Bike #1
  • 41m 50s
  • 21.19 kms
  • 30.39 KM/hr

I decided that the best therapy for my injuries was to ride to work again today. Fortunately, the wrist doesn't hurt while riding mostly, only when I have to grip the brake does it give me any pain... and that's just stiffness... and I can't squeeze as hard as I'd like. Fortunately, it's the left wrist, I shouldn't brake too hard with the front brake any way... so it's ok. I hardly brake at all on my commute... there are only 5 stop signs, 2 traffic lights and 2 round-abouts on my routes, so the stopping is very minimal. :)

Used small chain ring this morning, but pushed hard on the hills. Spinning higher cadence, but not down-shifting as much as I normally would. I really need to work on my hills/leg strength/stamina. Good sweat this morning and a LOVELY morning again... wish I could keep riding, but work has to be done. I need the money to pay for food. :(

In zone: 31:50
Calories: 444

Bike #2
  • 41m 20s
  • 21.19 kms
  • 30.76 KM/hr

Evening... hope it's predicted East wind. Helps to have a tailwind on the way home.

Predictions were right, lovely little tailwind... not strong, but helpful. Unfortunately, I had mechanical issues with the bike... another broken spoke on my rear wheel. I'm really starting to get pissed off with these spokes breaking all the time. :( I'm thinking it's time to look for a more robust wheel build for The Beast. I'm just loathe to be spending that kind of money on my beater bike.

I gave hard pushes tonight, riding hard up hills and trying to work on the stamina. I did pretty well until the last road home and all the hills on Sandhills road. Especially the final one... THE Sandhill... it kicked my butt. Still it was a good ride home, I'm feeling stronger again.

In zone: 30:25
Calories: 457

  • Calories out: 4220 From lifestyle:3001, From activities:1219
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 2h 30m
  • -----
  • -----

It was such a glorious day, I just had to go out for a ride. I just wasn't feeling like riding the road... so I did something daring. I took out Schwinny and rode to the Hydrocut trail head and did some mountain biking on single track trails for the very first time. It was... .... .... insert description here. :0

AWESOME? Yes, it was beautiful. It was such a beautiful spring day, the leaves are starting to poke out, the flowers are starting to bloom and it was absolutely gorgeous! The trail system... at least what I rode on.. is truly spectacular. Flowing trails through an agreement forest, maintained by volunteers from the cycling club, with cooperation from the Waterloo Region. It's freakin' fantastic!! I rode some very difficult trails, until I figured out the trail head signs have difficulty ratings on them. Just amazing the amount of work that's gone into these trails and I have never ridden them before... shame on me!!
CRAPPY?? Yes, crappy... as I went down a number of times and now my legs look like a I walked through a mine field... more then usual. I attempted to ride through some very severe whoop-de-doos and got shelled off the bike on the second one. I came down hard in a tangle of debris and scratched up my legs, bruised my wrist and scraped my hip. I didn't stop though, I kept going. Then about 40 minutes later as I was trying to bunny hop over a log stack across the trail (they are there on purpose), on a steep little embankment, I came down yet again, scraping up the legs even more. That was it... I found the nearest exit trail and got out of there before doing some serious damage. Like hitting a tree at full speed (I hit one going slow and didn't do any damage, to bike or body). I'm thinking that I will do any riding in the trees at a slow careful pace from now on. It's good balance skills training, but I WILL get hurt if I try to go fast.
It was a pretty decent day on the bike considering. HR max is most definitely wrong, but I have no idea what it could be... probably in the 130 range. I really wasn't working that hard.

In zone: 21:11
Calories: 936

no idea of distance... I don't have computer on the MTB and my STrava disappeared off my phone. I had started it when I left home, but when I got home it was completely gone! Weird! :(

  • Calories out: 4945 From lifestyle:2948, From activities:1997
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
Bike #1
  • 36m
  • 12.00 kms
  • 16.36 KM/hr

Easy ride to the race, and short warm up.

Followed by a ride home with my friend. He wanted to go out for an hour and half ride, but I had promised to be home to help make lunch (BBQ steak... yum).

Bike #2
  • 28m 13s
  • 18.04 kms
  • 38.36 KM/hr

OMCA Time Trial #1, non-Aero bike.
Temp - 16-18*C
Wind - SE >10 km/h
Sunny and beautiful

I wasn't sure why, but I was nervous about this "race". I have done a number of TT's and Triathlons, so I know how to pace and race my race against the clock. I was up early, so drove out to the course and checked the roads and corners. I cleaned some gravel on one corner that had been done (yesterday, I found out) but had a few loose bits on it still. Cleaned up some wood on the road from a downed tree that has yet to be cleaned up from an ice storm over a month ago. Made sure all was ready for the race.

After getting home and prepping bike, I was ready to go... when my front tire blew AGAIN!! WTF??? This was the one that blew up on me on Wednseday, and it was a brand new tube. As I didn't have time to replace the tube (which I have none to replace), I put on my OEM wheels. The Roval's are a semi-aero wheel and are very fast, so I'm not upset. I then make the slow ride up to the race site, making sure to warm up the legs a little, but not waste them. Took me 15 minutes to get there... normally less than 10. Then another 7 or so minutes of warm up riding from registration (finish line) to the start line... which I had rode past. Waited in line for my start and then I was off. Once I got on the bike, all nerves were gone, but getting prepped, I was just a little weirded out. No biggy.

So, the first leg of the course was a NW direction, with a good downhill to start. I got up to speed quickly and started hammering... the light tailwind helped too. I must have reached over 60 km/h on that downhill section, but once it started climbing (long slow climb of about 4 km and a gain of 100 feet, so nothing serious), I kept the pace up. I was doing over 40 km/h along that section and wondering if I wasn't over doing it, considering the hills to come. I decided that I was ok and just kept motoring. I caught the guy who started ahead of me in about 7 minutes... just after the turn. I then had my sites set on two other riders ahead.
The turn had us heading east... into a cross wind (light breeze) and was the beginning of the hills. I caught my second rider on that section... just before the three way stop (which I was able to fly through as there was no traffic). After that downhill into the stop sign, there is a long flat section, that opens up and the wind was an issue. I tried to keep up the pace, but I backed it off just a little (under 40) and saved the legs for the hills. On the first hill, I almost caught the next rider, but it wasn't until the next uphill that I passed him. The first hill is a steep pitch, but short. I made it over that around 25 km/h, and geared up on the downhill. The next hill is a long climb, that steadily increases in pitch... I just kept the pressure on and passed two guys on that hill. Cresting the top, I geared up and just kept pumping the legs... cadence over 90 I think... and made sure to use the downhills.
We came into the last turn which gave us a little hill to climb, but with a helping wind... if there was any as it was well protected by trees... followed by a long steady downhill. I just put my head down and gave it all I had left. I saw a guy in my mirror , and I thought it was my friend from the WCC/Flying Dogs. He started one minute behind me and my goal was to NOT be passed by him. So I just gave it my all... trying to bring the pace up over 50 km/h. I wasn't able to do that, but he never gained any time. I finished strong, right through the line.

I took another 2-3 minutes of riding to bring the heart rate down and cool off a little. VERY happy with my time/results. I passed 4 guys and was never passed, so I did very well (but then again, I could have been seeded in the wrong slot... that will change next time :o ).

Had a superb race and local knowledge helped on pacing for this race. :)

In zone: 27:59
Calories: 387

A couple things forgot to mention in the race report, it was a standing start. I also, rode for a good portion of the ride with forearms on the top of the handlebars. I can ride in that position for only so long as it's hard on the arms, but it does give me an aero advantage.

  • Calories out: 3905 From lifestyle:3016, From activities:889
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
I am going to rest today... I want fresh legs for tomorrow's TT... will probably do some outside yard work, along with the other Saturday chores. Sweetums and I are going to take a relaxing day together. No rushing around to get kids here or there... or anywhere. Although #2 had to go to work this morning and #1 has work this aft/eve... WE don't have to drive them! :)
Bike #1
  • 49m 50s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 27.17 KM/hr

Another lovely morning... just a little cooler than the last couple morning... and the wind was a headwind. I just hope it stays that direction for tonight.

Just tried to keep the pressure off the legs, spinning them out and loosening them up. I want to have fresh strong legs for Sunday and the OMCA TT.

In zone: 18:26
Calories: 427

Bike #2
  • 41m 18s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 32.79 KM/hr

Gotta love those tailwinds...left work late and pushed pretty hard. Not all out though, just hard and steady.
Strava segment I placed 4th overall and this on my old slow bike...felt pretty good working on my climbing.
Last flat bit into town I kept it at or over 40 km/h for the entire 1.5 km...very good. Last 1 km easy spin.

In zone: 33:15
Calories: 456

  • Calories out: 4670 From lifestyle:2995, From activities:1676
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
No riding today... even though it's absolutely effin' beautiful out there... today is #3's birthday (16!!! ARGGGHH). He's requested a dinner at a local burger joint. I have to leave work immediately and drive to Waterloo as the restaurant doesn't take reservations and we don't want to be waiting at the door for 20 minutes. I've been TOLD, no riding today. ;)
Bike #1
  • 48m 30s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 27.92 KM/hr

Morning commute... headwind!! WTF??!!
Oh well, I was riding Xena today so sliced through pretty easily. I'm hoping to ride with the Novice road group tonight as a ride leader. Time to put in some time as a Club Team member... I think I can keep up with these people with out too much difficulty.

Nice morning, except for the wind, temperature was cool, but not uncomfortable. Only needed the light wind breaker and arm/leg warmers today. Kept things pretty easy and spun as easy as I could. Forgot to start watch... the bike computer was acting up... and Strava isn't great as it says the distance is 23.5 km. Sheesh, can't this technology work together?? LOL

Below is a guess for the metrics.

In zone: 18:00
Calories: 500

Bike #2
  • 2h 29m 06s
  • 74.70 kms
  • 30.06 KM/hr

Commute from work to the ride start... easy tonight as it was a tailwind. Along the one road, there is a Strava segment, and I knew about it. However, I tried to take it easy so as not to burn out the legs before even getting to the group ride. The wind was SO helpful though, i couldn't resist pushing it a little. On the little rollers at the start of the segment, I spun over them, but after that I just rode... medium hard. After finishing that segment, I just kept on pumping and got to the start in good time.

Novice group ride... as a club team member, I feel an obligation to help out on these rides. I am going to try and show up regularly to help the newer members. Nothing like a big freight train pulling the group along. I started out with Group 2, but after 10 minutes and the first climb, I flatted. WTF?? Oh well, quick change and I'm off again... I was passed by the last 3 groups and caught up with them in Bamberg. I then joined Group 3 and rode with them. It was a lot slower then I would have liked, but it was still a good ride. Had to really work at communicating and teaching a lot of the newbies, but by the end they were working pretty well together.

At the turn off point, were they headed home, I took off my way home... over the NASTY hills again. Through Bamberg then up to St Agatha and Petersburg, heading into the wind (but also scoping out the TT route for Sunday). Every hill I climbed as I closed in on St. Agatha, my legs would get more tired. It got to the point where I couldn't put out the wattage necessary to climb the hills in a decent gear. Some of the steeper hills I had to shift way down... but I didn't stop. Heading home up the hill from Petersburg, I kept the pressure on and almost made the top of the hill at 30 km/h, but not quite. Coming into town, I was rocketing along at 40-50 km/h and in the last .5 km I just spun easy and stretched the calves. My legs are tired now though... GOOD!

Strava says 74.7 km... I guess we'll go with that because my cyclo-computer kept cutting out. :(

in zone: 1:32:50
Calories: 1550

  • Calories out: 6066 From lifestyle:2910, From activities:3157
  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

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