Dr. required me to have blood testing done... so I had a 12 hour fast and blood work done first thing this morning. After dropping off the boys at school I headed into town to the lab. After lab, I was supposed to head to Burlington/Oakville to return some merchandise at M.E.C. and take bike to bike shop to have the broken shifter fixed. As I was leaving the lab, I realized I had forgotten the merchandise to return... so drove all the way back home to get it.

While I was home anyway... I made myself breakfast (cheaper that way) then headed back out on the road. Drove to Oakville and dropped off bike, then headed back to Burlington to M.E.C (Mountain Equipment Co-op for those that don't know). On the way there, the LBS called and said that the part couldn't be shipped until end of the month... and was I OK with that. I said to go ahead and order... I won't be needing the bike any time soon.

At M.E.C. I returned the merchandise with no issues (laptop backpack and protective sleeve that were too small for #3's laptop). MEC has THE best return policy of any store... period. 100% guarantee on any product you buy from them. Return for store credit or replacement, no quibble, no problem. As it's a Co-op... you have to be a member to shop there ($5 lifetime membership...whoopdeedooo)... and the quality of it's goods are second to none. I shop there whenever I need outdoors gear.

After returning, I went shopping for travel accessories. Picked up a couple RFID protective wallets, travel pillows, money belt, pocket shopping bags & a rear LED USB charging light. Used up that credit pretty quickly, but it's all stuff we needed.

Took a back country road home... found some very nice cycling roads. :)

  • 31m
  • 1350.00 meters
  • 02m 18s /100 meters

Slow gentle workout... just trying to get my back better. Swimming helps as long as I don't do too much, or too hard. Also, keeping away from back stroke or too much breast stroke... so I swam easy mostly and concentrated on staying long and straight in the water.

2 x 50m FC Easy
2 x 25m BK Easy
2 x 25m BS Easy

4 x 50m FC @ :15 RI
4 x 50m BS @ :15 RI

3 x 100m FC @ :20 RI Steady effort, bilateral breathing every 3

1 x 50m Push & Glide with buoy
1 x 50m Easy

  • Home Improvement
  • 45m

I got the urge to clean out the laundry/furnace room... I've noticed the layer of dust on the floor for a while, so finally did something about it. While I was moving dryer anyway, I vacuumed out the vent on the dryer and the stack out of the house. This is supposed to be done yearly... so every 13 years seems a little long. ;) LOL

Changed furnace filter while I was at it... and started a load of laundry... busy morning so far. Back is a little looser... but still sore. Physio should help that, but I think I'll go for a swim before hand to see if that doesn't help as well.

  • Calories out: 3636 From lifestyle:3007, From activities:630

Looks like I made the correct decision yesterday... I got an email from my friend who did ride. They were riding in the rain, and about 1 hour in were crossing a Rail crossing (severe angled crossing) and there was a crash. 6 of 9 riders went down... one stayed down. Rider broke his hip and will be in recovery for a minimum of 6 weeks... bed-ridden for a minimum of 2 weeks. I dodged a bullet yesterday.

Back is a little better today... ankle is being problematic. When will this sh!t end? :(

was going to ride today with an end of year social ride... but it's POURING rain and I have to limit my exposure to accidents for the next couple weeks. "NOTHING is jeopardizing this trip... or you're DEAD MEAT!!!!" ... her words. 'nuff said.
  • Dancing
  • 25m

I got in a few dances before the back and ankle protested too much.

work sux... 'nuff said.

Fun night out with friends dancing at a local club.

  • Calories out: 3264 From lifestyle:3047, From activities:216
  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 20m

Back and ankle worked up today.

  • Calories out: 3642 From lifestyle:3003, From activities:639

yesterday spent dealing with the pain in the mouth... ends up NOT being root canal issue. It's a clenching issue, need to get a new mouth guard maybe?

Back is very painful, so I'm resting until Saturday, I have a leisure ride in the morning planned.

Brake lever cannot be replaced... at least from the first source I checked. They said replace the whole STI unit... $200. Going to go through some more sources and see if that's true.

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