Bike #1
  • 47m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 28.81 KM/hr

North East wind this morning... not pleasant. Temperature was fine, but the wind just makes things feel cooler and it is a hindering crosswind for the majority of the ride and a down right cruel headwind for the last 3 or 4 km.

Steady pace not too hard... no HR info as watch didn't record anything. I'm guessing in the 110-114 range for an average.

Bike #2
  • 43m 30s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 31.13 KM/hr

I left work late and thought I should take it pretty hard on the way home... but I couldn't go to hard as it was a little bit of a headwind/crosswind. So, I just worked at a Z3 level and kept moving.

I didn't kill the hills as I could have, but kept the effort hard enough to keep the pace just below 30 km/h if possible. All went well and I made it home in a decent time... and I was actually quite shocked at the average speed. The last 6 km or so was directly INTO that wind and I had a very difficult time keeping the speed up. In the last km, I actually sat up and just spun home... so having that average was pretty astounding. :)

In zone: 34:55
Calories: 454

  • Calories out: 2716 From lifestyle:1881, From activities:835

Massage booked for today... then dental cleaning for myself and #2 this afternoon. Also, #1 would like to take a test drive of a couple cars that wouldn't start on Saturday at the dealer we were at Saturday (not enough staff on Sat to help out).

I would also like to take my bike to the Bike Shop where I purchased it, my LBS said I should have it checked out as there was a crack in the paint. I had the mechanics at the race check it out (they were from the shop I bought it from) and he said to bring it in so they could check it more thoroughly. They also want to take a picture to send to Specialized warranty to see what needs to be done. The crack is just above the drop-outs ... where the carbon joins the allow... NOT some place you want to have a break. Frown

  • 1h 21m 30s
  • 47.90 kms
  • 35.26 KM/hr

Centurion Ontario Gran Fondo... on one of the WORST days around. Full on rain storm with a LOT of rain. My friend and I decided to use our heads and down-graded to the 50km race, instead of the full 100km... it was a good choice as our thoughts were, doing 1.5 hours in the rain isn't as bad as doing 3 hours in the rain. Good choice!

We lined up with the racers and hoped for the best. Fortunately, this ride starts out with a HUGE climb from the resort, this is the worst climb of the day though and it's done as neutral roll out to keep people safe. After finishing the climb, there is a turn on to a quieter road and the speed picks up. I was happy that these guys decided NOT to crack up the group early

After 15 km of riding, we hit a hill in the bush and I got cracked off the back. I just didn't have enough power to stay with the group. I worked my along the road trying to keep them in sight... but eventually they disappeared from sight. Then after 5 km or so, I did finally see another rider. I kept up my pace and TT'd back to this guy... just after he coalesced with 2 other guys. We now had a 4 person group and we started making time. Shortly after that we swallowed up two more riders for a 6 person group. We started working our way along the route and the next 15-20 km went a lot better. I still struggled on the hills, but would always stay in contact.

Finally, after a miserable 47 km, we start the final climb... I geared down and just tried to stay with these 6 guys... then with about 100 meters to go I was gaining on the second guy in the group. I buried my head and just gutted it to the finish. I passed the guy with 50m to go and just kept pushing until the finish. I had NOTHING left and could barely stand as they removed the timing chip.

I had finished 14th overall and 3rd in my age group. I gutted out a gritty (literally and figuratively) performance... never giving up and just keeping the pedals rotating. I wasn't expecting to have that great a time, as I was alone for a good portion of the ride and then riding in a small group... but it helped that we started with the front runners and never gave up. In the end, we finished about 3 minutes behind the first place finisher. Great ride... all things considered. :)

  • Calories out: 2976 From lifestyle:1886, From activities:1090
  • RACE DAY: Centurion Ontario
Very interesting figures from yesterdays rides... if you notice, I took the same route morning and night and have approximately the same time (only 1.5 minutes different). The time difference will most likely be the climbing differential... it's generally uphill coming home. HOWEVER, look at the heart rate info... and my calories burned from the HRM. In the morning, with a light tailwind and just taking it easy, I burned 364 calories and barely got my HR up... in the afternoon, with a STIFF headwind, I burned 30% more calories, and spent 6x the amount of time in a training HR zone. THAT is the difference between tailwinds and headwinds. :o

Today I decided to take it easy... rest up for the hard effort tomorrow. This was my day:

  • drop off Sweetums at grocery
  • take #3 for wart treatment
  • p/u b'day cake for #2
  • head to grocery to finish up with Sweetums
  • unpack groceries
  • take #1 out car shopping
  • p/u #2's BFF at work on the way home
  • clean Xena
  • BBQ supper and make salad for #2's b'day dinner
  • help clean up
  • do laundry
  • prep essentials for tomorrow
  • go to bed early, as I have to leave home by 3:30 tomorrow. :(

Been a busy day... I think I deserve the break.

Bike #1
  • 46m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 29.44 KM/hr

Lovely morning ride to work... crystal clear air, sunrise and quiet roads... can't ask for more than this. I didn't push it this morning, just enjoying the tunes and life in the saddle.

Today will be 4/4 commutes this week. Doin' my part for the environment... and my pocket book. ;)

In zone: 9:22
Calories: 364

Bike #2
  • 47m 30s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 28.51 KM/hr

Crappy north wind... makes for a long and arduous journey home. Didn't help that I left work late and wanted to make it home in good time. On the last road into town... heading directly into the wind... I had trouble keeping it at 30 km/h. That was tough...

Good workout though... needed it after another crappy day at work.

In zone: 35:19
Calories: 494

  • Calories out: 2818 From lifestyle:1880, From activities:938
  • 39m 45s
  • 22.10 kms
  • 33.36 KM/hr

LBS did a lovely job on the bike...shifts better and the wheels are true (for how long remains to be seen). I stayed at work late to let the rain pass (and get extra work done), then rode fairly hard home. I was missing the TTT tonight so thought I would work extra hard home.

Tried to maintain steady but hard pace up all hills and flats. For the most part I succeeded, but I feel like I could have gone harder.

Cleaned bike after getting home.

In zone: 32:11
Calories: 424

I will be biking home tonight. Sweetums dropped me off this morning as everyone needs cars. After she leaves work, she is picking up Xena and bringing her to me, then I will ride home later.

  • Calories out: 2438 From lifestyle:1907, From activities:532
Bike #1
  • 43m 20s
  • 21.19 kms
  • 29.34 KM/hr

WOOO... foggy this morning. The first half of my commute was in a dense fog... then as I crested the hill coming into Kitchener the fog was gone. It was VERY sudden... and welcomed. Clearing just in time, as I was coming into the busier roads. In the dense fog I had numerous people passing me on blind hills, in the fog... not waiting the 5 seconds it would have taken to wait to pass safely. I really can't understand them... and don't want to. In STARK contrast to last night when I had numerous people wait to pass until they crested the hills... even if there were vehicles behind them... and this was in BEAUTIFUL sunshine and clear.

Took it pretty steady this morning and not worrying about speed or effort. Mostly stayed in small ring and just spun out the legs.

In zone: 14:02
Calories: 330

Bike #2
  • 41m 20s
  • 21.19 kms
  • 30.76 KM/hr

Wasn't trying to go fast... just happened. ;)

Worked on steady pacing on the hills, trying to ease into the hills and not give up too early. On the last big hill into Baden, I was standing and wanted to stand to the top, but my gears skipped about half way up, so I sat down and straightened that out, but by then I had lost all momentum and just eased over the top.

Good ride, with a little shower from the halfway point on... wasn't heavy rain, just a little warm shower. Felt really good. :) I took the fenders off the bike this morning though, go figure... take 'em off and it rains. :o

In zone: 34:20
Calories: 417

  • Calories out: 2664 From lifestyle:1884, From activities:780

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