• 1h 25m
  • 4000.00 meters
  • 02m 08s /100 meters

OWS continuous at waskesiu lake. Wow. Just gorgeous. Distance is an estimate. Will have to use satellite later to figure it out. Quite fast and I fired the afterburners on the the last loop. I think I saw someone wakeboarding in my wake. Beautiful, cool clear lake. This is the site of a popular SK race this weekend. Too bad I didn't plan a little better, I could have done that! Great swim. Business meetings start tomorrow morning.

  • 19m 54s
  • 914.40 meters
  • 02m 11s /100 meters

Got my swim on...and a quick one too. Have to skedaddle!

  • Yard Work
  • 30m

Cut the jungle before my I leave dodge.

Travel day today...after a half day of work. I'll try to get a swim in before lunch.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
Didn't get any training done today...unless you count moving furniture and dusting.
Bought a big ass tv and set that up....I'm exhausted.

 kinda stiff this morning and I have a sore ankle. Hmmm, that figures.
  • 2h 34m
  • 68.00 kms
  • 26.49 KM/hr

Was supposed to do 100, but some nasty clouds appeared and I was a little gunshy after the sudden storm in Edmonton yesterday. I had some friends at that outdoor concert where one died and many were injured. The Whole stage collapsed from the storm!

Anyway, got to Lumsden and came back.
26k/hr headwinds on way out
Average 25km/hr out there
Average 40 km/hr on way back!

Nutrition. Water, Glycocarb (didn't want to use up my Perpetuum) a granola bar, e-load pills.

  • 38m 03s
  • 6.48 kms
  • 05m 52s /KM

Finally got my brick on. Felt good. Legs not too bad. A little crampy near the end in the usual places, but I got through it.

I think I have to go ride again today...Great!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 6h 35m
  • 185.00 kms
  • 28.10 KM/hr

Started in 5 degree weather. 15k headwind. Finished in 24 degree weather 11k headwind...go figure.
had to wear gloves and a hat and jacket.
Took them off at Moose Jaw. Went out about 80k on the TransCanada highway. Came back home. Picked up First wife and we rode out to the weigh station and back together for the last 25k. This is bliss...sweaty and salty and all.

REALLY didn't feel like doing a BRICK!

  • Stretching
  • 15m
You know, I don't usually start my whining about the cold until January. But it is 5 degrees C out there. Sheesh. You'd think November would be warmer.
I'm doing a little ride today.
I'm going to have to alter my route that that I can wear my arctic parka for a stretch, then drop it off at home as it warms up.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

 Bumming around today. Maybe resting. it is cold and rainy.
  • 1h 08m
  • 11.02 kms
  • 06m 10s /KM

10c morning. Tried out my new TriTeamRegina Tritop...under a long sleeved shirt and with tights...
Good little run. felt tired and sluggish but picked it up in the 2nd half. HR never got about 140

  • 1h 02m
  • 2743.20 meters
  • 02m 16s /100 meters

It was a good day to swim...just to clear my mind. A little shoulder pain near the end, but worked through it and now just my triceps are sore as usual...as are my legs.
500 flippers drill
500 pull buoy.

  • 58m
  • 25.00 kms
  • 25.86 KM/hr

Spinning to get the legs nice and loose. Got kinda distracted when I found a backpack (empty) in good shape on the highway. Second Born needed one. It is cool.
Because of that I doubled back and lost about 5k and 3 or 4 km/hour. But I don't mind, the objective was just to have an easy ride.

It is all good.
I guess I'm a triathlete now.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

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