• 1h 40m
  • 59.62 kms
  • 35.77 KM/hr

OMCA (Master's Cycling) Ability based pursuit.

Format of the day is as follows... guys are seeded in the start based on their 40 km TT. (I don't have that data, so they used my time from last TT. We started with 1:00 min intervals, I was seeded 22... about 5 or 6 places faster then I usually started.

At the gun, I took off hard. The first section of road is downwind and I knew if I gave it a good go, I could catch the guy in front of me. He didn't go full out though, and I caught him after just at the first steep climb... and he had just caught up with the guy in front of him. So, as we were cresting that hill, we decided to work together... and the work load became easier. I eased off a little and we started riding together, sharing the pulling and work load into the wind. I think they also wanted me along because I knew the roads INTIMATELY... we were riding through Millbank, my home town.

After the turn in Poole, we descended into and climbed out of the river valley and got on the flats going into Millbank. This was a little downwind so the pace picked up, but we were still riding well together. At the turn in Millbank, we now started back into the wind. We picked up another guy here and he rode with us for the next lap and his help was appreciated. The four of us worked well back towards Crosshill... but that's where my trouble started... I had been neglecting my nutrition (yet again) and cramped on the climb into town. After shovelling in the food/drink, I felt better and the cramp that had nudged me went away. I then picked up the pace and caught the guys heading up the hills into the wind heading towards Wellesley. I think they backed off a little too... so I was lucky there. The rest of the headwind section went as expected, hard work... but with the four of us we made good time.

At the turn heading back to Poole and the second lap, we got organized quickly and made good time down wind. The hills were hurting now, but with the four of us it was bearable. Everything was going well until the headwind section out of Millbank... at the climb out of town, we lost the fourth rider... so the three of us just kept motoring. Just shy of Crosshill, we were passed by a faster rider as he had ridden away from his group. The one guy we were riding with tried to catch his wheel, but had hesitated and didn't make it and was stuck out in no-man's land. We couldn't catch him... so just kept plugging away. Just after Crosshill, we got passed by another fast rider... he stayed with us for a short bit on two climbs, but then was gone. I could see a group of 4 or 5 guys coming on strong... and we tried to keep ahead of them, but they were too strong and passed us shortly.

As we raced along this headwind/hilly section, we kept up our turns pulling and worked together... although I felt as if he wanted to stay behind me and let me do all the work so he could beat me to the line. I wouldn't have it though... I would make sure to drop back and rest... and on the last hill we were taking 10-15 second pulls... just trying to make if over fast. Near the top, he stood up and tried to power away... but I had enough in the tank to stay on his wheel. When he realized I was still there at the crest, he pulled over an I expected him to suck my wheel and try to sling shot past at the finish. In an attempt to prevent that, I really put the hurt into the legs... I looked for him in the mirror, but didn't see his helmet and wasn't going to look around. I stood and sprinted across the line.... he never did make an attempt and only after really looking did I realize I had cracked him on that climb... so he had nothing left for the downhill finish.

I rode this race well... there are some things I could work on, but all-in-all not too bad a result. I think there were about 30? guys.... I started in the middle and finished in the top 1/2. I think our little groupetto did very well and we only had 6 or so riders pass us, and we passed a good 10 or more... great ride!

In zone: 1:40:30
Calories: 1286

  • Calories out: 3214 From lifestyle:1876, From activities:1338
I'm not sure that I'll do anything today... I need to rest up the legs for tomorrow race. If one of the boys wants to go for a short MTB ride on the trails, then I'll do that... otherwise it's going to be a quiet day. Not lazy though... we have to grocery shop, take kids to work, and we have dinner plans tonight with friends in London. We may go dancing after too... depends on our moods. :)
Bike #1
  • 39m 50s
  • 19.70 kms
  • 29.67 KM/hr

Another headwind this morning and cool. Pretty morning, but just not as warm as I'd like.

Took the shortest route into work this morning as I was a little late. Made good time though, even against that wind. I don't like the traffic on this route as a lot of these people drive VERY dangerously. Had several close calls... but I'm not yielding to these idiots... ever!

In zone: 24:54
Calories: 385

Bike #2
  • 39m 30s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 34.28 KM/hr

DAMN... I love tailwinds. :)

I knew there was a tailwind tonight, so I decided that it was time for a good hard ride. I made an effort to keep spinning big wagon wheel pedal strokes and keep the gearing manageable, yet tough. Once I got out of town, I was warmed up and really started riding hard. On a section of my normal ride, according to Strava, I CRUSHED a segment. I have KOM now by a good 10 seconds over the next fastest time. I knew I was moving well along there, but 41.3 km/h average over 3 km... WOW!

Then, on the segment that I knew about and really tried to put in a PB, Strava has deemed it as a dangerous route and no leaderboard shows up now. WTF??? It was fine earlier this week... did some one complain about it, because their time wasn't fastest anymore?? I can see some other segments in the area, but this one is a truly epic segment, with 3 climbs over 3 km and generally into a wind. It's a good workout, but it does have some blind hills and for riding single it's fine, but if you're riding with a group, could be a little dangerous as people tend to pass when they shouldn't. So I think Strava... or some one is trying to keep cyclist's safe? Sucks though, because now I can't even track my personal stats anymore. :(

On the final straight-away into Baden, I rode a steady 40-45 km/h... and by the time I reached the slight grade in town, I was spent. Still the fastest I've ridden that strip of road in a while. Was funny watching cars coming to the stop signs at the off ramp, a couple of them weren't sure whether to wait or go... but by the time they made up their minds, I was already heading past them.... I was really flying tonight. :)

Now, I hope to have this kind of power for Sunday's Pursuit. The race coordinator, on the strength of my TT two weeks ago, has moved me up. I'm now in faster company... I hope I can keep up with them. I'm not sure I'll be able to catch any of the guys in front of me... but I'm going to go HARD if/when the faster guys catch up to me. This race is in my old neighbourhood... we're going to be riding through my old home town (past my brother's house) and down the main street where I used to ride my bike as a child... so this is a route that I'm VERY familiar with.
This pursuit will be tough though... do I go hard and try to catch a couple guys in front of me and get a group working together? Or take it easy and let some other guys catch me so I have some power to keep up with them? Tough choice... I want to do well... but 60 km is a LONG way and it's all open farm country. The wind is supposed to be South East, which will mean a long, open straight away into the wind, followed by the hilliest section into the wind too. Oh well, I'll see how the legs feel on Sunday.

  • Calories out: 4482 From lifestyle:3004, From activities:1478
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
Bike #1
  • 41m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 33.03 KM/hr

Speedy little ride into work... I think there was a light tailwind, but mostly this was me pedaling with some speed. I worked on my leg speed this morning, keeping the cadence high. I kept it in the small ring though, but I can get the speed up to 40 km/h in the small ring with a cadence of 100... so I'm not a lot slower, specially on Xena. :)

Feeling strong now, it helps that I'm not wearing half of my cold weather clothes either. Being bundled up slows me down I feel.

In zone: 27:57
Calories: 409

Bike #2
  • 46m 35s
  • 21.20 kms
  • 27.31 KM/hr

Stiff headwind, slow ride. Took my easier route home as it's a little shorter. TT position as much as I could, just grinding it out as best I could.

In zone: 34:47
Calories: 472

Time for the morning ride is watch time... Strava time is longer because I have to start it recording before I'm even close to the bike as it's in a back pocket, under my jacket. I start it in the house and stop it when I am at my desk, so it's always reading a couple minutes longer... as I'm moving, but not riding. The watch time is from start of ride to end of ride, including stops and starts. This morning, I only had to come to full stop 2x and rolling stops 3x... all lights were green and all round-abouts empty... so it was a smooth ride in. :)

  • Calories out: 4615 From lifestyle:2997, From activities:1618
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
Appointment immediately after work, so I have to drive today. Good thing too, because it's thunder & lightening out there.... not an ideal day to be riding. Later on it will be lovely, but right now... not so good. :(
Bike #1
  • 46m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 29.44 KM/hr

C-0-L-D.... WTF it's MAY already!! Why do we need to suffer through almost freezing weather. I had to have my cold weather jacket, and pants on this morning... couldn't find my booties and wish I had them. Upper body and legs were fine, but my feet were cold.

I'm working on my leg strength again, so on the hills I kept the gearing heavy and hard. I just pushed through and kept the pressure up. It felt good and my legs are fully recovered from the harder effort on Saturday. :)

Wasn't a super hard ride either... I really need to learn how to push past my comfort zone. I will work on that tonight... morning commutes aren't the place for that as I need to have some brain cells for 10 hours of work.

In zone: 23:24
Calories: 422

Bike #2
  • 42m 16s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 32.04 KM/hr

Hard ride home... but there was a helping cross-wind and tailwind, so wasn't too bad. My backpack was full though, from all the extra layers that I wasn't wearing from this morning. I attacked all hills, pushing big gears again and rumbling along on all the flats. About half way home, I had to slow down for a semi-truck that pulled out of a side road when I was very close to the intersection. He was leaving me the lane, but I figured, he would be passing me shortly (and it would have been on a hill) so I slowed right down and let him go. Wasn't too upset with him, because he as trying to be considerate, but still, he shouldn't have even started the turn. Oh well, no harm no foul and my legs were thankful for the break.

On the final straight-away into Baden, with a good tailwind, I was able to maintain 40+ km/h for the entire section... until the hill up to the turn... at that point I was wasted and just spun easy for the last 1 km.

Good tough ride, need more of these.

In zone: 35:00
Calories: 456

  • Calories out: 4294 From lifestyle:2997, From activities:1298
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 50m
  • 1500.00 meters
  • 03m 20s /100 meters

No real plan, just swam... did a warm up from one workout, build up from another and then decided to swim a TT of 750m (16:34)... I think that's my best time for 750m, I'm pretty happy with that, my swim strength hasn't suffered too much from lack of swimming. I was starting to fade at the end, but pushed through. My Aerobic capacity was fine, was just breathing hard and not gasping at the end... so my limitation in the pool is upper body strength and that's to be expected with the amount of time I spend in the pool (next to nothing). ;)

  • Calories out: 3493 From lifestyle:3027, From activities:466
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

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