Bike #1
  • 38m 25s
  • 19.82 kms
  • 30.96 KM/hr

Wet commute... raining and sweaty.

Took the shortest route to work, which is also the busiest traffic wise, but I didn't want to be riding in the rain any longer then I had to. I also was pushing bigger gears than normal, and had a tailwind (I think). Made for a quick ride in to work.

One "gentleman" is being reported to the police... what he did was inexcusable and totally dangerous. I have no words... polite words at any rate... to describe this---person. :(

In zone: 27:42
Calories: 373

Bike #2
  • 43m 30s
  • 21.20 kms
  • 29.24 KM/hr

Sort of TT'd home... but the headwind was very difficult today, so I didn't give it my all. I was still going hard, just not full out. Took a couple breaks during the ride too, went VERY easy up the last hill as I was just worn out... the humidity was no help either. I was DRIPPIN' wet when I got home... almost like I rode in the rain like this morning. :o

In zone: 34:00
Calories: 463

  • Calories out: 2643 From lifestyle:1885, From activities:758
Bike #1
  • 45m 20s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 29.87 KM/hr

Morning sweaty ride... didn't push hard, just rode my ride. Bigger ring for the entire ride, trying to increase my leg strength by pushing harder gears.

One ... and only one... dipshit driver this morning... tried to hit me while I was making left turn at the advanced green. He had red light, but still decided he was going to turn into my lane. What a freakin' A$$!!!!!!!!

In zone: 18:11
Calories: 398

Bike #2
  • 43m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 31.49 KM/hr

warm and sweaty ride home... pushed the big gears and worked hard to get home. Work went long ... yet again... and I just wanted to get out of there. Sped home as best I could with a bit of a head wind... or maybe just a little crosswind. It really wasn't that hard, it was just a little annoying.

In zone: 36:24
Calories: 471

  • Calories out: 2697 From lifestyle:1882, From activities:814
rest day...
  • 2h 23m 13s
  • 28.20 kms
  • 11.81 KM/hr

I was tired, and didn't feel like fighting the wind today, so went over to the trails. I wasn't sure they would be dry enough to ride today as we had a WHOLE bunch of rain on Friday (about 2" in a couple hours... lots of flooding). I decided I would ride the multi-purpose trail around the trail system to make sure the trails were ride-able. This trail was quite dry so, I went on one of the easier trails to see how it was. It was in good condition... a couple softer areas, but everything else was dry. So I spent some time exploring.... and had some fun on the War Pig. I only rode about 1/3 of the trail system (some of it I assumed would be too wet still, so didn't even go there).

I was still very unsure of the trails, so stayed on the brakes a lot... stayed away from the rock gardens and the difficult whoop-ups (always an out around these technical sections). The spring has been SO wet that the undergrowth is insanely long. Some sections it was so lush you couldn't even see the trails. It was a little nerve racking, but still fun. Had fun, and worked hard. Came VERY close to wrapping myself and bike around a tree, but was able to stop in time (hand on tree and not slammed between handlebar and tree)... other than that, only a couple places where I even had to put a foot down. Good riding!!

Strava says 28 kms.... but I'm not sure if that is right. Hard to say, as I have no computer on the bike to collaborate the GPS data. I did ride from my place to the trails... about a 5 km trip in either direction. Legs felt fine on the Schwinny... just a little tired. The climbing was never too difficult... only once did I truly have to put a foot down because I was in the wrong gear... but never once did I go down into the granny gear.

Max HR... not true... probably more like 130. I worked hard in a couple places, but nothing that hard. :|

In zone: 22:51
Calories: 943

  • Calories out: 2334 From lifestyle:1855, From activities:479
Bike #1
  • 58m 55s
  • 28.50 kms
  • 29.02 KM/hr

Decided this morning that I was going to the race the Belgian way... bike there, do the race, bike home. What do I need the car for? ;)

Took my time and just cruised there... felt really refreshed when I got there. :)

In zone:19:51
Calories: 512

Bike #2
  • 2h 07m 07s
  • 76.30 kms
  • 37.25 KM/hr

Ontario Master's Cycling Association (OMCA) Age Group Pursuit.

In this race we are grouped together by age and ability. The oldest and slowest go first... six minutes later, the next age group and next fastest (this my group, as I'm not fast enough to ride with the fast guys-but young enough- and would get dropped early ... last year dropped in first half lap), then another six minutes and the fast-younguns burn out.

Today we were riding 8 laps of a 9 km course... every lap having a nasty little hill climb in it. I decided early that I was going to stick with my group come hell or high water, so worked at staying in the pack and not doing a lot of pulling (well for me anyway... I did a fair bit). The first section of road was downwind, so the speed ramped up pretty good on that first lap (over 40 km/h), but as soon as we hit the first turn, it slowed. This was the hill... as you come around the corner you are greeted with a steep climb. It's not long, but at race pace it sure slows things down. I worked hard to stay in the pack, and after the second grade, I was feeling it in the legs, so backed off a little. I was able to get it in the right gear and effort level after that and just powered up the remainder of the slope.
The next turn we hit a headwind/downhill section and the speed picked up again. I stayed with the group and did a couple hefty pulls (people just don't like abandoning their position behind me... go figure?), but I would get out after I started feeling it and let other's do the work.
Next right turn, we're back with a nice tailwind so the pace stayed pretty consistent throughout the race. We worked our way around the second lap.... I figured we had time, so didn't up the pace much when I was pulling. However, the fast guys had a different agenda.... they caught us on the 3rd lap. Many of our group jumped on the train and held on, I was able to latch on with these folks until the next lap and the hill. The fast riders are all in great shape, and when they hit the hill they don't slow down. Us mere mortals, get dropped at that point.
I was able to latch on with a small group for the last half of the race and we worked well together, fragmenting and coming together, losing folks and picking up others... so that when we finished we had a group of 6. I had saved my energy on that last lap, only taking one or two pulls, and so was feeling very fresh coming in to the run-in. The guy at the front was going slowly (probably 32 km/h) and we just finished going over the little rise in the road. I thought that the strong rider did a HUGE pull before that, so I thought he wouldn't be ready... and I jumped. Unfortunately, we were further from the line than I thought... after about 300 meters of sprinting, I had nothing left and the guy closed the gap and passed me with 250 meters to go. He told me after that if I had waited a little longer, he would never have been able to catch me. DAMMIT... I gotta judge these things better. :)
All in all a great race, I finished in a respectable 2:04-ish for the 75.1 km course. This for 14th place overall (mid-pack... but I'll take it). I didn't get dropped in the hills and pretty much rode with a pack for the majority of the race... MUCH better than last year, when I got dropped on the first lap... and rode 5 or 6 laps alone, then DNF'd.

In zone: 1:51:51
Calories: 1410

Bike #3
  • 32m
  • 15.00 kms
  • 28.13 KM/hr

Was fully prepared to ride home after the race, but my friend offered me a ride home. I compromised, so he wouldn't have to drive me all the way home, then back into Waterloo and had him drop me off at the half-way point. I then rode home on the newly paved roads in my neighbourhood... of course this meant more hills but that was OK at an easy pace.

Had a good day on the bike... a great birthday present for myself. :)

IN zone: 8:23
Calories: 207

  • Calories out: 4430 From lifestyle:1817, From activities:2613
  • 55m
  • 22.60 kms
  • 24.65 KM/hr

Easy, peasy ride with #3. It was a glorious afternoon, so I took the youngest out for a spin in the 'hood. Tried to go on the flatest route possible... he doesn't like the hills. We did a very flat loop... and had fun. :) On the way back into town, I did some sprinting... sent him up ahead and sprinted to catch him. Then he caught the spirit and did a couple "sprints" of his own... taking off and forcing me to catch him. That was fun... and I really had to work on the second one he pulled off. I have created a monster! :)

Lovely day with my boy and our bikes. :)

In zone: 2:39
Calories: 291

  • Calories out: 2359 From lifestyle:1899, From activities:460
40 mm (almost 2") of rain predicted for today... heard thunder and it was raining steady when I got up, so no riding today.

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