not mountainous. Very windy on the way back. Took my time, I got a little worn out. It has been a long day.

I'm leaving...on a jet plane. Who knows when I'll be back again.

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