• 12h 10m 19s
  • 50.48 miles
  • 14m 28s /Mi
Great day!! Will upload from garmin when I get back to Ohio and write more. Temps were extreme but It didn't effect me like i thought it would. I took on salt tablets often and stayed hydrated best I could when the marathon was over around 1 they took out the water stations in the middle an it left us with water only every 5.5 miles I was without from mile 30-33 and toldThem they gotta do something and they said they were letting the RD know and then they put water on tables in between for us to refill. My food melted and bananas burnt will post photos and mor details when I do a RR. Met some amazing people!!! When my garmin hit 50 I thought ok I'm done but I'm still half mile from the finish!!! But I figured if I layer down nobody would come get me. First 22 miles I did in about 4:40 I took a nice rest at the aid stairs going thru my stuff to see if I wanted anything changed to fresh socks and shoes once cause it was so hot thought that might feel good. Same exact shoe so nothing new new. Second time out could feel the elevation more the hupeWasnt there so u really realized u were climbing a gradual climb al the way except for what I called hell hill but will tell about it with photos in RR and about the cool ass blister!!!! That's all for now or I'll end up typing forever on this stupid iPhone. End time and distance was 50.48 and 12:10!!!

Got up early hadn't adjusted to 3 hour time difference and headed to badwater!!!! Gotto a town of pahrump and my garmin navigator had died and my charger wasn't working so bought a new one at a Walmart and still nothing do I realize it's the rental car neither outlets would work. I was fortunate cause when I called Alamo they sent me to an enterprise close by and we swapped cars. But now i have a 20 charger I don't need they gave me a car with a 1/4 gas and I prepaid forkne to be returned empty so now I have to deal with that also when I take it back and try to get a 46 credit! I wouldn't take the charger back it was opened and it want walmarts fault my car was broke. This also added 90 min to my trip :-( drive was beautiful but mountains really do turn me on anyways. Got to furnace creek and just felt so fucking good!!! Marshall and Dean and Lisa and all these folks I idolize have all been right here!! StoppedAt the inn then drive on 17 miles to badwater basin! OMG I actually cried a coupleTime driving this entire road trip!! Then drive onto A great Restaurant and ate. Heard on into stovepipe wells and the sand dunes were fabulous!!!!! This was a super day!!!
  • 35m 23s
  • 3.07 miles
  • 11m 31s /Mi
Bridezilla and I stayed together to see how she could do cause the others knew quickly they would be walking alot more.  Got her in under 36 min which was awesome, she hasnt ran since 8th grade, granted she is only 22 but thats still almost 10 years

  • 35m 59s
  • 3.32 miles
  • 10m 50s /Mi
really feeling the anxiety today.  Packing and repacking making sure I dont forget something important!  They did post that at 7am start time it WILL be cold and cold enough for long sleeves, jackets, hats and gloves but by 3pm it is expected to be 85-90.  WOW guess with the drop stations it's easy to shed clothes and then as night comes around grab to replenish clothes, just have to be sure what I dropped is dry when I need it again or have a couple spares for the incase case.

  • 46m 33s
  • 4.29 miles
  • 10m 51s /Mi

  • 1h 08m 49s
  • 6.13 miles
  • 11m 14s /Mi

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