Bike #1
  • 44m 25s
  • 20.55 kms
  • 27.76 KM/hr

Loving morning... and was planning on taking The Beast, but he had a flat and I didn't have time to change it. So, it was Xena and I this morning. Legs still feel weak, so I didn't push it this morning, just my normal ride. Took a shorter route, but it has the bigger hills and heavier traffic. It's all a trade off here... didn't have too much traffic trouble though as I was taking the lane and people had to respect my space.

I did stop once to help a motorcyclist who had lost his keys of his motorcycle. I was able to locate it for him... just as a car drove over it and smashed it to bits. Not sure how he's going to start his bike tonight with the chip key in pieces. Expensive morning ride. :(

In zone: 7:18
Calories: 319

Bike #2
  • 39m 49s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 34.01 KM/hr

Yup... that was speedy, thank to the tailwind... but I also gave it a little more effort. Nothing onerously hard, but steady. I tried to keep the cadence high and the effort manageable. Seemed to work well, my HR didn't spike at all and I maintained a decent speed throughout, even on the little rollers.

On a couple stretches, I used some power and tried to keep the speed over 40 km/h... the first one is a little hilly, but I had a good average on that section (I think, sure felt good). Then on the last segment coming into Baden... a nice 2 km flat stretch, I put the pedal down to see what I could do... I kept it easily over 40 km/h and had my second fastest time on the second, only 4 seconds off the best. I could have gone harder, but I still have weak legs, so just kept them spinning more then hammering.

After that, I just rolled home. Legs felt fine, so I think I'm recovered now. That was a tough day on Thursday... what with the TT effort in the morning, then a 77 km afternoon ride, with another TT effort near the end. I'd say it's been a productive week.

In zone: 30:13
Calories: 419

  • Calories out: 2863 From lifestyle:1884, From activities:978
Bike #1
  • 50m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 27.08 KM/hr

Nice and easy this morning, my legs were feeling the load from yesterday's riding. It was a gorgeous morning though, so I enjoyed my commute this morning. Riding steady and easy.

In zone: 3:39
Calories: 321

Bike #2
  • 53m 45s
  • 21.19 kms
  • 23.65 KM/hr

oh yeah... I can go slow... if I REALLY put my mind to it. My legs still feel tired, so I felt it was best to just roll home, nice n easy. Was in SCR for the majority of the ride. Just kept it light tonight.

IN zone: 1:30
Calories: 326

  • Calories out: 2825 From lifestyle:1874, From activities:951
Bike #1
  • 41m 15s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 32.83 KM/hr

SW wind... means tailwind... but there was also a rain cloud coming from that direction, so I got ready quick and took off on Xena to try and beat the rain. Didn't work, made it about half way before it started to rain enough to make the roads wet... and it just got steadier and wetter as I rode. Still pushed hard to get to work without being too wet... and stay out of the lightening. Forecast is for clearing the aft/eve, so I should be "dry" going home, the humidity is going to be nasty again today... it already is this morning.

In zone: 32:44
Calories: 429

Bike #2
  • 2h 23m 35s
  • 73.30 kms
  • 30.63 KM/hr

Bike from work to the start of the Club Novice ride.... ride with the novice riders for one lap of the loop, then head home.

A cold front went through this aft, so the humidity has finally broken. It was actually comfortable riding... if you weren't working hard. Had a good ride with the group... we kept together as best we could until a guy flatted. Then half of us waited for the other half to rejoin us. The guy changed his first tire, so it took a while longer then expected.

After the group turned off, I took the hills back home. On Sandhills Road I had a great tailwind, so I pushed... and was maintaining over 40 km/h on most of that stretch... until my legs said FU and I had to take it easy the last 5 or 6 km home.

Long afternoon bike with no food. HR is not right... probably some interference with other's... or something like that. No way did I work that hard.

In zone: 1:20:45
Calories: 1753

  • Calories out: 3826 From lifestyle:1834, From activities:1993
Bike #1
  • 44m 45s
  • 21.18 kms
  • 28.40 KM/hr

Another wet morning... this is getting ridiculous with the rain, it seems like it's constantly raining. I have given up trying to ride dry all the time, so just sucked it up and rode. The forecast was for rain all day... finished by 6 tonight, so just in time to ride home. The radar doesn't agree with that assumption, and didn't look like it was too bad this morning, and it wasn't. It was just a few sprinkles... and water from the roads. I think I got more wet from sweat this morning... it's warm and VERY humid.

Took the quietest roads this morning... taking it easy on the hills and just rolling to work. Until I get to the busy roads, I see few cars on this route (only saw 4 cars this morning). After that it's normal traffic, which isn't that heavy as it's not even 7 a.m. yet.

In zone: 14:40
Calories: 377

Bike #2
  • 44m
  • 21.19 kms
  • 28.90 KM/hr

The Beast and I rode home in the Steam Room. It was unbelievably humid... temperature was ok, but the humidity made it feel like 35*C. That's freakin' hot by any standards... and worse when it's humid.

Had a nice South wind on the way home... which is a cross-wind for the majority of the ride, but a helping wind for the north bound section. I took the hilly route home and pushed some speed on the segments heading north... and got PB on one of them and excellent times on the rest. Felt pretty strong, but the bike is sluggish compared to Xena. Good training though.

In zone: 21:45
Calories: 415

  • Calories out: 2772 From lifestyle:1882, From activities:890
  • 2h 52m 10s
  • 77.00 kms
  • 26.83 KM/hr

This pace is seriously affected by the city traffic. I rode into the downtown, which is crazy slow due to traffic lights. I also took my time, as I didn't want to be completely sweaty when I was at the Passport office... then again at the lab to have my blood work down. So, it's just a generally slow ride for the first 50 minutes.

After the blood work was done, then I picked it up a little bit, but not overly hard as it was VERY hot... 26*C with a humidex of 35-ish. I rode through a couple areas that I wouldn't normally ride and enjoyed the scenery. Stopped and took a couple pictures and just enjoyed myself in a scenic part of town.

Then, I headed out of town and into the wind for a good 45 minutes. Road all the way out to the other side of my township, and in the process discovered a newly paved road (was gravel up until last week), with a very steep little climb on it. New training ground, whooopeeeee!!! :) I was going to keep riding west, but then I noticed the dark clouds moving in... so decided that I was pushing my luck. I headed back north and east... adding a few more km's by taking the longer route home (also some climbing).

It was a good thing I stopped when I did... about 10 minutes after getting into the house, it started to rain hard, with thunder/lighening, so I just made it home in time. I also ran out of water about 2 km from home, so it was a well timed ride.

Great training ride, and some good solid efforts. I think I increased my overall average speed by 4 km/h in the last 2 hours of riding, because my average after the blood work was only 23 km/h.

Commute into town info:
Time: 51:28
In zone: 10:37
Calories: 327
HR Avg: 95
Max HR: 127

Ride after city riding:
Ride time: 1:53:54
In zone: 1:12:25
Calories: 1143
Avg HR: 117
Max HR: 212

  • Calories out: 3568 From lifestyle:1840, From activities:1727

Spent a lovely morning with our hosts for the evening. The party was at their house, and they opened their place to us to stay over night (we considered crashing at a hotel... but they insisted we stay with them). They even gave us breakfast in the morning... pretty amazing people. We have known them a long time, but haven't seen them in years... but they are so generous and open. We absolutely loved their hospitality... I just wish we could repay them for their kindness.

At noon, we decided that the weather was too questionable to attempt going to the beach with the boys, so we made the decision to meet them in Stratford, at a quaint little drive-in diner that we love stopping at on the way home from the beach. Some of the most amazing soft-serve ice cream and really excellent food for a fast food place. Had a fun time with our boys.

Came home and folded my laundry and got caught up on watching Le Tour... it's been a great weekend, despite the crappy weather. Yesterday would have been a perfect day to ride, but I had just a little to much to do. Thought about a ride this afternoon, but by the time I was ready, it started to rain, yet again.

Rest weekend is ok too. I'm not getting any younger. ;)

  • 24m
  • 800.00 meters
  • 03m /100 meters

Unsure of distance... time is accurate. We were at a friends b'day party, at a private residence that was on the beach. So, I used this opportunity to get in a little swim with the wet suit. It was an awesome calm evening and the water was comfortable. I wasn't exactly comfortable swimming, but I held my own. I swam strong and steady, but not fast. Many of the people who watched me were very impressed how far I swam, but I wasn't. I've slowed down a lot... but it's ok, I felt comfortable and had a lovely swim.

SWeetums worked today, so I had a LOT to do. We were invited to a friends birthday party in Sarnia, which is a two+ hour drive. So here's my agenda for the day:

  • take Sweetums to work at 6:30
  • do grocery shopping
  • p/u water
  • clean bicycles
  • pack up my clothes for staying over night in Sarnia
  • get all the beach gear out for the the kids to pack for joining us at the beach tomorrow
  • mow the lawn
  • strip our bed
  • do my laundry (including the bedding)
  • shower and manscape
  • take #3 to town to purchase b'day present for party we didn't know about
  • p/u drinks for our evening
  • p/u Sweetums at work
  • drive to Sarnia
  • party all night
  • Crash hard at 1:30 after almost 20 hours awake (cause I slept horribly the night before)

I had fun though... except for being so tired.

  • Calories out: 2055 From lifestyle:1914, From activities:140

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