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Look what I bought today! $79.95 +$9 Postage!

I've hyperlinked the photo. it's a NZ company that also supplies Australia. BLOODY GOOD DEAL! I can't wait to get it!

H2B bought one too! We're going to do spin classes together infront of the TV. LOL

Good thing the lounge room has an Air con! :)

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Well I got a 1km ride in before something disasterous happened. My CHAIN fell off and jammed on the INSIDE of my cassette next to the spokes. HUGE CRUNCHING noises and the wheel stopped working. I went into a severe wobble since my pedals weren't going anywhere and yet still managed to stay on.

Tried to Roadside repair - Only ended up black (Chain was freshly greased for the Tri Yesterday)

No choice but to carry the bike home. The chain was so jammed I couldn't seprate the wheel from the frame and the derailer.

I was an HOUR late to work. ;( Might have to take the bike as is to the bike shop to get repaired. I think the cassette will need to come off to unjam the chain without damaging the wheel.

All I can say is THANK GOD this didn't happen yesterday!!

Well I didn't sleep well last night. Both parents and In laws had words with the two of us and we both were tossing and turning all night! >_<

My Neck is sore. I don't know whether that is from the time spent in the saddle and aero bars yesterday or the time I spent tossing and turning last night. In any case There's a LOT to do this week. ;_;

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Bit of a brick session. i rode my bike to my running class.

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