today... rain!

I'm going along with #1 to his university orientation... I'm not staying with him for the orientation, but after he's done we're going to do some driving around to show him other roads to take. The main route is the 401... multi-lane hell-- which is often closed or severely backed up due to stupid drivers... so having alternate routes around that is a good thing. The other route to Guelph is a two lane highway, which gets about 100,000 cars daily (just a guess, but it's a LOT) and backs up pretty bad if their is an accident/incident on the 401. So, I'm going to show him some of the back roads... none are great solutions, but they are better than being stuck in traffic... not moving.

yesterday was a quiet day... as Sweetums is working evenings, I have to do the grocery shopping and cook meals... so no time for riding. I didn't feel like going out anyway. (don't be too shocked)
Bike #1
  • 44m
  • 21.18 kms
  • 28.88 KM/hr

First half I took it easy, then I started picking up the pace and effort. It was a warm muggy foggy morning, but still pretty nice out. Winds supposed to pick up tonight... oh joy.

Quiet roads this morning. No issues.

in zone: 21:22
calories: 382

Bike #2
  • 42m 34s
  • 21.20 kms
  • 29.88 KM/hr

Faster ride home... not fast, but faster than the morning. Legs felt tired and I couldn't get the ankle comfortable, so didn't really hammer home.

Hit a couple hills hard though... just not as hard as I could have.

Most vehicles well behaved, nothing sticks out though... except for dipshit who passed me 50 feet from the 4 way stop sign. >>SIGH<<

In zone: 33:59
Calories: 458

  • Calories out: 2752 From lifestyle:1883, From activities:869
Bike #1
  • 48m 20s
  • 22.57 kms
  • 28.02 KM/hr

Lovely sweaty morning for a ride. No fog this morning and a lovely sunrise. Makes getting up at the crack of stupid worth it. :)

Only one turd driver this morning... and his license plate was so dirty I couldn't read it. Passed close, while laying on the horn. Yeah, buddy, I know you were there, but you had the whole other lane to use and no one coming, so PASS PROPERLY PRICK!!!

Other than that, easy ride. Tonight I work hard. HR seems a little high, but that's probably a HRM issue. 214 Max is not possible... and the 122 average is a little elevated for how I felt on the bike. I'd guess 118 average... and 140 high.

In zone: 17:03
Calories: 513

Bike #2
  • 1h 07m 30s
  • 33.60 kms
  • 29.87 KM/hr

This is a combined ride... 14 km from work to the hair salon (time to de-trailerize). Then after the cut & colour ride home in the dark(18 km). I decided it was best to ride cautiously home, so I didn't push the efforts on the way home... it was pretty dark and people just don't expect a bicycle to be going 40 km/h in the dark. Even with a good light on, it's better to be safe than dead.

Friend of mine was hit by an SUV tonight... just minor injuries... but scary. Person turned corner and didn't see him... clipped him with the mirror. That was WAY to close!! Gawd people need to slow down and open their eyes around here. It's only going to get worse with the schools starting next week. :(

I'll call this a caveman ride... just don't care about the metrics. It was pleasant.

  • Calories out: 3031 From lifestyle:1868, From activities:1162
rain was predicted for all day today... when I went to bed. When I wake up, the forecast is for sun/cloud and warm. Damn, missed another day... but that's ok, yesterday was a long hard day. I'm a little tired, I can use the rest.
Bike #1
  • 30m 30s
  • 16.00 kms
  • 31.48 KM/hr

Bike to my physio appointment.... I'm guessing for distance and time... the Strava mysteriously disappeared--yet again. :(

It was dark and foggy... not fun, but there was very little traffic to worry about at that time in the morning... 5:15 a.m. start time!!! :o

Bike #2
  • 22m 20s
  • 10.00 kms
  • 26.87 KM/hr

Bike from physio to work... all city riding.

Bike #3
  • 1h 58m 18s
  • 60.71 kms
  • 30.79 KM/hr

Ride from work to Erbsville to join the club for the Tuesday Road ride. This is supposed to be an intense interval workout in the hills West of town, but tonight it turned into a wet sufferefest. Started raining just as we started riding and we rode through rain for most of the time. On the sign sprint into Bamberg, I was in the very back of the group, but gave it a go anyway. There was one guy going for it, and I passed EVERYONE in the group except for the lead out man. However, I started about 5 seconds late... plus had to ease up to make sure I passed everyone safely. I came close though... i was flying again on that sprint.

Then, we headed further west to the Greenwood hill... I ended up in the lead going into the hill. I just don't have the power to keep up with the hill climbers. So I settled into a tough pace and kept it up as long as I could. Then, as we finished the climb I noticed we had lost a guy... so eased up to bring him back to the fold. It was my good friend, and he's been complaining about lack of power/stamina on hills and in to the wind. So, I stayed with him... when we got on to a flat, he was still having trouble holding my wheel. So, I moved back beside him and pushed him ahead 2 or 3x and we finally caught up with the group going up the next big hill. He made it about 2/3 of the way up before failing again... but by then I was just hanging in too as I worked hard to get him there. One other rider (club pres) dropped back with us, and we rode together for the next 5-8 km... where they turned for home and I kept heading south to my home. It was a good evening... if not for the rain.

Then I picked up the pace and kept riding steady for home. Did a couple hard intervals up hills... and worked hard into the wind. When I got to the Sandhills Speedway, I let 'r rip... just put the pedal down and rode as hard and as long as I could. I maintained a steady 40 km/h and almost made it to the last sideroad before my legs just quit. I eased up for about 500m, then picked up the pace over the last hill to the stop. I then kept a steady effort to Baden.

Great night for riding... humid, sweaty and totally wet. Good effort.

In zone: 51:57
Calories: 806

  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 00m

therapy on the ankle.

Rode from work to Erbsville, then rode with the group.... and then steady ride home.

The time and distance are a guess... the HR info is missing about 30 minutes... and the Strava gave out (battery on phone was used up)... so i'm just guessing on everything.

  • Calories out: 3580 From lifestyle:1810, From activities:1769
offline due to son's wisdom teeth extraction... father duties trump all else.

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