Bike #1
  • 50m 25s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 26.86 KM/hr

Easy, easy, EASY ride this morning. My legs were really fried after last night's TT. Spun easy gears and ALMOST used the granny gear on the big hill, but gutted it out over the top and tried to keep the legs from burning.

I have no HR info though as my HRM battery was dying and the new battery I put in doesn't work... it's the right size battery, but doesn't work at all... hmmmm.

Bike #2
  • 50m 22s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 26.89 KM/hr

Another easy paced ride home... not easy by any means though. The wind was strong, but it wasn't too hard as it was mostly crosswind while heading west and tailwind when I was heading north. I tried to get a good time on the home stretch Strava section, but I really had NOTHING in my legs... I really did the TT last night to perfection. Left it all out on the course.

I should have ridden easier on the way home but there were t'storms in the area an I didn't want to chance it. According to the radar, I got lucky as a path opened up between the storm fronts, just as I was heading home... and the route I take was right down the middle of that gap. I had a couple drops of rain (not that I could tell as I was sweating so hard) but that was it... no lightening or thunder... just gray skies and wind. I really need to do my own prognostications again... no longer trusting the weather men. If I had I wouldn't have ridden today and missed another perfect day... like last week.

I'm counting two commutes for yesterday... I think commuting on the bike home from a TT should count double! Wink

  • Calories out: 2887 From lifestyle:1876, From activities:1011
Bike #1
  • 57m 17s
  • 27.40 kms
  • 28.70 KM/hr

Early morning commute... I kept waking up and finally just rolled out of bed at 4:45... I just wasn't sleeping anymore. So I got ready and decided to do any extra long ride this morning. FINALLY a lovely day that I didn't have to over dress for... we went from early spring weather to mid-summer in 24 hrs. It's now almost unbearable... almost. Warm, humid and beautiful.... I wish I had a video camera to show people what I see in the mornings... just too beautiful for words.

Took it easy, pedaling lightly for the most part, and not using big ring. Was just too nice to work hard. :)

In zone: 14:04
Calories: 398

Bike #2
  • 1h 55m 30s
  • 53.50 kms
  • 27.79 KM/hr

20.5 km commute to TT location. Easy spin effort.

33 km ride home after TT.

Long day in the saddle, but fun. Legs started cramping after sitting for a while. I think I didn't drink enough as it was very humid and hot.

Bike #3
  • 20m 54s
  • 13.40 kms
  • 38.47 KM/hr

This is the Strava results for my TT. The first half was VERY fast as it was downwind... the second half was slower, but I was doing well until about 4 km from the end. Then my legs sat up and refused to go any faster. I eased up a little and after a km or two was able to kick it to the finish... but still felt I was going too slow. Great night though. :)

  • Calories out: 3843 From lifestyle:1829, From activities:2013
as I predicted, today is a washout as well... yesterday was crazy wet, and today is more of the same. Radar shows several storms heading our direction over the next 6 or more hours. I'll just have to relax and hope to get out on the bike the rest of the week.
No riding today... solid day of rain, with T'storms.... and most likely another wash out tomorrow as well.
Bike #1
  • 49m 30s
  • 23.60 kms
  • 28.61 KM/hr

Yes, I'm at work... the boss asked me to come in for today as we are so short handed and overworked, he needs me to work overtime. Would have been a lovely day for a nice long ride, but I'll satisfy myself with a couple shorter ones.

Rode this one as a SS ride... no gear changes and just kept pedaling. Climbs were tough and needed standing efforts. Descents were very high cadence. Just a good day on the bike... not that there are many bad days. :)

Happy Memorial day my American friends.

Bike #2
  • 44m 15s
  • 21.50 kms
  • 29.15 KM/hr

some harder efforts but really just took it easy it was so lovely. I could ride for hours in this weather. Nice quiet roads as I took a very lightly travelled route. Took my time going past a wall of lilacs trying to sniff them...and just enjoying the afternoon.

  • Calories out: 2820 From lifestyle:1879, From activities:941
  • 1h 34m 17s
  • 51.80 kms
  • 32.96 KM/hr

I was up early again (damn sleep issues) and decided to go out for a "little" speedy ride. I needed to be home by 9:30 in order to take #3 to work, so I put the boots to it. It was a NW wind, so I did my NW wind ride and just let it rip.
From the get go, I put out a LOT of power, I was hoping to make it back in time as I left a little later than I wanted to. It was cold too, so it took a good 20 minutes for the legs to warm up, but after that it got easier. I kept up the pressure and was making good time. I think I made it to the turn around point in record time for me (under 50 minutes for almost 26 km) and then I had a helping wind on the way back. It's still not easy as there are plenty of long false flats, but I was humming along well over 35 km/h for the most part. As I came into the bigger hills, I just kept pumping and really worked on tiring the legs out... and they WERE tired.
On the last hill, a 2 km climb, I kept the pressure on and maintained over 28 km/h right to the summit. That was a good feeling... it hurt, but not so bad. Coming back up Sandhills, it was fully downwind and I was cruising at over 40 km/h. Once in town, I reduced the gearing and spun easy until the 2nd last street before my place, then I dropped the hammer and sprinted.... hit over 50 km/h on that sprint and then was home. Just in time to keep from #3 having to wake #2 to take him to work. :)
Great hard, steady working ride.

  • Calories out: 3140 From lifestyle:1879, From activities:1261

Too tired and too busy to work out today... I slept like crap (Sweetums on nights does that to me). I had to be home to take #3 to work, then grocery shopping. Came home put all the groceries away alone (#1 sleeping, #2 at work, #3 at work, Sweetums sleeping). Then I had some lunch and went out to take care of the yard work... trimmed the grass around the entire property, cleaned out the lawnmower (kids never do that), then mowed the lawn, changed the tube on The Schwinny (was flat after my MTB trail ride), straightened up the garage, cleaned up the kitchen, dishwasher, garbage, recycling, green bin... etc, etc, etc. After finishing up all that, I was planning on hitting the trails again, but I was SO tired, I could barely keep the eyes open. I thought it wise to take it easy the rest of the day... so tired. :(

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