• 2h 52m 41s
  • 76.40 kms
  • 26.55 KM/hr

Do it's taken me until today that I was competing on the same course on Sunday as the WORLD IRONMAN BRONZE MEDALIST for 2007! 

 Kate Major WON the women's open category at Raby Bay on Sunday!  HOLY FREAKING CRAP!

 Makes your head spin doesn't it.  I meadn what other sport in the world can you compete on the same course on the same day as the pros???  Sure you may not be in the same category - But WOW! 

A little star struck for a friday aren't I? 

I slept in this morning.  Sorry Snowmen.  I had a bout of Endo last night so there was absolutley no fuel in my tank...

WILL make it up to you though... I'm sooooo close! 

  • Health data: Fatigue: 1 Sick: 4
  • 30m 54s
  • 8.67 kms
  • 16.83 KM/hr

How nice is the PA Hospital!!! They installed a track pump in our bike lock up area! BLOODY SMART IDEA!

(I did write that as a suggestion on the "traffic survey" earlier in the year. I'm suprised they took notice. I wonder how many other people wrote that on their surveys too!)

Putting my votes in for the BT end of year poll. Amazing how many products we have that our American mates don't have & visa versa.

Although I haven't raced it, I voted for noosa for the best Olympic distance. GO NOOSA! It's soo much fun to watch.

Voted for Emma Snowsill and Macca! Those two are awesome! Emma for blitzing the Noosa field - When she had a really bad bug she picked up in Bejing! This little pocket rocket deserves the acolades! Can't wait to see her in action in Bejing!

As for Macca - Well it's self explanatory. He's an Aussie. He's the world Ironman champ. Yup - Well deserving of my vote!

  • 1h 10m
  • 2500.00 meters
  • 02m 48s /100 meters

Reindeer keep picking on the snowmen...
Noz keeps trying to melt my fellow team mates. So I ran rudolf over. Whoops! Sorry Kiddies.

  • Health data: Sleep: 1
  • Walking
  • 40m

Having a Complete rest day today to make sure I'm all bright and perky for the week before Christmas that is the week.

My Knee (which I scraped in the water yesterday) is stinging a bit but other than that I think I've pulled up scott free.

Last week for DECENT swimming.

Thoughts on my walk...

I think I'm finally considering myself to be a triathlete. I'm no longer a "girl who does triathlon" Triathlon is no longer "something I'd like to do" It's something I'm doing right here and now! It's something I do often and really enjoy. It's now one of my "things"

YOU ARE A PIRATE!!!   Must get this on my MP3 player before my next training session...


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