Thunder storms and heavy rain in the forecast for the next 5 days... not sure how much riding I''ll be doing this week.... we'll see. One plus, I will have access to car all week as Sweetums is working nights, so while she sleeps the boys have access to at least one car. 

That all changes on Wednesday when #1 picks up his first car. Then it will become easier in our household... hopefully... or at least until #3 gets his license, hopefully his beginners today. 

  • 49m
  • 19.74 kms
  • 24.17 KM/hr

Very easy ride with #3 son... went out on the brand new pavement of Bleams Road, came back on the hills of Witmer & Sandhills... then because he was done with hills, finished on the new pavement but into the wind. His choice... he prefers the wind to the hills because he's so skinny he just cuts through the wind. LOL

Didn't work hard as it was VERY hot, but got a nice little ride in to spin out the legs. Had my video camera on helmet... which doesn't work well as every time I look around (or down at the cockpit) I no longer have video of approaching vehicles. Still trying to work out the best place to mount this device on the bike.

Easy recovery ride. Not working AT all.

In zone: 0:00:00
Calories: 186

  • Calories out: 2312 From lifestyle:1902, From activities:410
  • 3h 45m 58s
  • 130.00 kms
  • 34.52 KM/hr

Tour de Waterloo Race Report

Started out as a grey, warm, humid day... then the sun came out and it became a Sauna. What an amazing event though... ~550 pre-registered and another 100+ signed up on the day. An amazing turn out for this home town event. Tremendous support from the volunteers, police and all concerned. It was a complete success!!!

Today, I rode with the WCC colours on and tried to help with the team strategy, but I was struggling to keep the pace right off the start. For a neutral roll-out, it wasn't very neutral... we were zipping along at 40+ km/h and there were approximately 400 riders in the peloton. It was an amazing site to behold from the peloton... once we made it out of town, the racing started and I was shelled pretty quickly in the hills. I did all I could to stay in touch with the lead pack for 15-20 km... but then I lost the wheel of one of my Master's racing friends and just couldn't get back in. So I backed off and found a slower group to ride with. I ended up with the President of the WCC (we crashed two weeks ago) and we ended up with a great group of guys and just zipped along.

Our group was about 20 riders and we were working well together, communicating and rotating through on a steady pace line. It was awesome... riding over 40 km/h past my home town... and we made it to the half way point with no issues. At the rest stop though, some people needed to stop to re-fill bottles... I just grabbed and kept going. The group split up then and I was riding alone for a good 20 km. Eventually, all the hills and riding back into the wind took it's toll and I slowed down. A small group of 2 caught me and I latched on as best I could. We eventually picked up another rider and had a nice little group of 4. We tried our best to work together... everyone sharing the time at front. I was really fading though... every hill became a test of will-- my mind over my legs. I struggled with the nutrition, as I knew there were no more water stops, so I had to ration my fluids... not a great thing at 38*C with the humidity... everyone was suffering though, so the pace was slowing noticeably with this group.

After every hill I was well back, but could always work my way back up on the downhills. We finally made it back to town... got a VERY welcome bottle of water from a police officer, at a corner about 15 km from the end. It was a savior for all of us... we then rode it home. I got stuck behind the slowest guy in the threesome that was left on the last, fast stretch of road and the faster guy rode off. So after about 30 seconds, I decided to give it to the finish. The faster guy had about 100 m on me with 5 km to go. I just gave it all I had and worked my way up to him. I gained a LOT of ground on the last little hill, but the finish stretch is downhill. I cranked as HARD as I could for that last 1.5 km... but just ran out of road and finished about 2 m behind him.

My legs were TOAST at the end. I had nothing left... meaning I gave it my all. It was a very tough day for all... the heat and humidity played a big part in the race. In the end it was a success for me... I was able to stay with a group for a large part of the race. Our club team came in first in the combined time, one of our members came in 2nd overall (after driving home from the Nationals last night... to bed @3, up at 7 and racing hard). A few of our members came home with AG awards and almost all had a great race (one guy crashed... but he and the bike are ok, just flesh wounds AND he won a free Polar Tour de France Edition HRM)

In the end, it was a fabulous race. We raised over $15,000 for the hospital and counselling services and we had a lovely day for riding our lovely countryside. Win, win!

In zone: 2:58:31
Calories: 2540

Standings from the official results:

130 Km results

Overall: 129/258

Master's Men: 82/170

AG 40-49: 51/95


Solidly in the MOP... and I crossed the line less than a second behind the next fastest finisher. Just not enough oomph at the end to catch him. He was in same AG too... shucks! It was great riding with him though... very solid rider and nice guy. Lots of very nice people at the race today. :)

I thought I bettered my time from last year, but upon further checking, I was about 8 minutes slower... and about 29 places back. That could be because of the size of the ride... more attention and better riders. I probably gave too much at the beginning, so had less at the end too. Similar conditions thought... SW wind meant the last 50 km was back to town into the wind. OUCH!! I did make a concerted effort to stay with a groupetto as soon as I could, but I did ride alone a long time, through hills and wind. That hurt me in the long run. Would have been better to ease up and let the other riders catch me earlier to save energy in the long run.

  • Calories out: 4836 From lifestyle:1813, From activities:3023
  • RACE DAY: Tour de Waterloo

RAce tomorrow... today is a rest day... not that I'm resting though.

Sweetums is working this weekend, so I have to do all the shopping. So today's schedule looked like this (and not in any order):

  • return and pick up water jugs
  • take #3 to work for 9:40 a.m.
  • do up grocery list
  • collect all empty liquor bottles to return for deposit
  • pick up registration for race
  • stop at bike shop for new bike gloves (my accident two weeks ago destroyed the old ones)
  • stop at LBS to check on replacement helmet and bike rack strap replacement that was ordered
  • get hair cut and hilites done at 10:30
  • stop at LBS #2 to check on replacement ratchet for my cycling shoe
  • unload and put away groceries
  • be home before 2:15 so Sweetums and #1 son can take the car to get to work (both work tonight, and #2 is at work with the second vehicle)
  • prep bike for race tomorrow
  • prep my gear for tomorrow
  • prep fuel for tomorrow
  • cook supper
  • collapse

busy day... even for me on a Saturday, this is nuts. I didn't get this all done either. Skipped the bike shops and will have to do that some other time. The race registration was at an outdoor supply store, they had some nice cycling gloves cheap, so I got two pair. Cut & Hilites went long so I didn't have time for everything... but I do look fabulous!! :)

I got all the shopping done  and all the major things done before 2:15... so I'm now collapsed and waiting for kids to come home from work.

Bike #1
  • 46m
  • 20.55 kms
  • 26.80 KM/hr

Absolutely beautiful morning... quiet, sunrise, clear... and cool. I thought the temperature said 19 this morning (when I woke up), so didn't add any extra layers. As I was riding, I thought I was getting soft, because I felt cold. I didn't worry though, it wasn't terrible, just uncomfortable. Found out when I pulled in at work that it was actually 11*C... should have worn leg/arm warmers. Oh well, just less gear to tote home tonight.

Took the shorter route in this morning, to ride on the pristine new pavement on Bleams Road... it was so lovely, I only had to worry about riding off the pavement (and the 8" drop to the gravel), but as I was riding a minimum of 3' from the edge of the road that wasn't an issue. Came to the long downhill to the stop sign at Queen St as the road painting crew was going by. So the center line was fresh. I noticed some vehicles coming, so I actually moved to within 6" of the edge of the road to allow them to pass... but the first guy in line stayed behind me the entire way down to the stop sign. He didn't want to cross over the freshly painted line. He had plenty of room to pass me though without doing so... but it was VERY refreshing to have a courteous driver behind me. (I was doing over 50 km/h so it wasn't long to the stop sign). The rest of the traffic was extremely well behaved... up until the city limits... then the drivers were discourteous and idiotic as usual.

I used this as a nice easy recovery ride... no hard efforts, spinning easy and just letting the body recover. I want super fresh legs for Sunday's Race.

In zone: 7:13
Calories: 308

Bike #2
  • 44m 40s
  • 21.20 kms
  • 28.48 KM/hr

Nice easy pace for most of this ride... but on one section, I gave it a VERY hard push. I had a KOM on Strava taken from me yesterday, so I was trying to get it back. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible on The Beast. He's a fast bike, but with the tires I have on now, not fast enough. Still it was fun to try.

Nice, warm evening... aaaaah, summer has FINALLY arrived. :)

Interesting traffic note for the ride... riding into the little town of Petersburg, I have to cross over the highway, past the on/off ramps, and therefore this stretch of road is particularly busy. I was moving at a 35-40 km/h pace (speed limit is 50) and the road surface is CRAP, so was riding out in the middle of the lane. I saw a car approaching from the back, so moved over as far as I could (about 6" as the edge of the road is just not good for riding on) and expected him to pass. However, this driver stayed behind me the ENTIRE way into town... she/he had many chances to pass safely, but refused to do it... which in turn kept the other cars behind him/her waiting as well. It was freakin' amazing!!! I've never experienced this kind of courteous driving through this town... they ALL want to get to the stop light first. In fact, at one point, just before the lights, I tried to wave him/her through, but she/he stayed there... and allowed me to take up my rightful place on the road to make my left turn. WOW, I would love to send a personal thank you to that gentleman/lady, it's not every day you experience TRUE excellence in driving!

In zone: 14:54
Calories: 379

  • Calories out: 2791 From lifestyle:1881, From activities:910
Bike #1
  • 45m 45s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 29.60 KM/hr

Another lovely (albeit chilly) morning commute. We are supposed to be in SUMMER... what's with this single digit temps in the morning??? :(

Rode harder this morning, using big gears and just crankin' it... trying to keep the cadence up as well. Still not any faster as the legs burn out on the hills at this kind of effort... I was also a little torn on how hard to work as I still have one of my 'A' races this weekend. I need to push the legs, but still want them fresh for Sunday.

99% of traffic was well behaved, but the ONE truck driver, who pulled out from the Stop Sign, right in front of me in the first 5 minutes sure soured the ride. This after 3 members of the club were involved in an accident last night. I don't know the details, but it's possible that a car cut them off or hit one of the group last night. One of the ride leaders has concussion and road rash... no one broke any bones... but they were all taken to hospital and checked out. Police had been called... other than that, I don't know anything. If I hadn't been taking Xena to the shop last night, I would have been one of the ride leaders at this ride....

Bike #2
  • 45m 30s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 29.76 KM/hr

Lovely day... what a difference a few hours make. I worked hard to get home in a good time, but the light breeze (6 km/h SW) was mostly headwind and slowed me down. Still, I was able to keep moving and use big gears.

Hardly ANY traffic tonight and what was on the road was mostly VERY well behaved. Maybe, some of these people are learning... especially after what happened yesterday. One of the groups from the Novice road ride were involved in an accident on the road. Not many details have been released, but it's possible that a vehicle may have passed unsafely. 4 riders were taken to hospital... but nothing life threatening... mostly road rash and possible head and neck injuries. :( If I hadn't been driving to Mississauga, I would have been on that ride... maybe even in that group.

In zone: 32:45
Calories: 409

  • Calories out: 2796 From lifestyle:1881, From activities:916
Bike #1
  • 09m
  • 4.31 kms
  • 28.73 KM/hr

Dropped off car for service and biked to work from there. Nothing special...

I did ride Xena because I will be taking her to the bike shop in Mississauga tonight after work to have it inspected, photographed and hopefully warranty replacement of frame... if it needs it.

Bike #2
  • 13m 30s
  • 6.50 kms
  • 28.89 KM/hr

Bike from work to dealership to pick up car... then drive down to Mississauga.

Bike checked out... it's corrosion of the drop out causing the paint from flaking off. I just have to accept this ugly blotch on my beautiful bike. :( He said it's ride-able and safe... so I feel better about that.

  • Calories out: 2141 From lifestyle:1915, From activities:226

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