Bike #1
  • 43m 56s
  • 22.80 kms
  • 31.14 KM/hr

Chilly morning... single digit Celsius... still a lovely sunrise though. Pushed the effort level a little to keep warm.

In zone: 35:20
Calories: 487

Bike #2
  • 41m 40s
  • 21.20 kms
  • 30.53 KM/hr

Worked late ... so I had to push hard to get home. Add to that a North wind and you have a recipe for a tired Bopper. I worked the full 40 minutes... and my legs hate me now.

Couple delinquent drivers... they left their brains at the side of the road before they started driving... just can't understand these people. :(

In zone: 40:45
Calories: 487

  • Calories out: 2669 From lifestyle:1884, From activities:785
Bike #1
  • 42m 15s
  • 21.18 kms
  • 30.08 KM/hr

Had to rush as I left late... but I didn't take the shortest, most flat route... so I worked hard and woke up the legs.
Low back is still painful from the golf on Monday, I think I better do my back stretches for a while to loosen things up. If it's not one thing it's another lately... getting old sux.

In zone: 27:33
Calories: 405

Bike #2
  • 45m 49s
  • 21.24 kms
  • 27.89 KM/hr

Headwinds... 'nuff said.

In zone: 36:31
Calories: 480

  • Calories out: 2766 From lifestyle:1882, From activities:884
Sport #1
  • Massage
  • 45m

Worked out some of the kinks in my back from playing golf yesterday.

Sport #2
  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 00m

Therapy on the tendinitis.

too many things today... have volunteered to work some O/T.... but also have two appointments this morning and Sweetums starts nights today... I am going to leave work by at least 3. So as I have too many places to go, decided I better drive today.

  • Calories out: 2212 From lifestyle:1874, From activities:339
  • Golf
  • 5h 00m

Decided to go out golfing today... have had an urge of late to mashee that niblick... #3 son wanted to join me. So, we went out and played a round at the local club, where he used to work (had a coupon). I did horrible (for me), but considering I've only played once in the last year, it's not unexpected. Shouldn't have even kept score, just hit balls and had fun.

Walking was still problematic on the ankle. Have physio tomorrow and a massage... see how things go.

  • Calories out: 2905 From lifestyle:1776, From activities:1129

today... rain!

I'm going along with #1 to his university orientation... I'm not staying with him for the orientation, but after he's done we're going to do some driving around to show him other roads to take. The main route is the 401... multi-lane hell-- which is often closed or severely backed up due to stupid drivers... so having alternate routes around that is a good thing. The other route to Guelph is a two lane highway, which gets about 100,000 cars daily (just a guess, but it's a LOT) and backs up pretty bad if their is an accident/incident on the 401. So, I'm going to show him some of the back roads... none are great solutions, but they are better than being stuck in traffic... not moving.

yesterday was a quiet day... as Sweetums is working evenings, I have to do the grocery shopping and cook meals... so no time for riding. I didn't feel like going out anyway. (don't be too shocked)
Bike #1
  • 44m
  • 21.18 kms
  • 28.88 KM/hr

First half I took it easy, then I started picking up the pace and effort. It was a warm muggy foggy morning, but still pretty nice out. Winds supposed to pick up tonight... oh joy.

Quiet roads this morning. No issues.

in zone: 21:22
calories: 382

Bike #2
  • 42m 34s
  • 21.20 kms
  • 29.88 KM/hr

Faster ride home... not fast, but faster than the morning. Legs felt tired and I couldn't get the ankle comfortable, so didn't really hammer home.

Hit a couple hills hard though... just not as hard as I could have.

Most vehicles well behaved, nothing sticks out though... except for dipshit who passed me 50 feet from the 4 way stop sign. >>SIGH<<

In zone: 33:59
Calories: 458

  • Calories out: 2752 From lifestyle:1883, From activities:869

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