• 25m 15s
  • 3.11 miles
  • 08m 08s /Mi

Wimped out of my workout today.  Planned to swim but I burnt my arm on the oven and figured I should give it a few more days before exposing the mess to the germs in the pool.  Then I'd planned to bike and do some strength training....but I just woke up and took a shower instead.  We leave for the airport in an hour and a half so I guess I just get to rest up for tomorrow! 

  • 57m 37s
  • 6.05 miles
  • 09m 31s /Mi

I had a fabulous run. It is in the upper 20s, sunny, and *muddy*. This is my longest training run since last October (I did run a 1/2 mary in January, but that's totally different). I took it slow but the first two miles are uphill so my heart was pounding!! It was so lovely to be out there squishing in the mud though. I was thrilled to be running outside and that it was Friday. Spent time thinking about whether I want to run another marathon in fall (I do!), whether I should sign up for my YMCA's Indoor Tri on March 12 (I think I will), and thought a lot about the Ironman race reports I've been reading. I just really thrive on distance and time spent outside on my own so much more than speed.

Anyway, LOVED my run today. yay!

Oh yeah, and I don't know WHY the route tracker says that my Wednesday run was a climb of 818 feet, it certainly WAS NOT.  If you look at the map and elevation chart it was like 30 feet or something.  I mean, there is definitly a hill... but not 818 feet of one!  Weird!!  My run today was much more of a climb.   


Test today and then I get to run off the stress of the last few days.  6 mile long run to get checked off before we get on the plane for New Orleans tomorrow.  Sweet!

  • 30m
  • 7.00 miles
  • -----

Stationary bike at the Y.

  • 20m

Third and fourth set at the leg press is with my toes pointed out to focus on innner quads (per my husband). I'm getting more familiar with the weight machines, though I should still go get an orientation so I can use the little computers and have *them* remember what I did instead of me. Because I.Can't.Remember. Oh well. I've got this weird shyness of using the machines so I'm warming up to them one machine at a time... I'll get there!

  • 23m 57s
  • 2.45 miles
  • -----

I was planning to go to the Y early so I could run AND bike, but I've got WAY too much to do today (midterms, dad's visiting later, heading out of state on Saturday...) so I got up and ran around here. Saved me an hour but I"m STILL running behind. ugh. And one of my husbands Tokyo colleagues called us at 3:45 in the morning!! :(

  • 45m
  • 1900.00 yards
  • -----

100 kick
100 breast
500 free
50 kick
50 breast
250 free (concentrating on counting strokes & watching water bottle)
250 free
50 free
500 free
50 breast

Whew!  I was a few minutes late, but then so were the pool guys in switching the lane lines out for aerobics- so I got it all in. 

  • 28m 30s
  • 3.00 miles
  • -----


  • 10m

Was only my second time playing around with the machines.. still don't really know what I'm doing and I had NO time... I will have to start taking notes.

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