Bike #1
  • 48m 30s
  • 22.70 kms
  • 28.08 KM/hr

Another lovely morning commute, sunrise was spectacular. I tried to get that on film, but I didn't want to stop riding. I tried rotating my head to get (camera mounted on helmet), but that didn't work out too well. Oh well, I have it in my mind's eye. :)

Quiet ride... all SCR work, no hard efforts (except the short climbs... but they are always work), kept the effort low as my ankle is still not right. Going to see Physio tomorrow morning.

In zone: 10:56
Calories: 366

Bike #2
  • 46m 08s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 29.78 KM/hr

Wet ride home, started out sprinkling and steadily got heavier as I rode home. Was completely soaked when I got home.

Took it easy and just rolled home.

In zone: 22:46
Calories: 420


My video camera didn't start... and just when I needed it. I had THREE encounters with stupid drivers tonight. I think the rain brought the a$$hats out of the woodwork.

First one, at a stop light I was in the left lane, but in the center of the lane as there was a line of traffic on the right and it would not have been safe to pass... plus the fact that the road is wet and slick, so there is even less room for error... so I rode where I deemed it safe for me and the other drivers. Well, unfortunately a dipshit decided that he wanted to use the curb lane as HIS passing lane. He got RIGHT behind me and blared his horn at me. I just kept riding and ignored him.... when he did it again, I waved for him to move over in to the other lane. He was livid, and passed me with less than 2 feet to spare... waving his fist at me out the back window of his pick-up and ignoring the road in front of him (kinda wished someone had stopped  in front of him then and he drove into them... would have served him right... and I would have stayed to give my statement... the list of charges would have been QUITE lengthy).

Second incident... about .5 km later... I'm going down the hill at 40 km/h, in the center of the curb lane, where I should be and another moron comes up behind me and blares his horn at me. I just waved him to go around in the other lane. He pulls up beside me (at least in the other lane) and yells out the window that I should use the bike lane. Well, this where it gets interesting, because the City put in a bike PATH beside the sidewalk. It's part of the sidewalk and NOT the road. That means it's a path and NOT a bike lane. It's marked as a bike "lane" for the pedestrians and bike riders to know where they should be (it's for students to use to get to the high school). The issue with THIS situation is the drivers think I should be riding over there... wellllll... I refuse to do that because it's SIDEWALK, which means I have to stop and dismount at EVERY street crossing and walk across the street. I also have to watch at every driveway to make sure no one is not paying attention. In fact, the statistics bear out that you are 4x more likely to be in an accident while riding on the sidewalk, then on the road. I will not take that risk! The driver drove off and I yelled at him, and he slowed down and yelled at me some more. He would be one of the first drivers to hit me as I cross the sidewalk, because he'd be too busy to notice a person crossing the street he turned into just up the road. Really, he took more time yelling at me then it would have taken him to move over into the other lane and pass correctly.

Third... and closest call... dumba$$ decided he couldn't wait for 5 seconds (I was JUST about at the crest of the hill), and passed me just before the crest of a blind hill. He didn't really go over the line and he was less than 2 feet from me... going about 90 km/h. I am just SOOOOO livid about this. He can see me (I have lights, safety vest, and I'm riding 3 feet from the edge of the road), yet he chooses to ignore the rules of the road and endanger my life in the process. He has done this a number of times too... I have seen this car a number of times and every time he passes me it seems he gets a little bit closer. I REALLY wanted his license plate number... he NEEDS a talking to by a police constable. 

I really need to find a better way of mounting the camera... the helmet doesn't seem to be working... even though the  sound quality is better, I can't see if it's started up when the helmet is on my head. I may have to start it before I put the helmet on. Problem is it's very limited recording time... the battery is only good for 45 min of recording. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

  • Calories out: 2828 From lifestyle:1879, From activities:950
Bike #1
  • 45m 50s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 29.55 KM/hr

Nice easy ride this morning. Beautiful sunrise and lovely weather... a little cool, but not enough to wear a jacket (just arm warmers). Finally got the rear wheel inflated on the Beast, so rode him this morning. I didn't take it out as hard as I could, just riding easy.

Rode well out into the lane on all roads and the traffic was mostly well behaved, nothing so blatantly ignorant that I have to report. Tried riding with camera on the helmet and will have to see how that video turns out.

Max HR is another one of those anomalous readings, cause there is NO FREAKIN' WAY that I had a HR over 200... let alone over 160 which is the max I've ever reached on the bike.

In zone: 10:37
Calories: 422

Bike #2
  • 48m 15s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 28.07 KM/hr

Headwinds... left late and took my time... just didn't have the ooomph to push through the wind. Felt pretty good otherwise.

In zone: 17:41
Calories: 416

  • Calories out: 2823 From lifestyle:1879, From activities:944
  • Massage
  • 45m

Had a good massage... but she brutalized my legs. The ankle didn't respond to the massage so I'm going to physio to see if there is something that needs to be done.

  • Calories out: 1941 From lifestyle:1904, From activities:38
  • 2h 37m 01s
  • 83.70 kms
  • 31.98 KM/hr

Beautiful morning for a ride... after the WICKED storms that blew through yesterday and over night. That cleared the air and it was like riding in a dream, no humidity, sunshine, blue skies, puff clouds.... of course their was wind, but I didn't mind too much.

The first half of the ride (or more) was all into the wind... it was a minimum of 40 km in to the 20+ km/h winds. I didn't push it though, just rode a nice easy comfy pace, working on my leg strength and pacing. I purposely kept my HR below the Z3 level. I am pretty sure the HR was below 120 for that first 1:40 minutes. At that point, the clouds looked a little menacing, so I turned back and had a good tailwind, and picked up the pace a little. I still kept the HR low, but the speed came up. I was thinking of riding up to Stratford (from Embro) at that point, but when I got to Maplewood Sideroad, I decided to head back on that road, as it's a VERY quiet road. Very little traffic, fairly flat, and a little twisty (so not boring), winding through farmers fields (corn so high you couldn't see any of the scenery), it was AWESOME. This section was totally downwind and I was flying... in fact I TT that 10 km at 40+ km/h (one section I was maintaining 50 .. SWEET!!).

At the stop sign, I had to wait for traffic to clear and then took the next section of that road, which is pretty much identical, and did it again, but not quite so hard. I still was maintaining close to or over 40 km/h. I LOVE TAILWINDS.

The next stop sign, I had to turn North again for a little bit, so it wasn't quite as helpful a wind, but still helping. Kept up the pace, but made sure the HR was steady. Turning East again at the next stop sign, I picked it up yet again. Riding hard and steady back towards home. When I go to New Hamburg, I went down the hill into town at over 50 km/h... and when I entered the town limits I was actually speeding (closer to 60 and limit is 50). I rode entirely in the lane, and the car that followed me down the hill, stayed behind me... I was a little shocked. I tried to maintain my speed up the little rise on the other side of the river, but legs just gave out, so I pulled into the "bike lane" and let the car pass. That was a fun 1 km.

After that car passed, there was another vehicle well back, and I was again going downhill, so me speed increased. I then took the lane and he didn't even attempt to pass. When I turned onto Waterloo St to head to Baden, I was doing 40 km/h... and I think I shocked a few people. I now had a FULL bike lane to ride in, and the traffic was reasonably well behaved. The rest of the way home was pretty good, I stayed down in my TT position and just kept on cranking. I did the last 40 km in just over an hour... it was awesome feeling.

The last 1 km to my place, I put it in the easy gears and just spun the legs out. I was pretty tired, but felt great. I didn't eat all my food, or drink all my fluids and still had plenty of energy. I paced it perfectly... easy for the first half and increased effort on the last half. Pretty solid training ride.

In zone: 1:06:57
Calories: 1388

  • Calories out: 3161 From lifestyle:1848, From activities:1313
no time today... Sweetums is sleeping days and working nights, so I have to do all the little chores that need to be done on weekends. Grocery shopping is the big thing. Had haircut this morning as well. Sucks being a single parent. :(
Bike #1
  • 44m 30s
  • 21.23 kms
  • 28.62 KM/hr

Took my time... very, very slow ride into work. Took the easiest route I could and just pedaled easy. I also made the decision to take my old standard route... which entails riding on busier road... but I decided that it's time to TAKE THE LANE. I really can't believe all the numb-skulls out there lately. Yesterday morning a van clipped a cyclist with his mirror... so hard it broke the mirror off his vehicle... and drove away. They are looking for this numb-skull, but the cyclist who was hit ( a 60 yr. old gentleman) had to be taken to hospital with SERIOUS injuries. OH, and there were SEVERAL cars that witnessed the accident and saw the man laying on the road and kept on driving.... WTF???

So, from now on, I'm taking the lane... refusing to give up my allotted space and FORCING the idiots to drive safely. Any that don't, and pull stupid stunts, get reported to the police.

In Zone: 0:53
Calories: 266

Bike #2
  • 42m 40s
  • 22.80 kms
  • 32.06 KM/hr

I had a bit of a helping wind tonight... so attempted to ride harder. I took the easiest route home (fewer hills), and just powered through as best I could. Took it fairly easy for the first 6 or 7 minutes to warm up... then I was out of the city limits and started cranking hard. I was doing well until I hit any kind of hill, then my legs would scream at me after a minute of extra effort... so I would back down until they stopped howling and maintained that effort level until I crested and started down or had flats. It was a good solid ride, but my legs don't like me now.

As I took the easier (and shorter) route home, I decided to attempt a Strava segment I through town that I haven't attempted before. I raced down the road until my legs gave out, then took it easy for 30 seconds then picked it up again. I was doing 45 km/h, and I actually had cars waiting behind me and pass me safely. I was shocked... even though I shouldn't be, because it's a 50 km/h speed zone... so NOBODY should have passed, as I was doing the speed limit.

At one point during ride, on the back country road I normally take, I noticed a few cars closing on me from behind and a line of cars approaching in front. There is no paved shoulder, no shoulder what-so-ever as it's a VERY minor back road, and the side of the road is so deteriorated that it's unsafe to ride there. As I was motoring along at 45 km/h, I took the entire lane, riding down the centre of the lane as the Ministry of Transport suggests. In the first break in vehicles coming towards us, the first car passed me safely... but then the pick-up truck, pulling a camper decided it was safe to pass me as well. Not only did he almost hit me with his trailer, he forced the oncoming car off the road and to stop. I haven't seen the video yet, and whether I can get his license plate number, but I'm going to report this as it was BEYOND stupid... all the way into homicidal!! I don't give a rat's ass if you're late for an appointment (or a camping trip), there is absolutely NO CALL TO ENDANGER ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE ROAD!! Holy F&$K man... did you LOOK at your speedometer... I'm doing 45+ KM/H in a 80 km/h zone, which is ALSO a NO PASSING ZONE!!! Wait for 10 seconds, you're not going to be any later!! #LIVID!!!!

In zone: 28:12
Calories: 410

  • Calories out: 2686 From lifestyle:1883, From activities:803
Bike #1
  • 45m 10s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 29.98 KM/hr

Easy ride this morning, took it nice and gently. VERY cool this morning, felt like fall. Mid-July and it's single digits Celsius in the morning?? WTF

Couple bone head drivers this morning... really just don't understand the mentality of these turds. :(

In zone: 7:38
Calories: 328

Bike #2
  • 41m 12s
  • 20.80 kms
  • 30.29 KM/hr

Commute from work to the Club TT site... was trying to take it easy, but about 6 km away I realized I was going to be late... so I had to step it up. Got my HR up and I was warm, but then had to wait around for 15 minutes until the start. Oh well, not a big deal... I was ready for the TT when I got there... just my legs weren't as fresh as I would have liked them to be.

In zone: 15:38
Calories: 368

Bike #3
  • 21m 30s
  • 14.00 kms
  • 39.07 KM/hr

Got off to a poor start (no holder... and clipping in wasn't smooth)... but once I got going it was ok. Put it into a gear that I could hold with out too much of an issue and just went hard. I got my breathing and HR dialed in and just rode hard. I tried catching my :30 second guy, but he was fast too... we both passed his :30 sec guy though. I was only passed by one other rider too... and once he passed me I actually was able to stay with him, mostly. I debated about gearing up to a harder gear at the end, but decided to just use leg speed to sprint it in as best I could. I was pretty thrashed at the end, but not quite as bad as the last time... maybe I didn't go hard enough. Hmmmm...

In zone: 21:07
Calories: 282

Bike #4
  • 1h 08m 38s
  • 32.90 kms
  • 28.76 KM/hr

The commute home... took it very deliberately slow... my legs were fine as long as I didn't push too hard. The wind was ok for most of the ride home (helping crosswind), but a couple sections were headwind. So, I choose a route that had that headwind section as downhill... kind of evened things out and I was able to keep up a pretty decent pace. The first half of this commute is through the city, so it was rather slow any way... and I deliberately rode down University Ave -- the site of a hit-n-run on a cyclist this morning -- to show these dipshits that we have a right to be here. I didn't ride next to the curb, I rode out in the middle of the lane. Made all drivers respect my rights... all but one. She passed me 30' from the corner than turned right in front of me... fortunately I was expecting this and was slowing down, but really... do these people not know the rules of the road? YOU DON"T PASS SOMEONE THEN SLAM ON BRAKES AND TURN RIGHT. If you did that in front of a car, you'd be road pizza in a hurry. Brainless drivers. :(

In zone: 25:37
Calories: 568

  • Calories out: 3681 From lifestyle:1838, From activities:1843

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