• 1h 43m
  • 59.20 kms
  • 34.49 KM/hr

A good hard TT for my last ride at the cottage. Legs felt pretty wasted after the first 2/3 of the ride but I kept going. That meant another 11 km into the wind but the same distance back with tailwind. Had a great hard ride.

In zone: 1:30:14
Calories: 1122

  • Calories out: 3253 From lifestyle:1875, From activities:1378
  • 30m
  • -----
  • -----

Frolicking in the waves... first really windy day, had some pretty impressive waves to play in. I went out for a good 30 minutes, making sure the kids understood the serious undertow and cautioned them about going out to far (as they were trying to get out to the next sandbar... bad idea. They listened though and had fun playing in the waves... these are all teenagers, not children any more, so I was impressed that they listened and didn't argue at all.

  • Calories out: 2112 From lifestyle:1911, From activities:201
Rest day... my ankle/foot was really bothering me... gotta get this looked at next week.
Bike #1
  • 1h 04m 53s
  • 34.40 kms
  • 31.81 KM/hr

Ride up to Oliphant and back through Sauble. Nice morning, just a little windy though along the beach.

No metrics though... I have it but am too lazy right now to look it up.

Bike #2
  • 45m 44s
  • 20.60 kms
  • 27.03 KM/hr

Ride with #3 son and it was a good one. He stayed with me and didn't complain. Took it very easy and rode out for 10 km (about 2 km short of Southampton turn around) but I'm not pushing it with him, 20 km is a good ride for him.

He sprinted a couple times... and took the lead most of the way back (tailwind, so easier for him). Good ride with my buddy! :)

  • 31m
  • 914.40 meters
  • 03m 23s /100 meters

Did a lovely swim in crystal clear calm water. Was just amazing, like swimming in a pool. Just a nice steady swim.

  • Calories out: 3038 From lifestyle:1855, From activities:1183
  • 30m 26s
  • 12.90 kms
  • 25.43 KM/hr

VERY easy ride up to Sauble Beach and Macbeth's bakery. The kids wanted Cinnamon Buns, so I went into town before anyone was up and got us some. It was already unbearably hot at this time... with humidity was probably over 30*C at 9 in the morning. This was a brutal hot day, but I didn't really care, I was at the beach!!! :)

Did a little swimming but nothing to write about. Mostly just hung out under the umbrellas and read... my ankle has been bothering me lately and walking gets very painful. The more I do, the worse it gets.

  • Calories out: 2166 From lifestyle:1911, From activities:254
  • 50m
  • 30.00 kms
  • 36.00 KM/hr

Just a quick little TT down to Southampton and back. Put up some serious times on this route and I wasn't really trying. Had a great tailwind down and was mostly protected on the way back. It is a PERFECT cycling road too... full bike lane for the entire 11 km, mostly flat, fully tree lined, and traffic is usually pretty considerate. It was a perfect morning for a ride.

  • Calories out: 2570 From lifestyle:1901, From activities:669
Pack up vehicles and head off to Sauble Beach for a week of fun in the sun (hopefully)... at the very least fun at the cottage with the kids and their friends.

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