• 20m 32s
  • 2.92 kms
  • 07m 02s /KM
  • Walking
  • 40m

  • 32m 32s
  • 8.55 kms
  • 15.77 KM/hr

Rode my LIMEY commuter for the first time! YAY!

  • 28m 56s
  • 4.80 kms
  • 06m 02s /KM
I think the weather tracker is wrong. >_< It's raining and has been all morning. JIBBED!!!

  • 27m 55s
  • 3.61 kms
  • 07m 44s /KM

  • 30m 14s
  • 8.63 kms
  • 17.13 KM/hr

I just looked up at the Noosa countdown ticker and saw the 9months and 4 days. The first thought that came into my head was "DON'T GET PREGNANT OR YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO RACE IT"

I've lost it completely now. Laughing my head off! LOL

Guess I shouldn't jinx it. But I just thought it was hilarious!



Speaking of Hilarious... I'm SOOOOO Bad! This is in the Robina Triathlon. I was DYING to get a shot like this on the bike and on the fourth lap the oppurtunity presented itself. CHECK IT OUT



  • 35m 02s
  • 3.87 kms
  • 09m 03s /KM

Only 12km to go! Awoohoo!

  • Walking
  • 1h 00m

MORE on my BEAT THE BUS challenge I did Yesterday

Okay. So I according to my watch I was 14 minutes LATE when I got to the stop I usually hop off the bus at - and yet there was still no bus. I'd left the bus stop at the same time the bus was "supposed" to be there.

The courier mail in the past have raced a marathon runner, a car and a bus to the city. The Marathoner won by a long shot.

Here I am... Not running FAST, and was actually dressed in JEANS and yet I still beat the bus home.


The study Above is in new scientist and states it's probably better to wait... Stuff that. It's BETTER to wait!! HA!


Like hell it is!


Upset stomach this morning so I didn't swim. Instead I "jogged" to work. :)



Heath Ledger. RIP.

It's very sad. I remember ROAR was the first show of his I think I watched. A bit XENA-ish. But 10 things I hate about you is one of my favourite movies. We watched the Video SOOOOO many times on Schoolies. it was GREAT! I loved it

I'm still looking forward to seeing the Joker in action. But it's really sad that Who'll go a waltzing with Matilda now that Daddy's gone. SOOOO sad.

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