• Chiropractic
  • 1h 00m

Chiro and another full day at work. I went in early, as I needed to leave work for appointment... and worked longer as well. Too much work, not enough people... I need the week away, just wish the back would heal so I can enjoy it.

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  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 00m

Therapy on back... and a full day at work. Tired

  • Calories out: 3499 From lifestyle:3019, From activities:479
  • Chiropractic
  • 1h 00m

Chiropractor says it's a disc issue... didn't seem to concerned about the timeline, but it's up to me to do the exercises he's given me. He tried adjusting the back, but it was so tight, it wouldn't even budge. The back did feel better after his session... I'm going back at least 2 more times before we leave... plus the physio... here's hoping that will at least get me to Spain with a healthier back.

  • Calories out: 3499 From lifestyle:3019, From activities:479
  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 20m

M was very upset that this is not getting better... in fact worse. She did some light traction and hopefully we can figure this out soon.

back tweaked again while putting on socks... this is getting ridiculous. Physio this morning... chiro tomorrow... physio booked for Wed & Fri.... we'll see what Chiro has to say tomorrow. I'm hittin' the drugs hard now, because I'm sick of this shit. :(

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  • 1h 30m
  • 35.00 kms
  • 23.33 KM/hr

Yup, you see that right... it was slow. BUT... this was not meant to be fast, this was me spending time in the saddle with my #3 son.

Today, we rode the 30 km route of the Share The Road - Greg's Ride. Eight years ago a wonderful human being name Greg Stobbart was killed by a driver while out on a training ride. Greg was a nice guy, wonderful husband, loving father, and Police officer. So... you know that he was following the rules and knew what he was doing. The driver or a dump truck failed to leave enough room while passing him and hit him... then kept driving. The driver was eventually found, but it was too late for Greg. His wife, Eleanor MacMahon has taken up the cause of creating safer roads for cyclist's. She has created the Share the Road Coalition and is working tirelessly to make our Cities, Towns, Province and Country safer for cycling. Eight years ago, I rode in the very first ride... this year they had 20 rides and they continue to grow... we are slowly making the province aware that you MUST plan for and encourage cycling... we are all hoping that some day, cyclist's and motorist's will learn to share the road in peaceful coexistence.
Here is to hoping it happens sooner then later, before ANOTHER cyclist is killed while doing something they love... like happened ten days ago in Toronto. Today's ride was dedicated to this lady. Her family and friends lead out the ride to the memorial site. Another moving and beautiful tribute to our fallen comrades.

So, after the memorial service, #3 and I followed the pack until we had to turn off for the 30k route (main pack was doing the 50... which #3 wanted to try when signing up, but I wouldn't allow it--first due to him not being ready and second me not being healthy enough... 30 was enough for both of us). So, we rode along the road about 1/2 km behind the lead vehicle. The lead vehicle slowly got away from us as my son couldn't keep up. So we rode our own ride... I tried to ride with other's, but they were all going too slowly. Even #3 said it was too slow once... so we rode our own pace. One rider tried desperately to stay with us and I eased the pace so he could, which made it easier for #3 on the hills. However, after 20 km #3 needed a break and the other guy just kept going.

After the short break, we rode on and after 4 km we made the rest stop and #3 ate some food... that seemed to help him a lot and the pace quickened. However, we were also going downhill and downwind, so it was easier. When we hit any hills, he would slow significantly... at one point, we had a small group of 4, but he was going too slow for the other two ladies, so I told them to go on, I'll bring him in on my own. I helped him up the last few hills and we rode sedately into the park... he was VERY tired. I forget that I am a fairly strong rider... and today was another reminder that I do have some skills on the bike.

We ended the day on a good note though, finishing strong and not crashing at all... it was a happy day. One of THE most beautiful days... gorgeous sunshine... beautiful fall colours... great cycling with wonderful people and time well spent with my buddy. :)

No HR info....HRM wasn't working right because after the first 15 minutes showed average HR of 192... I don't even think I broke a sweat in the first 15 minutes... after the memorial I forgot to restart it, so it really didn't matter. This was a recovery and stretching ride... my back feels better after the ride... not great but better.

  • Calories out: 4194 From lifestyle:2995, From activities:1198
Lousy day yesterday... tweaked the back again -- while sleeping dammit!. Had a massage after work and lots of ice/heat during the evening. Still tender, but I think I'm ok... physio appt Monday... Chiro Tuesday... let's hope this can be remedied in a hurry, we have less then 2 weeks to sort this out before we're on a plane for Spain!

signed up with #3 to do the annual Share The Road ride. This is the original ride... the Ride for Greg. Greg was a police officer and triathlete who was struck by a gravel truck and killed 8 years ago. In his memory, his wife started the Share the Road foundation and this ride. It's a wonderful, moving event and I feel strongly about supporting it as Eleanor is such a PASSIONATE advocate for cyclists.

#3 and I will do the 30km route... he's not ready for the 50 (although he said he'd like to do it, I'm not pushing him to)... he needs more experience riding in groups before we go for the long stuff, and more riding period. ;)

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