signed up with #3 to do the annual Share The Road ride. This is the original ride... the Ride for Greg. Greg was a police officer and triathlete who was struck by a gravel truck and killed 8 years ago. In his memory, his wife started the Share the Road foundation and this ride. It's a wonderful, moving event and I feel strongly about supporting it as Eleanor is such a PASSIONATE advocate for cyclists.

#3 and I will do the 30km route... he's not ready for the 50 (although he said he'd like to do it, I'm not pushing him to)... he needs more experience riding in groups before we go for the long stuff, and more riding period. ;)

no time to log in or even look at BT at work... although I'm finally on top of things in the one job I do, the other is really back logged and we are rushed there as well. That job is programming and I do that on Friday's -- alone!!... so tomorrow is going to be nuts. :(

On a positive note, they are finally putting in for new computers.... but only because the software we're using does not work with Windows XP. So they are forced to upgrade... on top of that XP is being discontinued from all support at Microsoft, so we have to get new computers just to stay current. Not a bad thing, but it means extra work to re-install ALL our software... on top of doing our regular jobs. I am pretty sure we'll have to run two computers for a while during the switch over, just so we have something that is reliable and works. Only real issue is the programming/editing software, may not work on a 64 bit computer... and it's impossible to purchase 32 bit hardware now. I can see a SNAFU forming now!!

  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 00m

Therapy on the back... including some stretching at home.

Work is crazy... 'nuff said

  • Calories out: 3499 From lifestyle:3019, From activities:479

Dr. required me to have blood testing done... so I had a 12 hour fast and blood work done first thing this morning. After dropping off the boys at school I headed into town to the lab. After lab, I was supposed to head to Burlington/Oakville to return some merchandise at M.E.C. and take bike to bike shop to have the broken shifter fixed. As I was leaving the lab, I realized I had forgotten the merchandise to return... so drove all the way back home to get it.

While I was home anyway... I made myself breakfast (cheaper that way) then headed back out on the road. Drove to Oakville and dropped off bike, then headed back to Burlington to M.E.C (Mountain Equipment Co-op for those that don't know). On the way there, the LBS called and said that the part couldn't be shipped until end of the month... and was I OK with that. I said to go ahead and order... I won't be needing the bike any time soon.

At M.E.C. I returned the merchandise with no issues (laptop backpack and protective sleeve that were too small for #3's laptop). MEC has THE best return policy of any store... period. 100% guarantee on any product you buy from them. Return for store credit or replacement, no quibble, no problem. As it's a Co-op... you have to be a member to shop there ($5 lifetime membership...whoopdeedooo)... and the quality of it's goods are second to none. I shop there whenever I need outdoors gear.

After returning, I went shopping for travel accessories. Picked up a couple RFID protective wallets, travel pillows, money belt, pocket shopping bags & a rear LED USB charging light. Used up that credit pretty quickly, but it's all stuff we needed.

Took a back country road home... found some very nice cycling roads. :)

  • 31m
  • 1350.00 meters
  • 02m 18s /100 meters

Slow gentle workout... just trying to get my back better. Swimming helps as long as I don't do too much, or too hard. Also, keeping away from back stroke or too much breast stroke... so I swam easy mostly and concentrated on staying long and straight in the water.

2 x 50m FC Easy
2 x 25m BK Easy
2 x 25m BS Easy

4 x 50m FC @ :15 RI
4 x 50m BS @ :15 RI

3 x 100m FC @ :20 RI Steady effort, bilateral breathing every 3

1 x 50m Push & Glide with buoy
1 x 50m Easy

  • Home Improvement
  • 45m

I got the urge to clean out the laundry/furnace room... I've noticed the layer of dust on the floor for a while, so finally did something about it. While I was moving dryer anyway, I vacuumed out the vent on the dryer and the stack out of the house. This is supposed to be done yearly... so every 13 years seems a little long. ;) LOL

Changed furnace filter while I was at it... and started a load of laundry... busy morning so far. Back is a little looser... but still sore. Physio should help that, but I think I'll go for a swim before hand to see if that doesn't help as well.

  • Calories out: 3636 From lifestyle:3007, From activities:630

Looks like I made the correct decision yesterday... I got an email from my friend who did ride. They were riding in the rain, and about 1 hour in were crossing a Rail crossing (severe angled crossing) and there was a crash. 6 of 9 riders went down... one stayed down. Rider broke his hip and will be in recovery for a minimum of 6 weeks... bed-ridden for a minimum of 2 weeks. I dodged a bullet yesterday.

Back is a little better today... ankle is being problematic. When will this sh!t end? :(

was going to ride today with an end of year social ride... but it's POURING rain and I have to limit my exposure to accidents for the next couple weeks. "NOTHING is jeopardizing this trip... or you're DEAD MEAT!!!!" ... her words. 'nuff said.

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