Taking another rest day. Feeling better, but still tired. I need a bit of a break, so I see quite a few rest days in the next few weeks.

Arrived back in San Diego early afternoon yesterday. This was good as I had time to unpack, do laundry, grocery shop, and log on to work and sort through all the emails and do a bit of work. It made for a much less stressful morning today.
Traveling back to San Diego. Still tired and sore.
Hanging out in Madison for the day. Relaxing. Still dealing with some asthma or a chest cold. It is not horrible and I am not feeling any worse, so hoping to start feeling better tomorrow.

I finished my race report, but BT is giving me an error attempting to save it. Trying one more time before giving up and just coping and pasting it in yesterday's blog.
  • 1h 08m
  • 4224.00 yards
  • 01m 37s /100 yards
  • 6h 47m
  • 112.00 miles
  • 16.51 Mi/hr
  • 4h 17m
  • 26.20 miles
  • 09m 48s /Mi
Swim - 1:08
T1 - 0:12:34
Bike - 6:47
T2 - 0:6:12
Run - 4:17
Total - 12:32

Pre-Race: Mike and I woke up at 4:00am and ate bagels and PB at the hotel. I still had a bit of wheezing and cough and not sure if it was asthma or a cold. I took some cold medication and my asthma medication to cover either situation. We collected our bags and walked over to the race start. We did a quick check of our bikes and gear bags. The usual wait before the race. We put on our wetsuits and then made our way downstairs to the swim start.

Swim: Waves start by gender and age group. This was better than a mass start, but not nearly as good as a self-seed rolling start by expected swim finish time. I lined up in the front line, but way to the outside. This was a good location, as we started I had open water. I stayed to the outside for most of the swim. I would get closer to the crowd as we made the turns, but then swim back out. Still had some issues passing lots of slower swimmers in the earlier waves.

T1: Exit the water and run over to the volunteers for wetsuit stripping. Grab the wetsuit and jog up the 4 levels of the helix. Jog inside, grab bag, and head into the inside changing tent. I took my time putting on compression socks and sunscreen. I also had a pair of men’s tall socks that I had cut off the toes to use as disposable arm warmers. I usually don’t wear cycling gloves when racing, but since it was a little chilly, I wore the fingerless cycling gloves. Quick stop in the port-a-potty and then jogged through the long parking lot filled with bike racks. Collected my bike and off I went riding down the helix.

Bike: Typical mid-west country roads, many are in rough condition. A very pretty course that reminds me of home in Ohio (but with a few more hills). :-) Lots of big rollers and several larger climbs. It seemed like I was always changing gears. 2 loops, but slightly different for part of the loops. I started off feeling strong. I only made one stop where I unclipped around mile 60 to take off and dispose of the arm warmers. The temperature ended up being perfect for a race day (low 70’s and sunny). It was quite windy with strong headwinds and some crosswinds. There is one very steep, but not too long of a climb (Barlow). I had been warned by Laura about this climb. I was able to make it up the hill, but there were many, many people walking this. We live at the very top of our condo complex and the driveway is very similar to Barlow! Very steep and is never fun after finishing a long ride. Ends up that this has been excellent training. Barlow is only on the first loop. Around mile 85 I started feeling beat up. The hills, wind, and rough roads were getting to me. By mile 90ish I was so over the bike! I could feel my pace slowing down, but kept moving forward. This was a challenging bike course. There is nowhere in San Diego to do rides like this. We are either flat by the coast or doing big climbs. No place to go to really ride and hit lots of rollers and mid-size climbs. I could tell I was not in shape for this type of course. Finally made it back into town and climbed the 4 levels up the helix to T2.

T2: Handed bike to volunteer and walked inside to transition area for my bag and changing tent. I put on my running shoes, visor, and race number. Used my inhaler again (I keep it in my tri kit or sport bra), stopped for more sunscreen, and used the port-a-potty. Walked out of transition to start the run.

Run: I was actually surprised how good my legs and my lungs felt as I started running. The run is two loops and goes through town, the stadium, out on a bike path, on a dirt path and around. A few hills on the run, which I ran up most of the on the first loop, but walked them on the second. I was still holding a fairly steady pace when I saw Mike. I think I was around mile 10 and he was around mile 1.5. I kept looking for David, Laura, and Chris, but didn’t see them. I kept going. I would walk most of the aid stations, but I did skip a few. No real stops. It seemed like before I knew it, I hit mile 20. I could tell I was getting tired, but kept pushing ahead. I finally saw Laura at mile 25 as we were going the opposite directions. Of course we had to both stop and chat for a minute. :-) I was able to get moving again and run to the finish line. I have really been struggling to have a solid Ironman run my past several races, so I was very pleased that I had a solid marathon and felt decent while doing it.

Finish – Crossing that finish line is such an amazing experience! This was my 14th time crossing that line and I am already looking forward to the next time.

I collected my medal, hat, and t-shirt. Walked to the food tend and had 2 slices of pizza. I knew I had some time before Mike finished, so I went to collect our bikes and gear bags. I had his ticket so I could collect his gear. I stopped at the gear bags to put on my warm morning clothes, but left the bags. I made two trips from the 4th level where the bikes were down past the swim start to TriBike transport (very poor location being so far away). I then went back to the bags and collected all 6 bags (3 each). I took these bags and walked back to the hotel. I had time to shower and do a little unpacking before walking back to the finish line to wait an hour for Mike to finish. He finished a little before 16 hours. Laura finished about the same time, so it was great to see both of them at the finish line. So proud of both of them! Mike and I ate some food in the finisher tent and then walked back to the hotel.

I must say the volunteers and spectators here were incredible!! Some of the best I have experienced! I can’t thank them enough. A great day in Madison, Wisconsin!

  • RACE DAY: Ironman Wisconsin
  • 05m
  • -----
  • -----

Short run around the block to stretch out the legs - with Mike.

  • 05m
  • -----
  • -----

Just s short spin around the block to make sure all the bike gears and brakes are working - with Mike.

I have been feeling either allergies were bothering me or I am getting a cold. Very congested, eyes watery and itchy, and yesterday afternoon the coughing started and I feel like junk is in my chest. Still not sure if it is adjusting to the different air and allergens, or if it is a cold. Either way, the race goes on.

I forgot to bring sunglasses! I have two great pair of Rudy glasses at home. UGH! Going to the expo this morning to purchase another pair.

Will do a final check of gear bags and then drop these and bikes off later today.

  • 15m
  • 720.00 yards
  • -----

Practice swim in lake with Laura, Chris, Kat, and David. Mike opted out of the swim. Water temp was about 69ish. Good temp with a wetsuit.

Finally met Laura (Whizzzz) in person! ;-)

Practice swim, race check-in, athlete meeting, and then Mike and I picked up our bikes and gear bags from TriBike Transport. Went back to the hotel to shower and drop off bikes and gear.

David, Mike and I drove the first loop of the bike course. Very pretty with lots and lots of rollers. A few steep climbs that will be interesting. Lots of turns and some technical sections (my weakness). Make me really miss all the country riding I did at home. San Diego is great, but there is nothing like open country roads for biking!

Mike has 2 friends that he grew up with and went to high school with that now live in Madison. We met up with them at a great Italian place for dinner and then took a short walk around town.

Travel day to Madison, WI.

Fellow BTer, David, picked us up from the airport around 4:30. Checked into the hotel, unpacked, and then headed out for an early dinner. Great to see David again! We have known each other for years and have done many races together.

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