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  • 2h 00m
Since there are 6 of us, we rented 2 small cars. Lots of driving today. We drove to Cave Agias Sofias - an old church in a cave. It was up 100 steps. Then, we drive to Elafonissi beach (pink sand each) It was so pretty. It started raining after we were there for about 40 minutes, so we didn't stay too long. Stopped for lunch and then our final stop was at Kissamos beach. Back at the house resting and will then be going out for dinner.

  • Walking
  • 3h 00m
Hour flight this morning from Athens to Crete. The 6 of us rented a 4 bedroom house Chania. The house is amazing with a fantastic view. Spent most of the day walking around and exploring the city. Had a nice lunch with a great view of the water. Walked to the grocery store for some food supplies for dinner tonight and breakfast.

  • 4h 40m
  • 26.20 miles
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Guessing on the finish time as April and I both had watch on auto pause and she had to stop and pee once and stop once for a quick stretch. The race officials informed everyone that one must start in the assigned starting blocks and cross the start timing mat with their group or a DNF would be given. I stated at the very back of group 4 and April started in the very front of group 6. I crossed the starting timing mat and there was a perfect place off to the side. I stepped off and then waited for wave 5 and then physically challenged group to pass. I was clapping for everyone and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. LOL. I saw April and then jumped back into the pack. It was only a 10-12 minute wait.

We had such a great time running together. I was trying to keep her on pace for a 4:30, but the course was hilly and she was not as trained as she was hoping to be. It was fine. We slowed down for pics and took time to take in the experience.
Finishing in the stadium was so cool!!!

The other 3 members of our group - non-runners (Jill, Charity, and Chris) got in last night. We all did some more walking around in the shops and then out to dinner this evening.

Flying to Crete tomorrow morning.

  • RACE DAY: Athens Marathon
  • Walking
  • 2h 00m
Race meeting with our marathon group today at 11:00. Free day. Walked around town more.
Went to the museum for a few hours - well worth the time! Pasta dinner with race group.

  • Walking
  • 4h 00m
Race expo. the marathon tour group that we are with took us there and back on a bus. This made it very easy. April and I learned that we are in different waves for the marathon The wave is based on our previous marathon times we entered at registration. I start 2 waves ahead of her and they do not permit any change in waves (forward or backward). Usually races allow you to move back (slower pace), but not forward. I plan to start at the very back of my wave and April plans to start at the front of her wave. I will move off to the side and wait for her and we will then run together. We were back from the by noon. The group then did a walking tour of Athens. April, Mike, and I skipped out a little early and did more exploring on our own. Lots of walking.

Long day of travel. Arrived in Athens around 4:30 pm. Went to hotel, checked in, got settled, walked 2 blocks over and had dinner, back to hotel, showered and passed out. So tired!
Travel day. LA to Amsterdam to Athens.
Greece vacation! :-)

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