Bike #1
  • 09m 07s
  • 2.15 kms
  • 14.15 KM/hr

Warm up to the race - There was a BLOODY HEADWIND! Oh man that was a tough ride!

  • 05m 42s
  • 300.00 meters
  • 01m 54s /100 meters
Bike #2
  • 23m 50s
  • 10.00 kms
  • 25.17 KM/hr
  • 10m 53s
  • 2.00 kms
  • 05m 26s /KM
  • Walking
  • 20m
Luke Harrop Triathlon was today . My left foot and right hand are killing me!! There was a chain in the water and my group swam straight into it. After cutting my hand I swam a bit faster... THERE'S BULL SHARKS IN HERE AND I AM BLEEDING!!!! When I got to the bike My hand was stinging like anything and holding onto the tri bars was getting sticky.

But it wasn't until I pulled my feet out in transition did I notice my shoe also was a lovely red tinge... So much so that the girl pulling up next to me was a little bit horrified... But I still ran. My running shoes have some "red spots" too.

ROMY AND MICHELLE... "Excuse me, I cut my foot earlier, and my shoe is filling up with blood"

The first aid tent was a warzone. I've never seen that many chunks of flesh taken out of people in a tri before. The poor first aider was swamped. i don't think he had enough benedine! There wasn't even a crash this race! It was ALL from the stupid chain in the water.

Someone told me there were oysters on it. Well That sure explains why it was so freaking sharp! I look I've I've cut myself multiple times with a knife.

I am SOOOOO glad my tri suit is a one piece. A few of the girls had huge gashes along their stomach and blood dripping down their thighs. One kid was missing a chunk out of his shoulder, Another guy came in with half his pinky fingernail missing and a deep gash. I didn't come out too badly compared to them.

In the shower I found another gash on my elbow that I hadn't noticed and one more on my right foot.

Triathlon - It's a BLOODY great sport!!!

The race report is to come a little later. :)


Well Haven't I just got the loveliest Fiance EVER. First of all on Saturday he gives me two boxes of my Favourite Vanilla bean gu for my birthday (so I wouldn't buy any at the tri expo) then today at the Gold Coast Triathlon he introduces me to "Kath" from Vision Tri Club "who will be my personal trainer and triathlon coach for the Next month - Happy Birthday Honey"


What a great birthday present! I couldn't get any luckier!!!



  • Health data: Sick: 2
  • 26m 47s
  • 4.10 kms
  • 06m 32s /KM

We are down the coast for the Luke Harrop Tri so FH and I went for a Run to get the blood pumping this morning.

  • Walking
  • 1h 10m

Bike #1
  • 13m 50s
  • 3.98 kms
  • 17.26 KM/hr
Bike #2
  • 18m 56s
  • 4.76 kms
  • 15.08 KM/hr


This one's for Cat... :)


They still look like Manga poo...



OOOOOOoooOOO I can't wait for the weekend! Check out who I'll be watching on Saturday! It's gonna be a GREAT bout!

Abram Felicity AUS
Adachi Mariko JPN
Amor-Smith Sophia AUS
Burns Bridgette AUS - Who I just found out is mates with one of the girls at work... GO BRIDGETTE!
Crowley Sarah AUS
Czesnik Maria POL
Davis Emma IRL
Furutani Akane JPN
Hiraide Miu JPN
Jackson Emma AUS
Kikuchi Hideko JPN
Kirchler Irina AUT
Kutsuna Shizuka JPN
McLeod Sophie AUS
Mensink Lisa NED
Moffatt Emma AUS
Murray Carolyn CAN
Nakanishi Machiko JPN
Nakashima Chie JPN
Nishiuchi Maki JPN
Niwata Kiyomi JPN
Ohmatsu Saori JPN
Sakimoto Tomoko JPN
Sharp Alee AUS
Sheedy-Ryan Felicity AUS
Tanaka Keiko JPN
Trims Melissa AUS


Albert Marko EST
Allen Ben AUS
Amberger Joshua AUS
Appleton Sam AUS
Bannon Gareth AUS
Carlton Adam AUS
Cominotto Adrian AUS
Cooper Nigel AUS
Crowther Jason AUS
Fettell Clayton AUS
Fitzakerley Adam AUS
Francis Jemani AUS
Fukui Hideo JPN
George Tim AUS
Hackett Stephen AUS
Hasegawa Yuichi JPN
Hayes Stuart GBR
Hirano Tsukasa JPN
Hopper Matt AUS
Hosoda Yuichi JPN
Johns Andrew GBR
Kahlefeldt Brad AUS
Kemp Christian AUS
Lampe Joseph AUS
Maeder Joshua AUS
Marceau Olivier SUI
Matthews David AUS
McHugh Josh AUS
McMaster Bryce AUS
Nicholson Stephen AUS
Nishiuchi Hiroyuki JPN
Petzold Maik GER
Rawlings Chris AUS
Rhodes Jamie AUS
Robinson Dane AUS
Royle Aaron AUS
Sato Harunobu JPN
Schokman Peter AUS
Schuster Brent AUS
Seear James AUS
Stannard Richard GBR
Sugimoto Hiroki JPN
Terechovs Aaron AUS
Wild Ruedi SUI
Yamamoto Ryosuke JPN
Yamamoto Junichi JPN

Bike #1
  • 14m 35s
  • 3.90 kms
  • 16.05 KM/hr
Bike #2
  • 17m 44s
  • 4.76 kms
  • 16.11 KM/hr


My work is organising a trek to the Kokoda!!! ;_;

I can't do it this year. 4-5 years time is the goal for the kokoda... Around the time of an ironman I think. he he he

Bike #1
  • 13m 32s
  • 4.00 kms
  • 17.73 KM/hr
Bike #2
  • 18m 08s
  • 4.73 kms
  • 15.65 KM/hr

So I'm in the market for a new Tri suit for Noosa. My current one is getting a little saggy.

This is the one I have now. I LOVE IT!


White - My TYR suit has developed an unhealthy brown colour that nappysan can't get rid of. As I've discovered, the stain is due to my sunscreen. My sunscreen is not going to change. The suit also got pretty battle scarred from my number coming off when I went to the loo. >_<

A Built in Bra - It's not idea. I'm loving the fact my girls aren't bouncing BECAUSE I'm wearing my Triumph bra. ^_^

Two Pieces - I have an extra long body and super short legs. Plus I have NO chest. I get pretty pissed off with having to pull down "fitted" tops all the time when I'm running. If I go a size up they're too baggy. It annoys me. The last thing I need is to come off my bike and scrape my stomach.



One Piece - I really like the one peice suit! Shows off my abs without showing skin. :)

PINK! - My Bike is Pink, my shoes have pink in them. Generally I'll be in the pink cap category. Give me a suit with pink in it!

Front Zip - Like DUH...

So these are the ones I like best currently....

Bike #1
  • 14m 25s
  • 3.87 kms
  • 16.11 KM/hr


Bike #2
  • 18m 25s
  • 4.87 kms
  • 15.87 KM/hr

Okay so I've been a bit tied up... A bit fluey... a bit DEMOTIVATED lateley... Stomach hasn't been helping things... Damn periods... Damn stomach flu...

I pulled out of the challenge... I was dragging the team down. Haven't done too terribly though.

Which sucks...

LUKE HARROP is this sunday... My birthday is on Tuesday... Only 4 tris left this season!!!! O_O





This morning for example... Because I now have a meeting at 8am I can't get motivated to get to the pool. So I woke up... and crawled back into the nice warm bed...

It's starting to become winter here. It's DARK it's cold enough for a doona and frankly BED is more inviting than the pool. Damn...

My work schedule has also been restructured meaning I have to reschedule my training... I'm gonna try to figure something out...


Bought a TRI-PRINCESS top for the Street appeal. Also bought one for my goddaughter since she's loving her tris now as well. :) I got a pink one and bought her a green camo one. (she doesn't know she's getting it yet)



Found a great motivational movie to watch! RUN FATBOY RUN! Bernard Black from Black books is in it... and there's the MASTER from Doctor Who... Who tries to become a marathoner!!! CHECK OUT THE BLISTER!!!

  • 1h 30m
  • 7.63 kms
  • 11m 48s /KM

Just for fun...

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