So, Tim and I load up the car with my bike, swim stuff and shoes to go out to Jindallee pool for my first HARD training session. We jump in and turn the car key...

ANOTHER FLAT BATTERY!!! What the hell???


I think it's very obvious that we're commuting all the time. The light's didn't even come on in the dash this time.

I think I'm going to have to buy a back up battery... The rate this is going. JEEZ!

So after going back to bed and going to my manga class... (I think I'm going to have to get there by BUS!!!) I'll go training this arvo at langlands or UQ...

Bike #1
  • 30m 09s
  • 15.06 kms
  • 29.98 KM/hr

(this ride also includes the "ride to work" post pool)

  • 56m 44s
  • 1800.00 meters
  • 03m 09s /100 meters

SHOCK HORROR! The heart rate monitor WORKS in the POOL!

I'd say that 203 is SPOT ON because I saw it during my 25m sprints and I was BUGGERED!!!

744 Calories

I did the WHOLE set today with Vision. No flippers, no playing catch up! I DID EVERYTHING! Here I am thinking "Oh yeah... This will be just like the other squad... I'll be a BOP or LAST of the packer..."

Turns out I was quite stable mid pack and did quite well! I totally enjoyed it.

I'm rotating my head too far out of the water though... and I breathe one sided... Well I knew that. So how do I fix it? We'll see in the weeks to come.

Bike #2
  • 19m 46s
  • 4.76 kms
  • 14.45 KM/hr

Eric The Eel One of my OLYMPIC HEROS

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it." - Thomas Jefferson

This just in from USM events...

don’t forget … to re-live all the action from the 2008 Mooloolaba ITU World Cup,
SEVEN SPORT will be broadcasting an hour-long highlights package of the Festival nationally on Sunday the 20th April at 11am AEST (check your local guide).

Thank-God FH and I bought that Hard Disc Recorder!!!! I'll be at Raby!!! Can't wait to see what I'm gearing up for next year!


Entries to the 2008 Noosa Triathlon are opening on 1 July 2008!

  • Calories: 590 From fat:128.97 (14.39g, 21.86%), From Carbs:343.62 (86.27g, 58.24%), Protein:117.41 (29.48g, 19.9%)
  • Health data: Stress: 3 Fatigue: 3 Overall Workout: 4
Bike #1
  • 16m 22s
  • 4.77 kms
  • 17.49 KM/hr
Bike #2
  • 14m 31s
  • 3.87 kms
  • 16.00 KM/hr

  • Walking
  • 45m,23739,23489420-7642,00.html

Bike #1
  • 14m 13s
  • 3.89 kms
  • 16.42 KM/hr
Bike #2
  • 17m 29s
  • 4.79 kms
  • 16.44 KM/hr

It's no secret I'm rooting for Snowsill in the olympics. But there's a great battle going on for the last two places on the Australian women's olympic Triathlon team. :)

Emma Moffat just placed first in the ITU event in NZ on the weekend with Felicity Ahram Third.

While Moffat should be a shoo in now, I'm really hoping Felicity get in... She's been consistant since noosa last year and CAN get us up there at beijing!

Densham and Luxford are two extraordinary athletes and they'll need to pull something out of their hats to overtake the efforts of Moffat and Abram!


2008-04-08 »
Bike: 55m | ---
Run: 20m | ---


Bike #1
  • 14m 41s
  • 3.88 kms
  • 15.85 KM/hr
Bike #2
  • 18m 16s
  • 4.89 kms
  • 16.06 KM/hr
2008-04-08 » Bike: 55m | --- Run: 20m | ---

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