booked a 60-90 min massage depending on how long she thinks it will take for Thrusday am for just my hamstring and glute....lets hope we can get this shit feeling better. Have 5 mile run today but gonna wait till tomorrow...I feel good but wanna let the hamstring heal some. I may get on the bike as I was reading to even stay off the EFX AMT for a bit as to not to aggrevate it anymore???

Beyond excited right now!! Just got word there was a cancellation for the Road Runners Club of America Coaching cert this weekend in dayton..ive been waiting for one close enough for over a year and a half and this one was emailed out when I was traveling to St Croix. the email came thru while I was on the plane from Miami to St Croix and already sold out by the time I got it. I was put on a waiting list and said I will drive up Saturday am at 5 if i have to! So IM in!!!!

Run #1
  • 15m 45s
  • 0.84 miles
  • 18m 44s /Mi
Run #2
  • 5h 03m 58s
  • 26.46 miles
  • 11m 29s /Mi
Run #3
  • 14m 32s
  • 0.82 miles
  • 17m 43s /Mi
walked from my aunts to the start then when finished took the shuttle back to the start and walked back....I felt pretty good and ran in the Hokas and didnt have near the hamstring issues so i think it may be the entire 100 in the hokas...think it has to do with no drop in the shoe....I ran too fast I felt and we passed my aunts twice..the first time was super early they were still in bed the second she had just sent me a message and said she didnt get up and i realized we were looping so i said will be back by in about 5 min...she has MS and is wheelchair bound so was trying to get down in the elevator instead of on her porch was gonna have her friend wheel her up to the street but I beat her there I called said im outside she said shit im in the elevator I said thats ok i'll just run over and come upstairs so I b lined it over to the house and up the steps and waited for her to get back off the elevator...that made her day...I said Im not in race race i dont care about my time and this will give me a tenth of mile or so more and i need to do a little more today hahaha. AFterwards drank a beer and piece of pizza walked back to my aunts then drove down to the blockade runner and showered then went and met my cousin and some of her friends at the Dockside for a couple drinks then onto Halligans to meet some other friends of hers and her hubby matt was there so we all had a great visit...i got trashed fast! LOL  But im not a quitter so I kept at it

  • RACE DAY: Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon
  • 5h 22m
  • 26.19 miles
  • 12m 17s /Mi

Elevation Gain: 5,144 ft
Elevation Loss: 4,980 ft
Min Elevation: 103 ft
Max Elevation: 627 ft

started out in a downpour but was in the 50s so i didnt care!! Maybe about mile 6 or so it let up and was awesome day!! Hamstring bothered me quit a bit wore my asics and had to stretch a few times but also ran this much faster then I planned or thought for a trail. Was a beautiful park!!

  • RACE DAY: instant Classic Trail Marathon
  • 10m
  • -----
  • -----

slow walk on dreadmill just to move

Sport #1
  • AMT
  • 1h 00m
Sport #2
  • AMT
  • 30m
Sport #3
  • Elliptical Training
  • 15m
my 3:15 cancelled today and its been pretty dead in the gym so after I got done sweaping, mopping and cleaning i did the amt twice and then the efx then just walked while watching ellen for a bit. Need to finish laundry and pack for my last minute double marathon weekend.

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class

taught spin class and circuit....its freakin snowing!! SERIOUSLY! I have switched my training plan around to a different once since the 100K didnt go as planned and I had adjusted some different running due to that recovery and last weeks back to back did pretty well but this plan calls for quite the short runs during the week. PLEASE PLEASE weather change plans for the weekend......this is gonna suck ass big time!!!

For anyone that wonders why I made my logs private which I really hated to do but last month I had made a post about a guy I started talking to at the gym and we met for lunch...he didnt tell me he didnt have a job, no car or anything like that but I also didnt ask.  He invited me to his place a week or so later and i went and this is the one who lives in a place with only ONE I vented that wow i know have to add to my list not only should you have a job, a car, your teeth, not do drugs, you should have a couch. of my "friends" whom we had a some problems with because I didnt follow my rules "DONT HIRE FRIENDS"  she left work here due to the fact after almost a year and a half just wasnt able to grasp setting up the new accounts, was trying to train people without being a license trainer and pretty much working out most of her shift while I was paying her and I had to continually confront her about she didnt like that....anyways enough about that....when I posted about this guy she actually copied and pasted what I wrote and sent it to him! Thinking she would hurt me....i felt bad for this guy to see what i thought about him. We stayed in contact and talked a lot and did things together but he still never got off his ass to find a job or a car and finally decided a couple weeks ago its best to just be friends cause I need someone with goals and dreams and desires and motivation or I need noone at all. I've been single a long time and am completley content with that.....need someone that shares the same interests and has drive to live a life not sleep till 11 or 12 work out for a couple hours then do nothing except sulk in depression.

Screw the weather if I cant control it I will go south!! Found some back to back marathons this weekend....trail in virginia on sat and wrightsville beach on sunday...have family in wrightsville beach so will stay with them

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