back not much better... enforced rest it is. Too busy at work, I have no chance to look at anything but work... then I get home and am too fried to do anything but veg with Sweetums.

I'm going to talk to my Physio about the back tomorrow... maybe she can give me some/enough relief to get through the weekend and the big race.

Back is not happy with me... all exercise is off until Sunday. I "might" take Xena out for a spin, just to make sure all is a go, but no commuting and definitely no MTB riding.
  • 2h 15m
  • 27.50 kms
  • 12.22 KM/hr

This was a MTB ride on the amazing WCC Hydrocut trails... I took my vacation day and put it to some fun times. I wanted to ride the entire system, but ran out of time. I was able to ride all the trails on the landfill side today though... the first time I've ridden them. Some pretty tough trails and there was a lot of stopping and starting.

Awesome day out... 32*C and a humidex of 40... sweat was flowing freely, but I was enjoying myself (for the most part). I did tweek my back a little bit... and got blister on my hand, but I still had fun. Stopped myself from crashing into a couple trees.. went over the handlebars once, fell off the side numerous times and generally played around on the difficult trails. I don't have the best bike for this type of riding (full hard tail and no front shocks), so I have to be ultra careful on the rocks, roots and rubble of the trail. This will take some getting used to, but it's still fun, even if I'm not fast.

Drove into town yesterday for my physio... then came home and vegged for a couple hours... was very quiet in the house with NO kids at home.

Then I had to pick up #2 & #3 at school and drive them into Burlington to get some quality book bags at Mountain Equipment Co-op. Everything that MEC sells is guaranteed for life... if anything happens to the goods you buy from them, take it back and they will replace, or store credit you the amount you paid. It's an amazing store with fantastic gear, the last book bags we purchased from them... about 6 years ago, are still solid and work fine, they're just not big enough for the amount of books they need now and/or the size of the laptops.

While there, I took my bike to Gears Bike shop... where I purchased Xena... and had them fix the problem with the derailleur. Turns out the cable was frayed (and almost snapped) at the shifter end... but also the cable housing was gummed up at the derailleur end. They replaced the cable and says all is better. I'm going to take her for a ride this afternoon to make sure. I want NO surprises with her on Sunday.

I'm not working today as I need to use up vacation time and am taking Tuesday's off for the rest of this month and 2 in November. With the week of vacation in October, I will have used up my 4 weeks... only another 4 more years for another week (5 wks/yr) of vacation. ;) LOL Not sure what I'll do with all that time off... having a hard time using up 4 weeks. :o

  • Calories out: 2310 From lifestyle:1859, From activities:452
  • Physical Therapy
  • 45m

Getting my tendon taken care of... was sore after the hard weekend.

  • Calories out: 2130 From lifestyle:1904, From activities:226
Bike #1
  • 20m 30s
  • 8.70 kms
  • 25.46 KM/hr

Warm up ride for the Pursuit race.

Bike #2
  • 1h 48m 30s
  • 65.20 kms
  • 36.06 KM/hr

OMCA Bookton Pursuit #3

Today was the final pursuit of the year for the Master's cycling... and the last race I can attend as next week is Centurion. I was hoping to make a valiant effort today and finish strong.

I was seeded to start 22 minutes after the first rider. There were 4 or 5 of us all starting with 1 minute difference. The first group of 5 started... the last one about 9 minutes before we were to start. The last group of 5-6 started another 6 minutes after us... so it was going to be a tough race and we needed to work together. I worked my butt off to catch my minute man... and we were trying to take it easy to let the other's catch us, but that took until the 4th lap. We then jumped in with them and worked hard to keep up the pace so the fast guys wouldn't catch us. Unfortunately, I was pretty much toast by then, I was able to stay with them for most of the 4th lap, but on the big climb going in to the finish line, I got dropped and couldn't catch up to them. I worked hard and at times, seemed to be gaining, but then a wind gust would hit me and I would fall further behind. In the end, I was caught on that last climb by the fastest riders and finished 13th overall.

There were a couple things that limited my ride today... first, going out yesterday morning and riding with the Train of Pain. That was unwise... to hammer hard for 2 hours the day before left little reserves in the legs for today. Second, my bike ... there is a problem with the rear derailleur, that wasn't there yesterday. I went for my warm-up ride and it wouldn't shift into the smaller gears. I would click the lever, but the chain wouldn't move. I don't know what is wrong, as it worked fine yesterday. I am going to take it to the bike shop tomorrow and hopefully get this fixed before next weekends race. Lastly, neglected my nutrition, yet again. I barely touched my water and didn't eat all my Perpetuem Solids... I need to get on top of this nutrition thing or I'll always fade out in a race.

In zone: 1:38:20
Calories: 1316

Cool down was about 1 km of soft pedaling down the hill and back up.

  • Calories out: 3485 From lifestyle:1862, From activities:1623
Bike #1
  • 57m 50s
  • 26.00 kms
  • 26.97 KM/hr

Rode from home to SBUX to meet up with the Train of Pain for an early morning ride. Took my time and still got there WAY early, so I rode down through the subdivision and did some exploring. Nice way to wake up the legs.

Bike #2
  • 1h 45m
  • 60.50 kms
  • 34.57 KM/hr

Smoking fast ride with a small group... we just hammered this one. Great fun! Rode hard up the hills on Ira Needles/Trussler... heading south and west into the wind. Once we got out past New Dundee Road, I was the defacto leader as I new all the roads.

Took the group along some roads that they had never seen before... so they were all quite impressed. The one road is brand new pavement and has a lovely little hill on it. Heard some good natured grumbling, but we had a good ride going. When we got out past New Hamburg, they were going to keep going, but I had enough for the day and headed home. I was glad to I have made it home when I did, because just as I walked into the garage the rain REALLY started coming down. Up until then it was just sprinkling or we got to an area after the rain had fallen (wet roads).

Good time with a good group of guys.

Total time riding: 2:50:000
Time in zone: 1:23:45
Calories: 1519

  • Calories out: 3830 From lifestyle:1845, From activities:1985
  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 00m

Therapy on the ankle... getting better, but still kinda snappy when I walk, just not as painful as it was. Hoping to be 100% by October and Spain! :)

  • Calories out: 2197 From lifestyle:1896, From activities:301

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