Bike #1
  • 17m 16s
  • 9.40 kms
  • 32.66 KM/hr

Pre-ride warm up. Rode out from the start two concessions then headed back to make sure I didn't miss my start.

In zone:11:07
Calories: 136

Bike #2
  • 46m 25s
  • 30.00 kms
  • 38.78 KM/hr

We were given the option of riding the 40 km or a 30 km distance. As my ankle is a little pissed off with me, I decided to just do the 30 km. This was a good decision as I was feeling the tendon by the end. I worked at keeping the cadence high, but at the turn-around, we were heading back into a very light breeze and it was mostly uphill on the way back (avg speed on the out was 41.5 km/h, on the way back 35 km/h). My legs were completely toast when I finished, and was grateful that I had decided on the 30 km... another 10 km would have been unwise.

I started 2nd... one minute behind the other 30 km rider. The 40 km riders started 3 minutes behind us. I passed the other rider in 2 minutes and never saw another rider approaching from behind or ahead for the remainder. This was truly a race against the clock for me. After the turn around, I saw everyone else still heading out... the 1st rider, whom I had passed, I saw about 2.5-3 km from the turn around... the remainder of the guys I saw after that. The last rider I saw was just before I reached the 10 km to go sign. I believe he started about 16-17 minutes after I did, so I knew I was doing well, but I was suffering. I kept dropping speed on the hills, and worked hard on the flats to try to keep the speed up.

With 5 km to go, I pushed hard... but every time I did, the foot would complain, so I would ease up on the tension and work on the cadence. I was breathing like a freight train but every time I lost focus, I would snap back hard. I kept the HR up in the mid 130's and just kept up the effort. The last 500 m felt like an eternity, but I crossed the line still pushing.

That was a solid race for me, on a perfect day. Temp was 22*C, wind was 5 km/h SE, the sky was clear with a few puffy clouds.. couldn't have asked for better conditions.

In zone: 46:18
Calories: 607

  • Calories out: 2746 From lifestyle:1894, From activities:852
  • 1h 00m
  • 25.50 kms
  • 25.50 KM/hr

#3 and I went out for a wee ride... it was such a fabulous day, I couldn't pass up the chance to ride. Absolutely PERFECT day for riding. Riding it with a person that slows me down, even better. I got to enjoy the scenery and just ride... loved it!

At the most southerly point of the ride, I saw a group of riders go across a road way... I thought this could have been a group from Tour For Kids... at the cross roads, I asked #3 which way, and he said HOME!! So we turned down the road the group had gone and headed home. I didn't think we would catch them, but they had to stop to cross a single lane bridge, then the stopped at the next crossroads for traffic. We met them there... and low-n-behold, they WERE from Tour For Kids. I just so happened to be wearing my T4K kit. One of the riders is on the team that I rode the tour with last year. We said hi, and the leader asked if I wanted to pull for a bit. If I hadn't been riding with my son, I would have LOVED to ridden them in to the University. They looked tired, but still full of spirit.... I could have given them all a good easy ride to the day's finish. :)

I miss T4K... I'm definitely doing it next year, barring any catastrophes. It's something that should be experienced by all cyclist's... the power of positive people, coming together to change the lives of other's by pedaling.

In zone: 4:05
Calories: 362

Ride plans cancelled... the organizers wouldn't allow me to join up (it is a free ride, but they already have a very large group and didn't want to push the limit). So... today I will do all the weekend chores while Sweetums sleeps. Maybe will take #2 out for a ride this afternoon.

  • Calories out: 2398 From lifestyle:1896, From activities:502
Sweetums asked me to drive today... she's starting a weekend of night shifts and wants to eat supper at a normal time, and spend time with me before heading off for work. I figured I've had a hard week of riding and I'll take the rest day. Planning on riding another 100k tomorrow and a 40k TT on Sunday. So resting today is probably a good thing. :o
Bike #1
  • 41m 25s
  • 20.50 kms
  • 29.70 KM/hr

Took a shorter route this morning, just not feeling the bike love today. Legs tired from last night's ride home and tonight's will probably be similar.

Unfortunately, shorter also is far busier traffic wise... had one pleasant encounter though. Noticed a car approaching on a blind hill and expected them to pass... but they didn't and stayed behind me until it was clear to pass safely, which was at the bottom of the hill. It was amazing... but the absolute best part of that experience, it was a STUDENT DRIVER and instructor. AWESOME, he's teaching them correctly!!!! I waved and smiled as they went by, instructor waved back. It was a GOOD morning.

In zone: 23:38
Calories: 404

Bike #2
  • 47m 25s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 28.56 KM/hr

Another hard headwind... but I put in a good effort non-the-less. The other limiting factor is riding The Beast... with the touring wheels on, it's just not as quick as it could be. Feels like I'm rolling through mud. Of course, this is OK as I'm building up leg strength this way... so when I get on Xena, it will feel way easier.

Only a couple numb-skulls tonight... nothing glaring, but stupid decisions made by people not willing to obey the law. Oh my, so sorry to inconvenience your drive home... but don't you think passing safely would be less inconvenient then killing someone? Sigh... not sure what happens with people when you put them in a car or truck... they just seem to shut off their brains.

In zone: 38:28
Calories: 505

Mixed feelings this morning... today is the beginning of Tour For Kids bike tour. The 10th Anniversary of this event (would have been my 5th) and is being ridden in this area this year. I would have LOVED to do this, but I made the decision not to ride this year as it was quite expensive and I needed to focus on the big anniversary this year. Doing this tour requires a LOT of extra time being spent fund-raising and training. I didn't want to take the time away from family time this year.

Riding into work this morning, I was a little sad that I'm not riding. I also thought of all the years past and the friends I've made at these rides. It's not just a great fund-raising event, it's a life changing event. Next year!

  • Calories out: 2773 From lifestyle:1882, From activities:891
Bike #1
  • 43m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 31.49 KM/hr

Tailwind ride into work... gave it some effort this morning, but stayed in small ring. Working on high cadence at effort.

No numbskulls.

In zone: 26:11
Calories: 408

Bike #2
  • 48m 45s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 27.78 KM/hr

Horrible headwind home... weather warmer though. Still was feeling this one after... pushed the effort level up, but didn't gain anything in speed.

No numbskulls.

In zone: 38:59
Calories: 494

  • Calories out: 2729 From lifestyle:1880, From activities:849
Bike #1
  • 45m
  • 22.57 kms
  • 30.09 KM/hr

Morning commute... back to the 'ol grind. Getting darker in the mornings again, was cool but humid this morning too. Tonight is going to be painful, a VERY stiff headwind is predicted. Oh well, that's what I pay the legs to do... get me home. ;)

No really obnoxious drivers this morning.

HR info... 205 seems a little high... I'd guess that should be 135 ish. I really didn't work hard this morning.

In zone: 18:46
Calories: 393

Bike #2
  • 49m 49s
  • 21.19 kms
  • 25.52 KM/hr

Slow ride home... due to a freakin' stiff headwind. I guess it's time to get used to this kind of weather, I have all of the fall/winter/spring to ride in that. Just tried to keep the spinning light so my tendon wouldn't be ticked off with me. The brace really helps with that, but I can still put pressure on it if I'm not careful.

No numbskulls tonight.

In zone: 24:50
Calories: 440

  • Calories out: 2747 From lifestyle:1879, From activities:868
  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 20m

Therapy session with my Goddess. She worked me over well and it is starting to feel better. The brace on during rides helps too... will continue with that until the tendon is less pissed off. :/

Got called into work again today... and boy was I shocked. The last time there were only 40 emails (after cottage week)... and I cleaned up a lot of them in one day. This time... I left the email inbox with less than 30 emails... I went in this morning to find over 100 emails. WTF??? Does ANYone do my job while I'm gone?????? There were some pretty irate clients... and I couldn't even work a full day. We cleared up about 40 or 50 today, with another 20 or so coming in. This is ridiculous. :(

  • Calories out: 2288 From lifestyle:1886, From activities:401

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