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Brief post-bike oof.

  • Yoga
  • 10m

The caretaker, Kristin, is amazing.

I'm pretty sure the entire staff hate her.


It's making a very difficult adjustment with Mutti a lot easier. Look, she freaks out if you move the furniture an inch. And I get it--not that I can fully understand where she's at--but when your own mind fails you, every thing that is comfortable and familiar is a lifesaver. So yeah, it's been rough. She was really upset and grumpy a lot of the day. Downright angry. Hey, I would be too. However, it would be far worse with anyone else.

One thing that's kind of funny is that since my dad died, Mutti has been dressing really nicely. A major point of contention with him is that she liked to wear ratty old T-shirts. That's what she knew and they were comfortable. Now I'm thinking that, even if only subconsciously, she was purposely wearing them to stick it to him. Go Mutti!

Sexy knee-socks pic o' the day ... if you look reaaaaaallllllly closely with some helluva bifocals, you might see the shade of an ab on the left.

3 Items of Gratitude:
1. Your unfailing love and support. Makes. ALL. Difference!!!
2. Kristin.
3. That Mutti is coping with the change in her own way.

3 Things Done Well:
1. Delegated to Kristin what I felt comfortable.
2. Spiritual connection.
3. Logging! :)

3 Things to Work On:
1. SLEEEEEEEP (and turning the phone off if I can grab a nap)

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  • Yoga
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Holy smokes IM day. 17 hours on the go. Yup, I'm pretty much smoked!

But also stoked that we have a great new caretaker for Mutti. So far, she's awesome. And hey, as I said before, even if she's just adequate temporarily, that's a MIRACLE.

She also can't believe what a bunch of lazy filthy pigs (except that pigs can be pretty clean animals if given the chance) our staff are. Sad, but true. I screamed at one of the former Special Forces piglets (PIGS!) today because our FRONT LAWN was full of cigarette butts. CIG A FUCKING RETTE BUTTS. Too tired to scream at everyone so I made sure he got screamed at enough that he'd scream at everyone else.

ONE, and I mean if I find ONE cigarette butt anywhere here ever again, it becomes a no-smoking household IMMEDIATELY. Anyone smoking closer than across the road gets FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

That should take care of the rest of the riff-raff. All the ones I like just happen not to smoke :)

3 Items of Gratitude: YOU. Coming home (here) to YOU. Mutti's new caretaker, Kristin. Having an ally in her here.

3 Things Done Well: 1. Whole. 2. Fucking. 3. Day. !!!

3 Things to Work On: delegating!

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Pretty tough ride after everything else today, and kept it in the big ring. Oof!

Run #1
  • 31m 20s
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Evening 'hood trot.

Run #2
  • 21m
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The latest installment--cue doomsday organ music and shrieks--of the Sheila T Torture Training.

Now, swim sessions are written in some kind of stenographer's code anyway, and Sheila has her own special little phrases. I'm finally learning what they actually mean.

hold the water = DIE MUDDAFUGGA

high-quality reps = DIE MUDDAFUGGA

stay tough = You really might actually DIE MUDDAFUGGA!


WU: 5x100 EZ @2:15 last 25 streamline backstroke kick.

MS1: 10x50 free @1:15
Odds - 25 horizontal scull / 25 build to sprint
Evens - 25 catch-up / 25 build to sprint

MS2: 10x100 @2:10
Odds - 100 free hard
Evens - 25 Tarzan/25 free/25 dogpaddle/25 free

KS: 6x50 near-sprint kick @1:30

600 PULL (negative-split each 300) 300 w/paddles, buoy and 300 body tone

CD 100 EZ (I did IM, I'm sick)

Sport #1
  • Walking
  • 05m 10s

Cool-down walk from the run. It's stellar hot even in early evening.

Sport #2
  • Yoga
  • 21m

Cool-down walk from the run. It's stellar hot even in early evening.

Way-too-bright clothes pic o' the day:

MAN today was PIGLET DAY at the pool! No less than two smokin' hot Speedo-wearing cut piglets (not shabby swimmers either) actually talked to me during breaks (THANK YOU GOD. THANK YOU. I needed the breaks. Oh, there were hot guys?! THIS is what Sheila T does to you!!!) They were very complimentary and ooh'ed and aah'ed over my swim workout. One of them is even a distance swimmer who's done the Rottnest Island Swim (HOLY SHYTE!) That's a 17-MILE pretty rough-water open-water swim from Rottnest Island to Perth, Western Australia. CA-RAZY! You have to have your own boat pilot and everything.

3 Items of Gratitude: pretty pretty pretty piglets, Mutti is safe and happy, I'm safe and happy.

3 Things Done Well: all those damn workouts, excellent fruit and veg consumption, cooked dinner.

3 Things to Work On: really?! ;)

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  • 1h 15m
  • 3000.00 meters
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Installment #whatever in the I REALLY Hate Sheila T Program! I was definitely channeling some hate in the middle of the main set 5x100 and DEFINITELY during the last 400 kick set. Love to HATE!

WU: 300 swim (50fl/50bk/50br/150fr)
100 kick, 100 drill, 100 kick, 100 swim

MS1: 12x50 PULL @1:00 descend by 4s.
1-4 paddles/buoy, 5-8 buoy, 9-12 body tone only.

MS2: 5x100 free @2:00, strong/steady aim for identical touch times.

MS3: 8x50 PULL @1:00 25 EZ/25 hard
1-4 paddles/buoy, 5-8 buoy, 9-12 body tone
2x100 @2:00 50 EZ/50 hard

KS: 8x50 kick (rotate 2x thru IM strokes) @2:00 EACH ONE HARD

CD: 200 choice

HALLELUJAH WE HAVE A CARETAKER!!!!! She's coming on Wednesday. Tina and I both like her and she comes highly recommended from my bestest Bali boy bud Mitch. She speaks English and has her own poodle! (computer) This is excellent. Hey, again, even if she's barely adequate for a month ... I got my miracle. :)

Now hoping for a second one ;)

3 Items of Gratitude: a caretakercaretakercaretaker for my mom! Good leads for another one/helper! Got to see some wonderful friends shortly tonight.

3 Things Done Well: persevered, workouts, PRAYED and THANKED. :)

3 Things to Work On: slightly more detailed introspection (the 3s are pretty much it right now).

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3:1 run walk. Tough day; best I could do.

  • Yoga
  • 20m

You'd think I'd have learnt by now that if something is really working and helping, KEEP DOING IT! Well, apparently, I have. :)

No training today but did a few more far important things to take care of my soul so that I can continue training. Heh. I could log meditation?

Rough day. Very rough day. The two caretakers/maids quit this morning--they're leaving in three days--GEE THANKS FOR TELLING ME AHEAD OF TIME. Such a critical and difficult period ... so added to everything else I'm scrambling for replacements, will have to train them myself and care for Mutti in the meanwhile. More pointedly, the cruelest thing you can do to an Alzheimer's person is change anything, especially stuff like furniture, long-time schedules, close people. Great. And she's just newly working through the biggest and hardest change of her life.

On the bright side, maybe we won't get such whackadoodles this time, but I've been in the Great Caretaker Search a few times and frankly, even getting someone barely adequate and fairly soon would be a miracle. So I'm asking God for a miracle. I need one.

My neighbor in Bali is being a real jackass about Phoebe again. Haranguing me with texts and calling me. To be fair he's a real jackass to all of our neighbors about our dogs; it's just my turn in the barrel. (His own dogs roam the neighborhood and terrorize other dogs and do their barking at other people's homes). I don't have time for this shit. I told him that the Hobbit Maid would be periodically spending the night there and if it's a real problem she'll shut it down. "No, don't do that!" he said. "Don't get her involved, she'll just make everything worse. She'll go to the village police."

Well, duh, that's what they're for. To keep the peace and help resolve disputes. And when you've consistently been a jackass to your neighbors, the local police are going to side with them every single time from then on whether or not your complaint has any merit.

On another bright angle, I have the best Hobbit Maid in the whole wide world who's got my back.

I spent a wonderful morning with good friends, and then a wonderful evening with good friends, and slept like the happy dead most of the afternoon. And it wasn't just having fun--though it was most necessary to get out and not be isolated and do that too--but I really got to talk about some things. And listen to some things.

I went out for dinner with a friend and she insisted I take a picture of this through a store window:

3 Items of Gratitude: funny stuff like horses wearing lampshades and being able to appreciate it; wonderful, wonderful friends and good times; everything I needed and more today.

3 Things Done Well: took care of myself, got balls rolling (I think I'd rather get heads rolling, but I didn't, that's the third thing done well) on hiring replacements, ate fruits and vegetables! Not that many, but a good effort.

3 Things to Work On: seriously?! ;)

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I did bike after all ... American Idol. Short men are healing.

  • 31m 20s
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This is all I could manage today. Might try for a cycle and dry-land swim cords later. Might not.

Seems the depression part of grieving has come calling at my door.

I know that inner joy is possible and practice-able in the midst of anything.

So here are my gratitudes.

3 (or more) Items of Gratitude Today:

1. Your amazing love and support.
2. That you share and inspire me with your own dreams put into action.
3. That I have everything I need in every way and far more today. My cup runneth over.
4. I am not alone.
5. I am in possession of (somewhat dubious, but hey! existent!) mental faculties and physical ability.
6. I have a lot of people to back me up when the chips are down.
7. The capacity to genuinely love and receive love.
8. Books. The Internet. The ability to read and write.

Aaaand I'm still grateful for all those things, and countless more.

Aaaand it's still BS all day every day here from everybody. The phone's out again. Running water is out again. The two caretakers/maids are unhappy. I really don't give a shit. I'm happy to revisit what working for my dad was like--he'd ring a buzzer at any and all times of day or night and expect at least two people to appear immediately, regardless of whether they happened to be taking a dump/shower/nap/praying/sleeping because it's 2am/etc. I am very cool with snapping my fingers and having people instantly appear and do and get me whatever I want. Also immediately.

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