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  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class and circuit

oh shucks....wont be able to start my swim training today.....after spin class Tanner and I have to start preparing 100 of our deserts for the Counseling Centers Celebrity dinner tonight... decided to make carmel apple burritos. Its a mexican theme...was gonna make jalepeno mini cupcakes made from corn bread but there was already like 3-4 other recipes with corn bread and mine kinda "sounds" healthy. So we get to peal, core and thinly slice 60 large apples think i'm gonna add some apple pie filling to it as well then the carmels. I'll prolly only have time to do class today as we have to be set up by 5pm and the dinner starts at i believe 6? may have time for a night run even though there isnt a run on the plan. Tomorrow I should have time in the afternoon for my bike...its a shorter one and a short run, we are doing a kayak trip down the scioto river in the am so will take about 4-5 hours. Hoping the rain doesnt hit this weekend during the marietta river rendevous bike ride :(

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looks like an unexpected trip to columbus to the apple store...after mostly walking andi yesterday (I kept my phone in my bra cause I wasnt gonna sweat much) towards the end decided to jog so I ended up sweating a little but not wet at all but anyways my stupid phone light on the back of it wont turn off....I read it could be due to getting wet...tried to reset tried to restore nothing Tanner and my dad both wanna go so we will do some shopping as well then baby back ribs for dinner yummmmmm. Have to get back on track with my eating for the most part of the week since Tanner and I will be out west the following week and will want to try new things

Printed out my training plan and have some changes to make to it due to the pool hours and the longest swim will be only hour and half if Im lucky....I can get there and changed a little before 10:30 so that I can get right in at 10:30 and it closes at noon...not sure if i have to just be out at noon or be out of the facility but will find out when the time comes. Thinking it would be best to just change my weds and thursday days around instead of adding the swim to the weds plan and taking it off the thursday. Will miss some long rides when Im doing some of the marathons and the 50K so will try to do a long ride in the middle of the week before I leave for some of them but the 5 states 5 days 5 marys wont have much of anything else going on as Im not taking my bike out west.
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took andi to lampblack

Run #1
  • 2h 10m 22s
  • 10.29 miles
  • 12m 40s /Mi
Run #2
  • 1h 09m 57s
  • 4.56 miles
  • 15m 20s /Mi

took Andi to Lampblack....planned to just walk walk but ended up walking the ups and jogging most of the downhills.

Run #1
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  • 6.00 miles
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took Andi to lampblack...its a little over 6 miles didnt wear garmin and didnt pay attention to time

Run #2
  • 1h 13m 38s
  • 6.60 miles
  • 11m 09s /Mi
started with a sore throat yesterday but decided i have to start running running again! in 2 weeks I have back to back marathons....uhhhhh its not gonna be pretty haha

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