• 14m 51s
  • 5.00 kms
  • 20.20 KM/hr
  • 11m 20s
  • 2.00 kms
  • 05m 40s /KM
  • 05m 27s
  • 200.00 meters
  • 02m 44s /100 meters

HRM malfuntioned again

YAY!  First Triathlon for the season down!

 My Cousin Liz also competed in my race and EV came 7th in her very first race and got her first place swim.  

 She was an ABSOLUTE STAR. 


Meanwhile I got a FIFTH FASTEST ride!  

 The first transition is the only thing that really slowed down my ride time. (as it's included)

 This is why I'm looking forward to BRIBIE this weekend!  The ride will be 13km instead of 5 so I can have an absolute blinder.  I can hold my speed longer and just GO GO GO.  Looking for another top 5 ride finish!

  • 13m
  • 3.84 kms
  • 17.72 KM/hr

Commute to work... THE BIKE IS FIXETH! WOOHOO!


I woke up this morning... And I have a rather large coffee mug sized bruise on my thigh from where I landed yesterday. And all those colours are present... Wait until it goes green! That'll be charming on Sunday. Not exactly easy to walk on at the moment. I sure hope I can run on it!

My arm's come up quite nicely! No bruise, Just a 2mm scratch below my elbow that I didn't notice yesterday. My wrist changed gears quite fine so no damage done there. \

My bikes in "injured" mode as well. I didn't notice yesturday but my derailer hanger was BENT! The derailer is all scratched as well, But she looks BATTLESCARRED at the moment.

BF did some emergency surgery last night and her hanger is less bent now. Gear changing is OK! Handlebars and shifters are still useable. But I'll have to order a new hanger for the rear derailer in the near future.

I've got to pack my transition gear tonight! YAY! TRI THIS WEEKEND! WOOHOO!!!


UPDATE: BF and I are going to be staying with a friend for the weekend of Noosa! SOOOOOO If you're doing noosa and need a cheer squad let me know! ^_^ :P

  • Health data: Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Sick: 4 Overall Workout: 2
  • 48m 46s
  • 9.54 kms
  • 11.74 KM/hr

it's wet. I fell off.

  • 53m 45s
  • 1550.00 meters
  • 03m 28s /100 meters

Still recovering... Really FLAT today. The rain isn't helping either.



Due to the STORMS I came off my bike this morning. Now I have to find somewhere to get her serviced. never mind the massive bruise that's slowly appearing on my right thigh or the gravel rash on my right arm... My poor bike has bent shifters and her back wheel isn't true. Fingers crossed I can get her fixed tonight!!!!

I'm proud of myself though. Even though I came off I didn't cry! ^_^ But looking at my bike's minor damage: I want to cry now!

Raby Bay's this Sunday!


NEW RULE: If it's raining like this: I walk!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 2 Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 2 Sick: 3 Overall Workout: 2

A few stumbling blocks in my recovery week this week

 1:  It's bloody stormy!  We've had three straight nights of storms.  Don't get me wrong, "this is how brisbane used to be" but it's knocking my training for six when I have to catch the bus and leave my bike at work because I'm afraid of hail damage.  So I can't take her out riding when she's stuck at work. 

2:  My legs are still killing me!  Geez!  Who would've thought 140km would do this much damage!!!!  OW OW OW!

So I'm busy making excuses.  RABY BAY IS THIS SUNDAY!!!!  EEEEEEEP!!!!
  • 14m 02s
  • 3.80 kms
  • 16.25 KM/hr

I'm supposed to be swimming today. But it's raining. So I'm thinking about going back to bed.


It is a recovery/taper week after all

  • Health data: Stress: 2 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3
  • Walking
  • 50m 27s

Pedometer: 37236
(included the total of Yesturday's bike ride. ^_^)

  • Health data: Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 3

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