• Walking
  • 2h 35m

I AM ON HOLIDAYS! Got some training to add in but here's the kicker


Yesterday I was acting sherpa to the SANTOS team at the BRW triathlon. It rolls round to 8:00am and FH's team swimmer still hasn't shown up...

So we head on down to the tent and all of a sudden I'm subbing into the swim leg of the tri. O_O

FH rips of his gear (he was doing the cycle leg - so he had his own bike pants on underneath) and handed me his shorts and shirt and got a medium set out of the box for himself. I put on the rather nice scody gear for the SANTOS team. My only critiscm of the gear was the fact it was white with blue accents. With the dark sand that was kicked up during and after the swim, my gear ended up filthy...

All of a sudden I'm CAPPED and heading to the start line... I've gone from being a spectator to a competator in a matter of mere minutes!

Hooter goes off... It's a 60m sprint in ankle deep water before the swim actually starts. So of course I'm at the freaking BACK of the pack in my wave by that stage because I was supposed to be a MAN!!! Yes. I was now competing in the corporate MALES heat...

When we hit the water it was business as usual... OBVIOUSLY I didn't have my goggles since I was supposed to be the sherpa today. So I kept my eyes shut and only opened them when I was sighting. The result sent me on a winding corse instead of straight and narrow...

LOTS of people in the water. One guy grabbed onto my leg and actully pulled me UNDER to get past. I gave him a good kick when he let go and swam past him anyway. I was flying round the buoys. A lot of people were doing breaststroke or dog paddle to go round em and I dived under and freestyled round on the inside of them to end up in front again.

Sight for home and gun it. Four strokes to a breath... 10 breathes before sighting again.

One of the girls from my work was there cheering on her hubby and she saw me swimming and cheered as I got up out of the sand. LOL

I bolted up into transition where FH was. LUCKILY before we realised his teammate wasn't coming he'd shown me his transition spot so I could take photos. So I knew where to run. FH and his workmate were there. I stopped and FH took the strap off my leg and then put it on himself and took off. leaving me spitting up saltwater in front of his workmate.

FH's workmate told me I'd come out close to the front. Pffst... Yeah right, as if... There were stacks of people ahead!

FH comes in from his ride and holy shit!!! He's like 2nd person back in for the team sprint!!! O_O

FH took the strap off and we wished FH's workmate luck and left transition. 22mins later FH's workmate came in off the RUN!

We were 25th in the sprint race (still in the mens category) but when they switch the result over to "mixed" We'll be placed 11th. 43rd team overall! We freaking rocked!!!

  • 08m 27s
  • 400.00 meters
  • 02m 07s /100 meters
  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

  • Walking
  • 2h 30m

  • 12m 16s
  • 500.00 meters
  • 02m 27s /100 meters

15m pool at the hotel. Pull, free and kick. :)


  • 27m 18s
  • 11.00 kms
  • 24.18 KM/hr


Run #1
  • 08m 56s
  • 1.30 kms
  • 06m 52s /KM

Run off the bike - TORTURE!

Run #2
  • 04m 21s
  • 0.70 kms
  • 06m 13s /KM
  • 12m 12s
  • 400.00 meters
  • 03m 03s /100 meters

200 free, 200 pull

  • 12m

TUG OF WAR, Push ups, sit ups, ... Medicine ball twists.


  • Health data: Soreness: 1
Run #1
  • 28m 31s
  • -----
  • -----


Run #2
  • 14m 16s
  • 2.10 kms
  • 06m 47s /KM

6 interval loops!

  • Stretching
  • 10m

Photo from last night.  



I'm WAITING for the day to be over so I'll be on holidays.  I'm WAITING for USM events to confirm my swim and overall time from the weekend so I can write my race report.  (To be fair, USM have done all they can... they're waiting on the timing wizards)   AND I'm waiting for the posting of the FINAL standings for the category placings for the enticer series... EEEEEP. 

  • Health data: Sleep: 5
So I've got a work cocktail party tonight... and just to be funny I tried on my formal dress and asked FH what he thought about it....
Jaw dropped, eye popped... Ummm... I think I'm just going to have to wear my formal dress. The blasted thing is 9 years old! (I bought it in 1999 because I had a Cocktail party to go to for my work... and then wore it for my formal party in year 12, then again for 2 of my cousins weddings (different sides of the family and I wore it on a cruise in 2002)
I can't believe the dress still fits! The thing is it fits BETTER now than it did in year 12. (although it did fit me in 1999)
I'm taking my trusty LBD to work as well... Don't wanna rock up TOO formal now do I?
Triathlon does have advantages! 9 years old and fits like a glove. That's gotta be pretty damn cool!!!
More updates on my race time from Sunday.  Well they've confirmed that the times I'm claiming are mine are mine because the guy they've allocated them too didn't compete.  He was sick.  
in other news on the Enticer series points Tally...  I'M IN FIFTH SPOT!!!  ME!!!  FIFTH???  Out of 179 women who competed in the enticers this year, I'm in fifth spot for the series.  WOW!!!
That's NOT including the  LAST race as they haven't allocated the points for that one yet. 

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