Run #1
  • 3h 51m 46s
  • 18.22 miles
  • 12m 43s /Mi
Run #2
  • 34m 13s
  • 3.02 miles
  • 11m 20s /Mi
Was hoping to go longer in the forest and Tiff was planning on trying for 30-32 with me today but ended up with an afternoon blind date so had to be back to meet the guy at 2:30...this was fine as I would just get what I could and do some more in town later in the day since its so nice outside.  Met another friend who just moved back to town and I havent seen her since middle school swim team days!! 31 years!!! WOW.....she was gonna meet for one lap which is 8 miles but we pumped her up and she got almost 11...her glutes and hammies were killing her haha she moved back from the outer banks so no hills and she called these mountains but loved every moment of it. Tiff and I went on for a little over 18 then I got home made a sandwhich did a few things and took andi out for a short run. Im now gonna steam clean the wood floors and see how I feel in a bit....I really wanna do atleast 30 tomorrow...gonna be important for me to do it but hard all by myself :(

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

easy spin class

  • Elliptical Training
  • 45m

  • 1h 22m 23s
  • 7.75 miles
  • 10m 38s /Mi

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class

spin class and a massage. One client is sick the other who is prego been cancelling a lot so dont even have her on the schedule and the 16 year old ive been working with this month is out for "snow day" so she is gonna come in at 1:30 then I will get off at 3!!!!! Cant wait to get off early.....i wanna run....need to decided if I want to just go rent a movie and take it easy on the dreadmill.....kinda fun running in just a sports bra sometimes...or if I want to go out in the wet cold? Will stop and see what movies are there and that will make my decision. TIme goes faster outside though

  • 1h 12m 54s
  • 6.08 miles
  • 11m 59s /Mi

didnt feel like running in town and it was spitting some freezing rain but I went to the forest anyways. ALmost turned around after barely a half mile then told myself go out to mile one and see how ya feel then go to mile 2 then atleast i would have 4 in out there today...while I was on my way to mile 2 I decided why not just go to the fire tower and then I would have a total of 6.  Didnt think my speed was as fast as the average was.

Suppose to get 3-5 inches of snow tonight which pretty much means we will get all rain!

  • 1h 30m 07s
  • 8.55 miles
  • 10m 32s /Mi

got up and decided to run in town...thought why not run to the kennel and pick up Andi then she can run home with me.  Was chilly but felt pretty good today.  I realized I need to start running her in town or out on the trails more with the leash cause she is getting so use to being off leash she is pulling and crossing over a lot on the leash. Gonna try to start her back with the 3 mile loop each evening when I get off work. 

My head is a cluster fuck....from all sorts of things the past couple months and I gotta figure out how to get it back on snug! I did feel really good today even though its technically an off run day I didnt run last week after the road marathon cause my hamstring and stuff was bothering me I thought cross training before the 100K that ended up not happening would be the best so I dont think it will hurt if I run my off days this week. This weekend and next weekend are long run days and I CAN NOT miss either!

  • 1h 41m 03s
  • 8.03 miles
  • 12m 35s /Mi

planned on 2 laps foot started to bother me and called it after one. Gonna go out in the am since I already had class cancelled for tomorrow so my plan for tomorrow is to go do 1 lap around 8:30 head home change and then run to work 12-3 and then run home.  Hope it goes as planned

Having a lot of self doubt issues today, am i ready for Umstead, why am I doing Umstead, Am I stupid to believe i can run 100 miles!

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