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  • 6.20 miles
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walked lampblack with Andi and a guy friend in the snow

  • 1h 34m 35s
  • 30.37 miles
  • 19.27 Mi/hr

spin bike

  • Stair Running
  • 09m 10s

American Lung Assoc Stair Climb in Columbus with my sis in law 40 flights 880 steps...

did the stair climb in cbus...first time ive done something like this and just 6 days after st croix 50 I was pleased and actually coulda gone faster...stopped and drank and chatted for a sec on each 10th floor where they had water....did 880 steps 40 flights in 9:10...was 2nd in age group 16th female and 79th overall.  Drove home watched the last episode of private practice and one episode of greys on the spin bike

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class

Here is my analysis of the run....looks like i spent an hour and 10 min in with no movement which would be some stretching, getting water, salt tabs, sitting due to the heat to cool off, changed shoes to my Hokas due to the nasty climbs at the half way mark hoping it would be gentler on the knee. If you wanna check it out. moving time was only 11:24 I think so im happy with that!!

Going to Cbus early in the am to run 880 stairs 40 flights with my sis in law for the american lung assoc. Told her if she would do it I would stick with proud of her commitment 

  • 34m 34s
  • 2.13 miles
  • 16m 14s /Mi
met the new young gal I started training yesterday down at the stadium since she lives right there to show her how many times around for each mile and to walk the curves and run the longs...were gonna go for 3 miles but the wind was blowing and she did great for the 2 miles we were out there. I really feel she is motivated and ready to get's gonna be fun watching her transform!

Feeling really good but had to work today from 9-7 but my 5:45 was a no show no call to cancel- its bridezilla who is noway roes and Prego and so not like her so am worried about her. Finally got unpacked this evening and put suitcases up. I really felt like running but never had a spare moment. Started with a new client who is 16 and says she wants this really bad so that made me happy and I feel she is ready to work. I have to work the office again tomorrow with property taxes due they all have to be entered to be paid and its the first of the month so there is all that at the office and will have the gym to do tomorrow. I did tell the new girl I would meet her thur afternoon at 4 at no charge at the stadium as its close to her home and gonna measure how many times around is 3 miles and show her to jog the long stretch and walk the short till she can go all the way around without a walk break. We will meet 3 days a week for training and I wanted to give her something to do the days we don't meet. I think she is gonna do great!

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