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Wheeeeeee! Round and round on the plastic stationary (at least I was watching NCIS) at resistance level 1 ... I think that means appropriate for 1-year-olds.

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9:30 of aquajogging ... 0:30 of one-legged aquahopping.

There is something still very, very wrong with my left calf. I'magonna get it X-rayed and poked at (I'll scream, it's that bad) tomorrow. It's not so bad on land (as long as I don't move too fast or go down or up stairs) but it's actually really painful in a no-gravity situation!

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3-legged-dogpaddle ... don't ask. Actually, all head-up pull drills. Not easy! Short otter, dogpaddle, Tarzan (sans yodel) ...

It just felt really good to pee in a pool again.

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Meditation, Medication, and Me

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Crocs and swimsuit?!?! Well, they are perfectly appropriate attire, considering.

Today was the first day I was completely concussion symptom-free (yesterday she's dying of strep, today she's up and at 'em), so today it was. You think I'd wait a day, but ... that's you. Clearly, I don't think.

  • Meditation
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*even more cheerfully than yesterday*

I have strep throat! I love finding these things out WAY after the fact--did I mention last night's dinner, healthy as it was, had to be pureed? I mean, yeah, I could have eaten (yet another) bowl of soggy Lucky Charms in green milk (that's what color it turns if you leave it long enough, with or without Lucky Charms in it), but I didn't know how sick I was then.

I knew there was a reason I felt so crappy!

Why am I feeling so much better?

I am going to credit this one to my dear witchy friend Michele, who did a 1.5 hour healing session with me, during which I went into deep meditation. Whether it's placebo, whether deep meditative states have a great restorative effect (much like sleep--that much is well scientifically documented, of DMS and sleep), whether a day's worth of antibiotics have kicked in (but I was already feeling MUCH better after Michele) ... the point is, I FEEL BETTER.

Only in Yantiworld could that be a bad thing ... OF COURSE I overreached! We'll know by how I feel tomorrow. Busy day today.

I felt like crap today! (saying this very cheerfully)

Physically, emotionally ... spiritually okay, almost always okay.

And it's okay to feel like crap. Under the circumstances. I think it's called "normal."

But it's so easy to make me happy--just inspire me to imitate a leprechaun, follow the rainbow, and my equivalent of a pot of gold falls into my lap!

So what if it was breakfast AND lunch, I sure could use a lucky charm (or bowl or two or three) right now!

I did eat an astonishingly, non-Lucky-Charms colorful healthy dinner so it all cancels out. :)

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Ooooh, no spankings yet!

I like to keep ya on yer toesies. :)

If there is anything at all in my blog except for yoga and perhaps some floating--SPANK ME!!!


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