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Hiking - Black Oak Trail. Julian.

Julian. Hiking and then walking around town for the Apple festival.
Feeling good. Ready for activity. My foot still hurts. I doubt hiking was good for it. :-( I need to give it time to heal.

Virginia Double Anvil race report is complete. It is long, like the race. ;-)

Another day of work and rest. A few errands.
It is going to be a busy day at work today. I have a 3rd interview at UCSD late this afternoon. Really - a third interview?!?! Make a decision. I hope they make me an offer!!! This Friday I have a 4th interview with Isis Pharma. Again - really?!?! How many interviews does it take? It would be wonderful if they both made me an offer and I could choose.

No workouts for the rest of this week. I am sure I will do something starting on Saturday.
Feeling much better today. Back to work. Race splits are still not posted! :-(
Travel home from Washington DC to San Diego.
Tired and sore, but moving. :-)

Race report is almost ready. I am waiting on the official split times to add to the report before posting it. Be ready - it was a long race, so it is a long race report. Tammy is also working on a race report from a crew member perspective. I can't stress enough the importance of a good crew for a race like this.
Pack up gear. Awards lunch. Drive to my sister's house in Bristow (DC area). It was great spending the evening and night with her. My 2.5 year old niece is so cute!!

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