• 15m 01s
  • 5.01 kms
  • 20.02 KM/hr

NEW MAX! 60.8kph!

  • Walking
  • 45m

Just couldn't run... again

Didn't run last night... I was still in the process of emtying my bladder after the renal ultrasound.


Anyhue, do you know how hard it is to WAIT for an ultrasound??? I mean FARK! I got there on time... 2:30 like they told me too knowing that the appointment wouldn't be until 2:45. 2:50 rolled on and I'm sitting there bouncing my legs trying not to watch the running water on the TV monitor (because of the FLASH FLOODING we had here on the weekend)



2:53... .......... What the hell is wrong with Britney spears???

2:54... if they don't come out here by 2:55 I'm complaining...

2:54 and 30seconds WOOHOO MY NAME'S BEEN CALLED!


Anyway. So it goes well. Kidney was still tender but there was nothing wrong with it. Doctor suspects it may have cleared on it's own, but was more likely a bleed caused by "doing too much"

Speaking of doing too much - I'm feeling really flat currently. I slept trhough three alarms to get me to the pool this morning. Which sucks cause that was the first lesson of the year.

I tried to run to work - But it was so god damn hot that I couldn't


Oh well.


  • 1h 28m 15s
  • 31.30 kms
  • 21.28 KM/hr

The River loop

1:40pm... In the middle of drinking 1L water for my renal ultrasound... NO PAIN this morning by the way.

 Anyway.  I'm BUSTING.  How the hell am I supposed to hold this for 1hour???  HELP



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  • 4.80 kms
  • 05m 15s /KM

  • 46m 02s
  • 11.47 kms
  • 14.95 KM/hr

I printed off the shout out to Tim and left it as a suprise on his desk this morning. ^_^ As much fun as it is telling you all what a great guy he is, it's important for him to know too. :) He was touched and I got al emotional (in a good way) He's so sweet!

Anyhue. Still sore today so I'm not adding anything to the LEM total. ;_; Hopefully the doc rings back with good news around midday.

Today I got to try out my full wet weather kit. Booties, Rain coat, long pants. It's COLD AND MISERABLE here. So much so that I slept with the DOONA last night. A DOONA??? In SUMMER???? what's going on???



If you can, Get a copy of Australian Triathlon and Multisport Magazine this month. Read the article about Anne Garton. I've known about Anne's achievements since the beginning of the year when I saw her story on Australian story on ABC2 one Saturday Morning on Repeat... I was just about to run when her story came on. It was worth NOT running that morning to watch it.

She's a Brisbanite. She's currently working with the Croc squad and she's an age grouper who's made it to the worlds! But she made it to worlds from her HOSPITAL BED!

I mean this girl was condemned to supergluing her bike shoes so she could keep riding. Her tri team were giving her handme down outfits to help her train! Her doctors had her on 24 hr watch and allowed her to train under very strict conditions. She is fighting her mental illness head on by kicking some serious arse in the Queensland Triathlon Series.

Since qualifing for the worlds (and turning it down since she couldn't afford it) she's had everything donated to her so she can focus on her support and recovery. I'm really proud of being from Brisbane when Radio stations, corporations and local tri squads rally around and help others. Anne was able to make it to the worlds and even got 7 weeks of CROC SQUAD coaching beforehand which really helped her improve, -new gear-new bike- and her family got to be waiting for her at the finish line.

Anne inspires me more than the pros do. You go Anne! We are proud of you! I'm hoping Anne will be on the course at Robina (and kick my arse!)

  • Health data: Soreness: 3
  • 51m 24s
  • 2000.00 meters
  • 02m 34s /100 meters

23min 56 seconds - 1000m freestyle.

  • Walking
  • 45m

Was supposed to run to the pool, but was seriously hurting today so I walked.

Well I might be officially SCREWED!!! I'm sorry LEMmings...

You know that Pain I had on Monday night, Well I'm still sore today. I still thought I'd pulled a muscle but now I have - Blood in the urine last night and this morning - DOCTOR THINKS I HAVE A KIDNEY INFECTION!!! (or a kidney stone, or a tumour - But the first one is by far the most likely)

Can't get in for an ultrasound until monday. Samples have been sent to the lab and I'll be doing "light work" and drinking lots of water until I get the results.



Thought I better post this here too. I posted it a little earlier in the SPOUSE SUPPORT THREAD

I'm a very lucky woman with all the support I get . So here's a Shout out to my fiance Tim.

He's become my cycling coach. I don't need to join a bunch ride when I get enough training and motivation chasing his arse on the brisbane corso! ^_^ It's a great view! I keep getting top 5 places in my age group so his method is DEFINATLEY working!

He buys me tri gear, and he's a bit of a gadget nut. AND he loves coming to races so he can check out the bike porn (even if most of it is TT bikes!) and

As well as being my cycling coach, He is also my cheersquad, bike servicer, massage therepist, nutritionist, team car, photographer, eye candy type sherpa.

Even though triathlon is something I do for me, I couldn't do it without him.

  • Health data: Soreness: 2
  • 34m 03s
  • 8.71 kms
  • 15.35 KM/hr
  • 48m 28s
  • 3.87 kms
  • 12m 31s /KM

Man I'm so glad I did this. LOTS of rests in between but some interval sessions are good right! Should be a good group. One of the instructors is new too so overall a very friendly no threatening group! I really injoyed it!

Best News I've heard all year! If you haven't heard we're in the middle of a drought! So rain is a VERY good thing!

Who else is back to the grindstone today? There's like no one here at work! Majority of people are still on holidays. It's so god damn cold in the office here! I'm going to go over to target and buy a jacket/jumper or scarf or something. it's FREEZING

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