Had a nice weekend and learned a little but was worth it.  Took the RRCA Coaching cert course in Dayton Ohio and was tough sitting for 9 hours of class room each day...was funny you could tell most of us were runners as we would get up and stretch and just pace a little while the instructor was talking. Will take the test next week online when he sends it out to us. 
  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr
awesome spin class and circuit!

90 plus min massage just on the right leg. foot, calf, hammie and ass. Not gonna do anything today to let it rest and recover. plan to get a 6 or so run in tomorrow and then wont have any this weekend due to the Road Runners Club coaching cert but I think a little extra rest on the hammie and ass will be better. Really stressing now about pacers....the one friend who was gonna pace told me a couple weeks ago he couldnt then today i got a message from my cousin where she and another have been coresponding and she forwarded them all to me.....the one i dont want there anyways since this weekend at wrightsville beach where he lives was too busy to even return my calls or texts when I was trying to find somone there to get my packet since I wouldnt arrive till after it was over, my aunts who is wheelchair bound with MS her friend went and got it for me. He finally responded he could get it friday if possible then I said please let me know cause i dont want to put my aunt out and have her friend go get it and i never heard back from him. Tried to call him while i was there to see him and such and he never answered or called back. ASSHAT so my mental state wont want to see him but think he was only going because my other cousin planned to go. Now she is all worreid cause she was trying to follow a half marathon plan and hasnt been able to fit the time in...I sent her what would be expected of a pacer early on and told her she prolly wont even be running it will be a slow walk..you just have to keep me eating drinking awake and in a positive mind set...so these emails exchanged between the 2 state first hes not coming cause his foot hurts then he is coming and states I will not run with her but I will walk with her!!!!! then she wasnt sure if she was coming due to her training and not being able to make it and i finally told them both for my mental state if you wanna be there when I finish that would be awesome but as far as coming out for a loop I cant worry about how you are feeling for the 12.5 miles and I would...I need someonet to be sure I ok. So will see what happens now. Pacers are available on a first come first serve basis so IM hoping to be lucky....I know having them would be more of a negative now then a positive...and they dont understand it anyways.  The emails even list Jenns marathon as a subject hahaha
  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class

  • 1h 04m 32s
  • 5.31 miles
  • 12m 09s /Mi

Spin class and circuit...gonna run with Tiffany after work this evening for 6 then big massage on hammie and glute tomorrow.

Nice easy run/walk with Tiffany....didnt want to flare up this hammie/glute anymore and thought some faster walk breaks would be good too

booked a 60-90 min massage depending on how long she thinks it will take for Thrusday am for just my hamstring and glute....lets hope we can get this shit feeling better. Have 5 mile run today but gonna wait till tomorrow...I feel good but wanna let the hamstring heal some. I may get on the bike as I was reading to even stay off the EFX AMT for a bit as to not to aggrevate it anymore???

Beyond excited right now!! Just got word there was a cancellation for the Road Runners Club of America Coaching cert this weekend in dayton..ive been waiting for one close enough for over a year and a half and this one was emailed out when I was traveling to St Croix. the email came thru while I was on the plane from Miami to St Croix and already sold out by the time I got it. I was put on a waiting list and said I will drive up Saturday am at 5 if i have to! So IM in!!!!

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