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Tour. De. PIGLETS!!!!!

  • Yoga
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Travel day.

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Tour de Piglets. I forgot my bike shoes in Bali--it's really hard to pedal on those teeny little SPDs with sneakers on!

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Aquajoggie. I thought I was going to blow my brains out after 10. Then I found a friend. Then later I realized it's much better to blow OTHER people's brains out.

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  • 2600.00 meters
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Just technique-focused; rest, not sendoff intervals. Really needed it. But she always sneaks one zinger in ...

WU: 4x150 @:20R
100 swim / 25 serape 1-arm / 25 serape kick (alt sides)
I swam fly for the first 2 swims because it was cold. No, really.

DS: 8x50 @:15R. Odds: 25 serape kick / 25 back kick, Evens: 1-arm serape 25 R / L
MS: 3 rounds
4x50 @:20R Reduce stroke count by 1-2 stroke cycles per 50 by overloading serape movement for strength training (not stroke reduction).
200 pull at ideal stroke length & serape loading @:30R, 100 mod/100 fast

And the zinger--it doesn't seem that hard 'til you do it!
DS: 2x200 1-arm serape with kickboard @:30R

CD: 200 IM

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To Tour de Piglets. Goal yesterday was not to break a sweat. Goal today was not to need a sweatband. In the tropics, even in aircon with a fan, that's some serious sub-Z1. And I did it :)

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Tentative morning zombie shuffle. Felt like I was dying the first 5 min, rest of it fine, getting tired the last 5 min or so. Had a 2-hour nap after. Probably too soon.

Woke up from nap to a phone call--and fever and diarrhea. Ugh. Probably just too much too soon (y'think?!?! HALF of what-all is going on in my life would be too much too soon if I were healthy!).

Despite missing the TEAM TIME TRIAL to take Mutti to the neuro, it was a delightful visit. This one we hadn't seen in two years, but to my great surprise she remembered exactly who we were and when we'd last seen her! "Well, you two are quite a memorable pair," she said. Hmmm ... not sure what to make of that. ;)

I will say that Mutti's personality radiates, and she still strikes everyone she meets--as she always has, her whole life--with her great vibrancy, warmth, and humour.

The neuro did take me aside after and say, "You're breaking down. I can see it. [Thanks, that's three for three doctors who have said that in three weeks.] Get yourself medical care too."

Okay, okay. I'll take it easy. As I can. Sort of. Really. I'm trying not to try so hard. Doing my best to delegate and do absolute minimum of critical stuff.

Tough right now (well fachmie, it always is!) because all three siblings are under the weather and Ramadhan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, is coming up quickly. NOTHING gets done during that month. Look, if I couldn't eat or drink all day in equatorial tropical weather, I'd do nothing too. It just really puts the pressure on. Shit.

Just some random pics. Too fuckin' tired to do anything right now.

Me, Chris, n Tabby (a new female Indonesian triathlete, there aren't that many of us!)


Footprints in the Sand, Bali-Style.


Kelly Slater :)


Nat Young ripping it up at the Oakley Pro Surf Champs in Bali