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slow walk on dreadmill just to move

Sport #1
  • AMT
  • 1h 00m
Sport #2
  • AMT
  • 30m
Sport #3
  • Elliptical Training
  • 15m
my 3:15 cancelled today and its been pretty dead in the gym so after I got done sweaping, mopping and cleaning i did the amt twice and then the efx then just walked while watching ellen for a bit. Need to finish laundry and pack for my last minute double marathon weekend.

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class

taught spin class and circuit....its freakin snowing!! SERIOUSLY! I have switched my training plan around to a different once since the 100K didnt go as planned and I had adjusted some different running due to that recovery and last weeks back to back did pretty well but this plan calls for quite the short runs during the week. PLEASE PLEASE weather change plans for the weekend......this is gonna suck ass big time!!!

For anyone that wonders why I made my logs private which I really hated to do but last month I had made a post about a guy I started talking to at the gym and we met for lunch...he didnt tell me he didnt have a job, no car or anything like that but I also didnt ask.  He invited me to his place a week or so later and i went and this is the one who lives in a place with only ONE I vented that wow i know have to add to my list not only should you have a job, a car, your teeth, not do drugs, you should have a couch. of my "friends" whom we had a some problems with because I didnt follow my rules "DONT HIRE FRIENDS"  she left work here due to the fact after almost a year and a half just wasnt able to grasp setting up the new accounts, was trying to train people without being a license trainer and pretty much working out most of her shift while I was paying her and I had to continually confront her about she didnt like that....anyways enough about that....when I posted about this guy she actually copied and pasted what I wrote and sent it to him! Thinking she would hurt me....i felt bad for this guy to see what i thought about him. We stayed in contact and talked a lot and did things together but he still never got off his ass to find a job or a car and finally decided a couple weeks ago its best to just be friends cause I need someone with goals and dreams and desires and motivation or I need noone at all. I've been single a long time and am completley content with that.....need someone that shares the same interests and has drive to live a life not sleep till 11 or 12 work out for a couple hours then do nothing except sulk in depression.

Screw the weather if I cant control it I will go south!! Found some back to back marathons this weekend....trail in virginia on sat and wrightsville beach on sunday...have family in wrightsville beach so will stay with them

Run #1
  • 13m 01s
  • 1.00 miles
  • 13m 01s /Mi

dreadmill..started as a jog and my shins bothered me??? Never had my shins bother me WTF...decided to walk then at 4.5-4.6 to get some faster walking in shins still bothered me.

Run #2
  • 13m 03s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 12m 55s /Mi
Run #3
  • 34m 44s
  • 3.17 miles
  • 10m 57s /Mi

took andi in town...was almost tempted to skip cause my hands were cold haha glad i didnt

went to take Andi to the park but was waaaayyyy to muddy so we turned around at half mile....will either run on dreadmill at work or when I get off at 6...since its staying light longer I shouldnt have an excuse!!

So many thoughts racing thru my mind....Im nervous anxious almost overwhelmed with Umstead coming up in just over 3 weeks...I cant believe its here already and my training miles are so low in my opinion but then I had a 50 miler put in there that was way too many miles for the time.  I start to ask myself why are you doing this...can you do this do you realize you are going to be jogging/shuffling/walking for almost 30 hours thats longer then a whole fucking day!! You wont be sleeping can you deal with that? Ive ran at night before even did an entire marathon in the COLD ass dark last year which sucked but I did learn Im no good with headlamps...last couple night runs ive used a hand held flashlight small one and that works great for me.  I have 2 so will bring them both and extra batteries. I really dont have any pacers except my cousins that live fairly close are coming to do a lap with me...I have sent the one info about what to expect and when we saw each other last month at her dads bday party she was saying i'll be screaming at you you got this you can do it...I said screaming at me is only gonna get you knocked out...even when I train people I dont scream they only do that for ratings on the biggest loser! I have told her I will be walking by the time she will be going with me but dont think that has registered....she had never ran more then a 5K but is following a half marathon training plan...she needs to do 12.5 miles.... I know she can walk it but dont think she has grasped that Im serious when I tell her we will be walking.  I need to get this self doubt out of my head! This weekend will be the last long miles weekend so I wont miss it but the weather looks suck ass...right now calling for 55 and rain on saturday and 43 and rain on sunday....lets hope this changes!!  A few friends have said they will do a lap one said 2 laps with me so will have some company maybe one day for a little while.

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class

Took it easy on myself at spin class and did the circuit minus the butt busters.  Im so glad I went the 30 miles yesterday I didnt care at all about the pace just wanted the time on my feet and it was a gorgeous day! I was planning on 4 laps out and back with the last one being only to the fire tower to total 30 unless I was feeling great i was gonna go on out to the fence and back for a 50K. My first loop I got back to the car ate a banana grabbed my pb pretzels and refilled my water and decided you better head on down the road and take the other fire road for more miles cause if you dont you will talk yourself out of the 4th i head down and turned around at mile 16 that way when I got back to the car it would be about 23-24 miles and only would have one out and back left. It was now in the upper 70's and wasnt prepared for that so was rationing my water which was good...I had a 22 oz or so with me and tried to only drink every so often but those hills make you crave more water! I had about a mile to the car on this long loop and only had a couple sips left and then saw writen in the dirt go jenn go and down hill thank God then I saw my friend Louvina...she brought one of her running friends out to see what the hills were like and her friend ran a little and I got her to jog back down the hill with me and she had water!! We got to the car and I switched from my Hokas to my asic just to see how that change would feel,  ate and pbj uncrustablerefilled my bottle but not all the way since i only had just over 6 miles to go and grabbed my gold fish....I got up the first hill and was already sucking water so turned around and filled it all the way up...added an extra hill but also got the downhill too so was worth it. Refilled all the way and got myself to go back out....this was tough my legs were tired but i kept thinking of how tired they will be at Umstead and that I have to get this done...i can rest later and what else was I gonna was almost 4pm and time changed so it was gonna be light longer so on I went! Glad I did it!!!

  • 7h 02m 23s
  • 30.08 miles
  • 14m 02s /Mi

Elevation Gain: 6,017 ft
Elevation Loss: 4,993 ft
Min Elevation: 1,087 ft
Max Elevation: 2,274 ft

Run #1
  • 3h 51m 46s
  • 18.22 miles
  • 12m 43s /Mi
Run #2
  • 34m 13s
  • 3.02 miles
  • 11m 20s /Mi
Was hoping to go longer in the forest and Tiff was planning on trying for 30-32 with me today but ended up with an afternoon blind date so had to be back to meet the guy at 2:30...this was fine as I would just get what I could and do some more in town later in the day since its so nice outside.  Met another friend who just moved back to town and I havent seen her since middle school swim team days!! 31 years!!! WOW.....she was gonna meet for one lap which is 8 miles but we pumped her up and she got almost 11...her glutes and hammies were killing her haha she moved back from the outer banks so no hills and she called these mountains but loved every moment of it. Tiff and I went on for a little over 18 then I got home made a sandwhich did a few things and took andi out for a short run. Im now gonna steam clean the wood floors and see how I feel in a bit....I really wanna do atleast 30 tomorrow...gonna be important for me to do it but hard all by myself :(

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