Bike #1
  • 45m 20s
  • 21.19 kms
  • 28.05 KM/hr

Morning commute... nothing special. Lovely sunrise, cool temps, quiet roads, lots of hills... yup, nothing special. ;)

Took the hilly route this morning, just to work on leg strength. The legs are still a little tired from Tuesday, but this is when you need to keep working on those muscles. Tonight I'll push even harder going home. I'm going to be fighting a headwind (and possibly rain) so will be doubly hard with the hills. WEEEEEEEEE!! :O

In zone: 34:05
Calories: 491

Bike #2
  • 53m 30s
  • 21.19 kms
  • 23.76 KM/hr

SUCKED... 'nuff said.
Terrible headwind... delayed start due to working late and t'storm, wet roads, etc. etc. etc.

It was a struggle to make it home.

In zone: 39:36
Calories: 546

  • Calories out: 4425 From lifestyle:2988, From activities:1436
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
Weather is crap today... rain and cool in the morning... possible flurries and cold in the afternoon. Yeah, I think I'm still recovering from that cold, I don't need to punish my body like that. Car was available, so I took it today.
Bike #1
  • 50m
  • 24.50 kms
  • 29.40 KM/hr

Just a normal ride this morning, not pushing hard, but moving to keep warm. I dressed rather lightly as I'm planning on riding with the club tonight. I'd rather not have a backpack FULL of excess clothes. Going to be a little tired tonight after a full day of work, commute to ride start, then the interval ride, followed by a ride home. Yup, I'm a little nuts. ;)

In zone: 33:56
Calories: 502

Bike #2
  • 1h 59m
  • 61.70 kms
  • 31.11 KM/hr

A quick ride from work to WCC ride start point....all the way across town. Fortunately I had a great tailwind all the way. Of course this meant headwind heading home. I got to the ride feeling good.

At the start of the ride I headed out with group three. All went well up 'til Bamberg then one of the guys flatted and I slowed to make sure he was ok. Then I was stuck...about 100 m back and TT to catch up. Unfortunately the group was flying and I had no chance. I worked hard for twenty minutes but just no luck.

At the point where I could continue or head home I took the road home...into the wind... I kept up the pace though. Climbing ad best I could. I took the longer road home so as to have a downwind section for the last stretch home. It was a tough ride with a lot of hard work but I really need to do more of these.

In zone: 1:40:26
Calories: 1425

  • Calories out: 5315 From lifestyle:2932, From activities:2383
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 44m 29s
  • 16.00 kms
  • 21.58 KM/hr

Took #3 out for a ride... this time we took a little longer, tiring ride. Riding into the wind (which was from the South), meant that we had to climb up the Sandhill. He was NOT impressed--"WHY would you make me come up here, I'm just a beginner?" I just laughed and helped him up the last little bit... then we had 3 more hills to climb. The last one was VERY hard on him, and he almost didn't make it... but he recovered nicely after a little rest (I was barely breathing hard). Then we headed for home and the downwind section into Baden was FAST. I let him take the lead and had him ride in the big ring, he was maintaining 33 km/h along there (with the tailwind) and did very well.

After getting home, he said his legs were heavy... and he was HUNGRY!!! He told me know he knows what I'm talking about... and why I'm so hungry! ;) LOL Good times with the boy!

In zone: 0:16
Calories: 184

Took Xena to Oakville this morning to have warranty service work done and new chain put on. Fortunately, the bike shop that I purchased the bike from, has opened a store about 15 minutes closer to me... but it's still an hour+ drive. However, it's worth the drive when the adjustments and warranty service is free, with no appointment necessary. Replacing a chain costs $20 labour + parts... so it's way cheaper than taking to my LBS, which would have been $70 for the service + Parts.

Xena is now good to go for another year. Mechanic did say that the cabling probably will need to be replaced soon, but that can wait for another year I think... unless there are issues, then I'll have it done locally.

Unfortunately, BFF was too busy to meet for coffee/lunch, so I just drove home right after it was done. Oh well, she's a busy lady and I have to respect that. At least she's mostly happy.

  • Calories out: 3506 From lifestyle:3032, From activities:474
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

what a gorgeous day outside... sun shining, no wind... and cold!!... but still it would have been great to go riding. But, NOOOOOO... still feeling a little down. The throat is still sore and the sinuses aren't great with some head pain/dizziness. On top of that, I had to do the grocery shopping today. I thought about driving to Oakville to have my bike serviced, but the drive didn't appeal to me... on top of that #2 son and BFF wanted me to help them play Cribbage, so I stayed home and played cards... then had a lovely little nap for an hour.

After the nap, I had to help #2 make supper. He wanted to do BBQ steak, so I had to help with that. We're having the boys all be in charge of one meal per week. This takes some of the load of us parents, but also gives them valuable life skills, which they will need too. :) Today, the steak was excellent and perfectly done... but we'll see how he does on his own. ;) Next time he wants to learn how to do potatoes on the BBQ. :)

probably wasn't a good idea to work yesterday, feelin' like poo again today.... not dog poo, more like bunny poo.  ;) LOL (ooooo... ow, shouldn't laugh that hurts my throat)

Wifey is working nights this weekend... so I also sleep terribly because of that. Just can't get a break lately. :(

still sick... but am at work. May not last long though, we'll see how the fever/sinus react to being vertical. :(

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