Too tired and too busy to work out today... I slept like crap (Sweetums on nights does that to me). I had to be home to take #3 to work, then grocery shopping. Came home put all the groceries away alone (#1 sleeping, #2 at work, #3 at work, Sweetums sleeping). Then I had some lunch and went out to take care of the yard work... trimmed the grass around the entire property, cleaned out the lawnmower (kids never do that), then mowed the lawn, changed the tube on The Schwinny (was flat after my MTB trail ride), straightened up the garage, cleaned up the kitchen, dishwasher, garbage, recycling, green bin... etc, etc, etc. After finishing up all that, I was planning on hitting the trails again, but I was SO tired, I could barely keep the eyes open. I thought it wise to take it easy the rest of the day... so tired. :(

Bike #1
  • 48m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 28.21 KM/hr

Winter ride in May... yeah this is mother nature with PMS. :(
Did this ride in one gear... 52-21 I think... which is pretty tough on the hills, but I need to get my legs a little stronger to handle the hills during races. The wind was helping for a little bit, but was a vicious crosswind the rest of the time. Tonight's ride home is going to suck HUGE!

Bike #2
  • 52m
  • 21.24 kms
  • 24.51 KM/hr

painful slow ride home... I really hate strong headwinds. It seems that the Beast is much slower with the new rubber... I figured it would be, but this is ridiculous. I don't know if it's the slow rubber or the headwinds but I just couldn't get any speed.

Made it home safely then had to rush and get ready to go out for dinner with friends. Fortunately, I wasn't working extremely hard (as HR would attest), so it didn't take me 30 minutes to cool down. Helped that it was freakin' cold still. When is summer coming??

  • Calories out: 2793 From lifestyle:1876, From activities:916
Nope... not riding today. Looked at weather report and they are predicting cold, wet and EXTREME wind... yeah, right, I'll drive thanks. Tomorrow looks better... and the weekend. We'll see how right they are, they've been right so far... oh wait... no they haven't!!!! Yesterday would have been a perfect day to ride... grrrrrr!!
Thunderstorms this afternoon... so I'm driving. The prediction is pretty much a given that we're getting a LOT of rain and t'storms all afternoon, so I am being safe. Sweetums and #1 can drive in to work together this afternoon, which means I get the other car. Not sure if I'll swim tonight... a little bit of rest won't hurt me either... yesterday was busy getting chores done around the house... and driving to appointments.

Official results of the Pursuit on Sunday.

I officially started 22:00 after the first rider. I finished 11th overall and was passed by 5 riders...and had 5 other riders start before me. My finish time was 2:02:45... minus the 22:00, that's an official time of 1:40:45 and average speed of 35.73 km/h. NIIIICE!!!! :)

For my American friends... 1:40:45 over 37.3 miles, avg speed 22.2 mph.

  • 1h 30m
  • 45.00 kms
  • 30.00 KM/hr

Went out for an easy ride to loosen up the legs... and enjoy the glorious summer day. I wasn't planning on riding hard, just steady and spinning... worked a little bit on a couple hills, but never long so as to give the legs some sense of who's the boss. ;)

Went out of town towards Kitchener on the hilliest road, and south into the wind on another hilly road. I rode down to Cedar Creek, over to Plattsville and then back home down wind. I spent a fair amount of time in the aero position (forearms on top of handlebars) and just rode. Felt very, very good... unless I was climbing, then the legs would complain a little.

Only took two water bottles... one with water, one with Hammer Fizz and no money, to FORCE myself to finish. I didn't want to be out too long. Good thing I did, because I would have loved to just keep riding.

In zone: 38:38
Calories: 800

Happy Victoria's Day my fellow Canadians! Enjoy the lovely long weekend. The family is going to see Star Trek this afternoon. I'm not sure what I'll do today... if #3 gets up soon enough, and is feeling well enough (he had severe GI issues yesterday), we'll go out for a short ride. To nice a day to waste it inside. If more people are up soon enough, maybe we'll all go for a short ride together. :)

  • Calories out: 2784 From lifestyle:1881, From activities:903
  • 1h 40m
  • 59.62 kms
  • 35.77 KM/hr

OMCA (Master's Cycling) Ability based pursuit.

Format of the day is as follows... guys are seeded in the start based on their 40 km TT. (I don't have that data, so they used my time from last TT. We started with 1:00 min intervals, I was seeded 22... about 5 or 6 places faster then I usually started.

At the gun, I took off hard. The first section of road is downwind and I knew if I gave it a good go, I could catch the guy in front of me. He didn't go full out though, and I caught him after just at the first steep climb... and he had just caught up with the guy in front of him. So, as we were cresting that hill, we decided to work together... and the work load became easier. I eased off a little and we started riding together, sharing the pulling and work load into the wind. I think they also wanted me along because I knew the roads INTIMATELY... we were riding through Millbank, my home town.

After the turn in Poole, we descended into and climbed out of the river valley and got on the flats going into Millbank. This was a little downwind so the pace picked up, but we were still riding well together. At the turn in Millbank, we now started back into the wind. We picked up another guy here and he rode with us for the next lap and his help was appreciated. The four of us worked well back towards Crosshill... but that's where my trouble started... I had been neglecting my nutrition (yet again) and cramped on the climb into town. After shovelling in the food/drink, I felt better and the cramp that had nudged me went away. I then picked up the pace and caught the guys heading up the hills into the wind heading towards Wellesley. I think they backed off a little too... so I was lucky there. The rest of the headwind section went as expected, hard work... but with the four of us we made good time.

At the turn heading back to Poole and the second lap, we got organized quickly and made good time down wind. The hills were hurting now, but with the four of us it was bearable. Everything was going well until the headwind section out of Millbank... at the climb out of town, we lost the fourth rider... so the three of us just kept motoring. Just shy of Crosshill, we were passed by a faster rider as he had ridden away from his group. The one guy we were riding with tried to catch his wheel, but had hesitated and didn't make it and was stuck out in no-man's land. We couldn't catch him... so just kept plugging away. Just after Crosshill, we got passed by another fast rider... he stayed with us for a short bit on two climbs, but then was gone. I could see a group of 4 or 5 guys coming on strong... and we tried to keep ahead of them, but they were too strong and passed us shortly.

As we raced along this headwind/hilly section, we kept up our turns pulling and worked together... although I felt as if he wanted to stay behind me and let me do all the work so he could beat me to the line. I wouldn't have it though... I would make sure to drop back and rest... and on the last hill we were taking 10-15 second pulls... just trying to make if over fast. Near the top, he stood up and tried to power away... but I had enough in the tank to stay on his wheel. When he realized I was still there at the crest, he pulled over an I expected him to suck my wheel and try to sling shot past at the finish. In an attempt to prevent that, I really put the hurt into the legs... I looked for him in the mirror, but didn't see his helmet and wasn't going to look around. I stood and sprinted across the line.... he never did make an attempt and only after really looking did I realize I had cracked him on that climb... so he had nothing left for the downhill finish.

I rode this race well... there are some things I could work on, but all-in-all not too bad a result. I think there were about 30? guys.... I started in the middle and finished in the top 1/2. I think our little groupetto did very well and we only had 6 or so riders pass us, and we passed a good 10 or more... great ride!

In zone: 1:40:30
Calories: 1286

  • Calories out: 3214 From lifestyle:1876, From activities:1338

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