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Played some light basketball in the backyard. I haven't been doing much swim/bike/run lately, but at least I've been somewhat active with the walking, golf, and basketball. No races on the horizon, plus a pending surgery have me low on the motivation right now.

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Best intentions of a bike ride today were cancelled due to rain. I'm kind of enjoying this hiatus from workouts, but I don't want to get too used to it. There is no sense of urgency right now, since I don't have any more races this year, and I'll be having surgery sometime next month. I did recap the last week's events. Check them out if you want. The highlight day was Saturday.

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I was going to hit the pool today, but I didn't have time to. I'm seriously considering joining the Y due to its ease of access. I need to check on what the hours for the pool are first, as it's used by the high school for practice and meets.

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Busy day at work + first full day back from vacation + girls' night out = no workout today.

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Sunday morning. A bit tired and the weekend is ending none too soon. The house is a disaster, and the people who made 10% of the mess do 90% of the cleanup. Everyone has their keys and all their body parts, so that's good. It's a 5+ hour drive from the Dells to Ankeny. It was a beautiful morning, and 2/3 of the ride is pretty scenic, so it's not that bad of a drive. I got back in the afternoon, and we just kind of hung out with Anisa's parents who were in town for the weekend. We went to Chili's for dinner. A good weekend.

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Sport #1
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Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 30m
This was the big day. Holy cow, was this a day. This day will go down in infamy in my memory. First, the day started with yet another short night of sleep, around 5 hours. Surprisingly, with just 5 hours of sleep every night, I never really felt tired. I think I ate a whole bag of mini-donuts for breakfast, and then knocked out Mr. Dream. It seems like there were some more Olympics this morning. When everyone finally arrived (not surprisingly, late, in some cases), we had a few rules to decide. The auction started at around 12:30, and finished at about 4:30. There were about 3 breaks for lunch and bathroom trips. There was one long discussion about players trading during the auction, which was eventually disallowed. They guy who wanted to trade (Hrtanek) had acquired Westbrook for 73, and LT for 90. So he only had 37 left over for his last 14 players. After the auction, we went over to play some golf. Brian and Brendan Egan got a ride in my back seat to the swimming pool because they don't play golf. For some reason, Brian had his keys with him, so he put them in the front seat cupholders because he didn't want to lose them, like he had last year. (I don't know the story from last year.) We got to the clubhouse and dropped those guys off, and started golf. I shot a 42, so that was good. I started with 3 pars. When we were waiting on the 4th tee, Boris, who was playing in the group in front of me, asked if I was shooting par. I replied that, yes, I was. He was surprised. 6 straight bogeys got me a 42. Somewhere in here, the final Olympic rankings were decided (by me, at least). 1. Jennie Finch, 2. Lolo Jones, 3. Alicia Sacramone, 4. Natalie Coughlin, 5. Hope Solo, 6. Diana Taurasi (I was on her side). When we finished, we went back to the house for dinner. Someone was cooking the rest of the burgers we had. While I was pounding some chips, and a beer or two, Brendan came up to me and asked, rather angrily, what had happened to Brian's keys. I told him where they were, and thought little of it. About 2 minutes later, I went out on the porch, and Brian was yelling at Jeremy, Boris, and Jay Hoover about hiding his keys, where are they, GD this, F-U that. I said, hey, they're in my car. He stormed off. About 1 minute later, Brendan comes out and starts yelling about why would we hide Brian's keys, how did he find them in my car, why would he even look there. I tried to explain, but he just couldn't follow A to B to C. Brian still thought we had tried to hide them from him, saying why the hell would he want to put them in my car. I said I have no idea why he thought my car was the best place for them, but I just complied with his wishes to put them there. After this nonsense went on for 10-15 minutes, it became obvious that neither of them even remembered getting into my car to get a ride to the pool. We finally convinced them that we weren't lying to them or trying to trick them. So for the rest of the night, they kept talking about how drunk the other one was, and how grateful they were that I knew where the keys were. They each wanted to buy me drinks for the rest of the night, but I wouldn't let them. Now the fun begins. We headed over to the bar, walking, obviously. (For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to run home at the end of the night, so I challenged everyone to a race. Only Hrtanek took the bait, and he was easily destroyed). It just so happened that it was karaoke night at the Northwoods Bar and Grille. The night started with some harmless Neil Diamond and country/western. The bar started to fill up with a unexpectedly diverse group. There were a lot of different singers, singing everything from c/w, rock, R&B, alternative, oldies, etc. Jeremy got the place warmed up with a kickass rendition of Yellow Ledbetter. Things got rocking with 50 cent and Aretha Franklin. Then the drinking contest was called. Remember, this was the last night of the Olympics - both 4x400 relays were on TV, and the US won each easily. So the bartenders play the Olympic theme music, and ask for 4 volunteers for a drinking contest. I don't know if you've ever seen Stangl shotgun a beer. He's our nomination. The four contestants (3 guys and 1 girl) line up in front of the karaoke equipment with a 16 ounce cup of beer. Stangl has a hat on backwards and a calm, almost bored look on his face. I think he was just focusing. They ask for everyone's names - Stangl decides to go with "Felix." The other three are irrelevant. The rules are simple: on the count of 3, everyone drinks their beer as fast as they can; winner is the first one with an empty cup. One. Two. Three. "Felix" tips his head back, and in less than 2 seconds he's walking off the stage, with the cup already tossed over his shoulder. Phenominal!!!!! The whole bar is chanting, "Felix, Felix, Felix..." Just hilarious. The finale is about an hour later when karaoke is getting ready to wind down. Felix and I bring the house down with "Jump Around." This was my first attempt at karaoke, and judging by the crowd reaction, it was a smashing success. The only problem is that I twisted my ankle during the last chorus, while jumping, of course. And I was completely sober. And that last sentence was false. I also stayed up until 3:30 watching the gold medal basketball game. It was a very compelling game, so I was really into it in the second half. A good outcome made me feel that much better when I went to bed.

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Friday was mostly a waste day. We talked about golfing again, but it rained most of the morning, so that didn't sound too good. The US basketball team put a beatdown on Emanuel Ginobili and the Argentinians in the first quarter, then hung on for a ho-hum 20 point win. Some more people showed up on Friday afternoon and evening - burgers, beer, cards, and Wii ensued. On the Wii, you can download classic games from previous systems (Tecmo Bowl, Double Dribble, Punch Out). This version of Punch Out lacks Mike Tyson, but the final opponent, Mr. Dream, is the exact same fighter with the same moves, but looks different (white). Anyway, after running the table to reach him, and then about 20-25 tries, Mr. Dream goes down! Stangl and his friend Kevin Donohoo went to the casino, while the rest of us stayed and watched more Olympics. Then we headed back to the bar (1/2 mile walk each way) to end the night.

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