Activity? Activity? What's that? As a welcome-home and Christmas gift, the cats shredded (but didn't completely eat) a large lizard all over my house, gee THANKS! How, uh, delicious. After surreptitiously covering their offerings with newspaper or rags (no I'm not gonna clean that shit up, too lazy), we all retired for siesta. I declined dessert.

Back to Bali on the "redeye" (it's same time here and there but a super early morning flight) ... so sad to be leaving Kingsley and my new home of Perth. But AILL BE BAKK! ... Ironterminator :)

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I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike ...

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I feel bad calling this a "run." Okay, there was some running involved, but mostly it was whistling, err, "cheering on" hot piglets. Ooooh yeah.

Actually, I'm surprised at how springy and lively my legs are. Ran most of the last km and a kickin' sprint finish. Very fun.

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It's probably better not to do the swim as open-water fly. Hey, "it was a good idea at the time ..."

  • RACE DAY: Triathlon WA State Sprint Championships - Pursuit

I did ... NOTHING today! It was awesome!

Well, I did finish up a homemade chicken soup (as in, finished cooking and eating it :) ) ... lotsa dishes.

Yup, that's about it :)

Oh, and err ... flexibility exercises and some aerobic with Kingsley. Ahem.

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This was supposed to be walking to the pool (500m in a straight line) to train with Kingsley's swim squad, but I got distracted by a colorful shiny playground and went in the wrong direction.

Anyway, I couldn't figure out how to get out of Kingsley's front door, so I stuck my hand through the barbed-wire gate on the side to undo the latch and get out that way. I asked a lady at the playground, and she'd just moved here 3 days ago, but she pointed me in the right direction. I did find a gorgeous, enormous pine-lined field which was very nice to walk on, so I did. Then a giant red dog bounded up to me, barking, and merrily tried to herd me in another direction.

His owner said, "ee been comin' 'ere since ee was six weeks wee pup, ee's lettin' yer know ee knows 'is way about." (How did he know I was lost? Did I look like a wandering cow? Don't answer that). Anyway, the dog (named Red Dog, durr) was in fact herding me in the right direction (he's a Kelpie) so I went that way.

Sure enough I wound up at the pool, but by that time, I was 10min late, so I just headed home. I did attempt to runstumble 3-10sec segments. It was fun. Until a black-and-white magpie got irritated with me and swooped ... on the 2nd swoop, I was prepared and got him with my squirt bottle. HA! TAKE THAT! (Works with rogue dogs and magpies, apparently).

When this very special girl finally got home, she still couldn't figure out how to get in the front door (yes, I had the keys), so I just popped 'round the barbed-wire gate on the side again. Probably not a good idea for me under the best of circumstances, but hey, I made it out unscathed.

All my Ironcrap (just clothes) drying out in Kingsley's beautiful backyard. Amazing how much stuff it takes!

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