• 1h 08m
  • 3800.00 yards
  • -----

25 yard, indoor gym pool

10 X 50 (25 drill, 25 swim)
4 X 100
4 (3 X 100, 50 fast)
8 X 50 (25 fast, 25 easy)
300 pull
200 kick
200 cd

  • 2h 00m
  • 30.58 miles
  • 15.29 Mi/hr


Calf/foot injury is healing. Still not back to normal, but it is getting better. Stayed on the trainer to avoid hills and wind. Kept it at easy spinning.

  • 56m
  • 3200.00 yards
  • -----

Ocean swim with Tri Club. La Jolla shores to cove and back. Sleeveless wetsuit. Water felt great.

  • 40m
Still no running or biking due to calf and foot injury.

  • 40m
  • 2000.00 yards
  • -----

Del Mar ocean swim with tri group. Lots of dolphins swimming very close to us. It was amazing. We had fun after swimming playing in the water and watching the dolphins.

Still resting my foot and calf. It is feeling a bit better, but still not back to normal.

Rest day. Letting my calf and foot heal.
I had a great time at a sushi dinner last night for my birthday with Mike, Meghann, and Dave. I talked with Dave and had him check-out my left calf (orthopedic surgeon). He believes I have a small tear in the muscle. 3 days of rest. No biking or running. Limited walking around. I also need time to heal the foot. Looks like my big training weekend just went to a weekend on the couch. I need to do more packing for my move, but my calf hurts even when I am standing. Not good! :-(

Rest day.
  • 33m
  • 9.12 miles
  • 16.58 Mi/hr

Fiesta Island. Had a 3 hour ride planned, but my left calf HURTS. I was having trouble. Cut the ride very short and no run. Frustrated and disappointed. Looks like I need to take some rest to recover from this injury. :-(

  • 1h 05m
  • 3200.00 yards
  • -----

gym 25 yd indoor pool.

5 X 100 kick
5 X 100 pull

Happy 37th birthday to me!

My left foot and left calf REALLY hurt. I am limping. Plan calls for a brick workout this afternoon. I may still try to ride, but skip the run. Will see how I feel. Dinner plans tonight to celebrate my birthday and Meghann and Dave's 10th wedding anniversary.

  • 1h 13m
  • 8.15 miles
  • 08m 57s /Mi


  • 1h 30m
  • 22.71 miles
  • 15.14 Mi/hr


I gave the job offer a counter salary offer on Monday afternoon. Still waiting to hear if they will be able to match my current salary and give me the potential for a yearly bonus they mentioned.

Trying to get in a big week of training this week. I will be in Coeur d' Alene with Mike as his ironman Sherpa next week and then moving the following week. That will be two low volume weeks in a row. The rest may actually be good for me, as my left foot hurts (plantar fasciitis) and my left calf is tight and hurts. I am stretching, icing, and rolling.

Vineman Ironman is going to be here soon. I am so excited to hang out with Abbie (AbbieR)!

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