• 3h 15m 31s
  • 11.04 miles
  • 17m 43s /Mi
This didnt go as planned for anyone. This time of year is typical to be around 50's in northern Ga but instead mother nature decided it was gonna have a snow storm....lows 19 highs 28 and snow. The roads leading to the race were covered in snow already at 5:30am...but we got to the start, cold snowy and very foggy.  We actually started inside cabin number 4...they said go and everyone casually walked out the door and up to the start line.  I hung to the back with a few other that I could hear behind me and see in front and just stayed there...walked the uphills and they started right away. It was cold and I knew i had some creek crossing and I worried about my feet getting so cold but I was ready to deal with it. I crossed a couple of course the feet were wet and it wasnt fun but I still had positive thoughts.  When I got to a large creek around mile 5.5 I kept pacing back and forth trying to find a good place to cross cause it was really deep. Im not good to hop hop hop as I get older I get more cautious and that prolly makes it worse. The guy that was behind me said over here is the best place so I backtracked over and saw lots of large rocks and the water was really gushing pretty steady over them. I knew my feet would get wet again but it was getting over without slipping. I got close to the end and down i went....hit my left shin on the rocks and right knee but that didnt matter, my entire body went in the damn water! He asked if I was ok as Im freaking swimming in this trying to get up and i said yeah even though i wanted to cry and he went on and didnt bother trying to help me out the water. ONce i got out I was pissed my mittens were drenched, my pants were drenched, my jacket, my pack everything it was a mess. I took off my mitten and tied them to my belt and they kept making my pants more wet with dripping....within a half hour though they were frozen as an ice cube so no more dripping on me.  We were down in the low area so the winds werent bad yet and I tucked my bare hands into my jacket and thought ok...this will be fine...they are staying warm. Well as we climbed the winds climbed, my jacket ended up freezing on me and my hand became frozen in a clutched position inside my sleeves. I began to panic. i had to stop a couple times cause I couldnt breath, I thought I need to get to the next aid station, by now its only 4 miles away but we are climbing and climbing and the winds are getting colder and colder. A younger guy came upon me and asked if I was ok and it was during a panic attack and I said no...I cant breath right now and I cant move my hands from falling in the creek a couple miles really scared. He had an extra pair of gloves and got them on my prolly took 5 min for him to do that cause they really couldnt open up no matter what we tried. I ran with him and he said we only have about a mile till the aid station....and told me he had started about 45 min late because he totaled his car on the mountain side trying to get there this am...he and his wife and kids live in a cabin there in the woods and he said its just a car,,,what else was I going to do today anyways...with the snow coming down and the roads we were gonna be stuck at the house. WOW I cant imagine going on to try to run 62 miles and leaving my car against a tree in the side of the mountain. I saw the pics on FB that night crazy haha. Anyways I told him I was gonna drop that I didnt think I could go for 14 more hours in these temps and no change of clothes for awhile either and it was only gonna get worse. I was planning to drop at the next station cause my friend that came with me was there volunteering and this boy said well if you go another 4 miles to the next station its at a lodge and you can go inside and sit at the fire and will be easier to get a ride this is what i was prepared for.  Told them I was done but would make it to the indoors and joe changed shoes to go that 4 miles with me...we were affraid to thaw my hands out at the fire there cause it needed to be a gradual thaw - i couldnt even feel them. Joe and I headed out and then the other guy working the aid station came running after us and said hey I can give you a ride back my car is here so we headed back up and he got me in the back seat and covered me with a blanket. By now my entire body just was shaking. We got back to the car and found my jacket had even ripped open so we got it off and the gloves and my wet shoes and socks and went to get my drop bag. That was an experience...after we got it they sent us on up the mountain and it was terrible! The snow was prolly 4-6 inches winds and so steep. We got to the top and runners were coming back down telling us they had stopped the race but at that time they gave people the option of just turning around there which i believe was mile 20 or getting a ride. At the top we realized they should not have sent us up and now we had to get back down...we hugged in the car the ditch to the right of the mountain...I honestly didnt think we would get off without crashing but we did. Scariest time of my entire life! By now they are completely called the race, it was about 7 hours into the 100K and 10 hours into the 100 miler. The weather was just too bad, they had to get the people off the top of the mountain, they couldnt even open up several aid stations due to not being able to get there and were warning people to stock up at this one due to not having one for some time.  I believe I coulda gone a couple more hours frozen solid but I dont think I coulda gone the entire distance in those conditions...well nobody did! Was hard to decide to do that and was upsetting for a bit but I think even if i did go a couple more hours I may have ended with frost bite.  It took over 2 hours in the car to finally not shake, my lips were bright blue for over an hour.  We drove on home that evening even though the hotel wouldnt let us check out at 2pm I was ready to get home so I could run today. I drank 2 michelob ultra lime cactus and didnt like them so got a 6 pack of Stella and drank them all! I had only had 1 gu in the 3:15 hours and very little water to drink so i got drunk pretty quick!! LOL 

  • RACE DAY: Double Top 100
  • Elliptical Training
  • 45m
foot feeling better...hammie still stretching and Im just gonna have to deal with it.  Weather is looking really weekend suppose to be mid 60's norms there right now are 50-60 but Saturday its now calling for 40% chance of snow but thats 60% it wont!! And temps high of 29 low of 21 and winds 20mph.

just worked...did not exercise except upper body weights.....foot and hammies still really really sore
  • 41m 40s
  • 8.38 miles
  • 12.07 Mi/hr

recumbent expresso rough rider

  • 20m
  • 1.01 miles
  • 19m 48s /Mi

slow walk on dreadmill in socks

  • Elliptical Training
  • 30m

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

easy spin

  • Elliptical Training
  • 30m

EFX just slow and easy to get full extention on the hamstring.

taught spin class and Sue brought me 3 mountain top doughnuts for my bday yes I ate them all!! Tomorrow will get back on track...have been pretty bad the last weekish...wanna stay away from sugars till Saturdays run....I have made the decision based on my hamstring that I will not run until Saturday to let it heal the best it can.  Have been stretching, rolling, and will ice as well and will just spin, efx or walk to keep myself moving. I dont complain much about injuries and you all know I have some serious issues so complaining about this hammie you can imagine how it feels!

Lots of stretching today, rolling on tennis ball and small 10pound med ball

  • 4h 50m 16s
  • 26.04 miles
  • 11m 09s /Mi
may have went out too fast or had way too much sugar at my uncles 75th bday partly last night.  Didnt get a lot of sleep but heck i was only going 26 miles! Wanted to be slower anyways but think I should have started out slower and stayed that pace....i did get achy my hamstring is fucked again...gonna have to stretch all week.  My friends told me about a place in Cbus that does A.R.T and are really good and specific to where you need work so I know I cant do that before the 100K next weekend and recover but think the weekend after will try to get an appt and get worked out before Umstead. Not sure how long the 100K will take to recover from but after todays flat road marathon I think I would rather run a 50 mile trail run anyday over a road marathon!! Sure Im out there 2.5 ish time longer but my legs and body usually feel better then what they feel today?  I also did something stupid and even though I wear kayano 19's just got a new pair and had maybe a 6 mile run in them so my feet for some reason were not liking the new ones??? Same size, style just different color so not sure why.  I wont be wearing them Saturday think I will go back to the Asic trails and bring the HOKAs for my drop bag and see if I want them for the last 20 miles? Anxious to compare last years mile by mile to this years race I know I was 10 min longer and I had a potty stop both years...i did have to take and lace up my shoes tighter starting from the bottom up on each one this time and where it was sooo freaking cold my hands were not working well so that did take some time on each shoe...did them at separate times so I know those will be my longer pace miles.

  • RACE DAY: Last Chance for Boston - Marathon

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